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Fala is a Welsh Terrier who lives with our friends Bonnie and Teddy in Washington, DC and part time here in Tucson. She was born in about June 2011 and is one of Garrett's friends. The first picture shows her before her haircut; the second in December 2011.

The pre haircut pictures below are courtesy of Bonnie. The others were taken at the dog park in December 2011.

Photos below courtesy of Maximus and Larry

Fala playing with Maximus

Bonnie, Fala and Gerti at hi res

Fala, Uncle Rocco (an airedale) and Teddy in San Francisco

Fala moved back to DC with Bonnie and Teddy in January 2012, but promised to come back and visit us. News from Fala from May 2012 is as follows:
"Fala is just shy of her one-year birthday so she's showing signs of growing up a bit. She sleeps all day! But is as active as ever morning and evening. We live near Capitol Hill and its probably the most dog friendly neighborhood in the District. There are many lovely dogs and owners all around and Fala knows practically all of them. She enjoys long walks/runs with Teddy in the morning and evening strolls with me. We just visited the congressional cemetery where we'd hear the best dog walks happen and its true! Its just over 200 hundred years old so it takes a bit of $ to upkeep since most of the families that have loved ones buried there have long passed themselves. The membership fees for being able to walk your dog there raise a chunk of the operating budget. It's a beautiful place where Fala runs with abandon. We're hoping to get a membership soon! The McDonald park crew should visit DC and we can all go there!
We're planning to bring Fala to Arizona in August and are looking forward to seeing the old gang! Please tell everyone that we say hello! And really come visit DC!"
Sincerely, Bonnie, Teddy & Fala - - - The four photos below were received in May 2012

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