Fishman's Quality Linens - Duluth

Fishmans Quality Linens was located in Duluth at 13 East Superior. It was owned and operated by Louis Fishman (1899-1983). Louis retired in about 1967.

Fishman's Quality Linens on Superior Steet

Fishman's was located across the street from Famous Clothing Store.
I worked at Famous Clothing in the summer of 1955 and I often had lunch at the Bridgemans, two doors down from Fishmans.
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published in the Jewish Fellowship News in February 1978

Louis Fishman (1899-1983) was a son of Anna London Fishman (1879-1953) and Jacob Fishman (1867-1953). He was one of eight children as shown in the image below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

Louis Fishman (1899-1983) was married in 1923 to Sarah D Fishman (1904-1988) and they had two children. Their two-generation descendents list is shown below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

Allen Dale Fishman (1932-2005), a son of Sarah and Louis, was the owner of Dale Draperies for over 45 years. We do not have a page for Dale Draperies.

obituary for Allen Dale Fishman (1932-2005)

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