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Garrett and Coco are pure-bred parti standard poodles. Garrett came to live with us in 2007, and Coco in 2012. Garrett and Coco go lots of places with us and has many dog friends. Pictures of Garrett and Coco with their poodle (and other) friends are shown on this page.

Jasper and Garrett drove with Dave and Allan from the dog park to Viv's for breakfast - September 2010 - - hi res

The dogs love riding in the convertible together: Jasper and Garrett; Sam and Garrett

Sam and Garrett driving to the dog park - October 2010 - - hi res

Four Poodles at the Park in October 2010: left to right - Sadie, Sam, Garrett and Remy - - hi res

Four Poodles at Gavi's on Dec 25, 2010: left to right - Creme, Max, Garrett and Remy - - hi res - - more from Christmas 2010 Breakfast with the dogs

Garrett with Toby and Bodhi at about three months - Jan 20, 2011

Our mini romp for standard poodles at McDonald on June 6, 2011 - - - Coco, Garrett, Sake, Creme and Max - - - hi res - - - more pictures

The dogs love riding in the van together on the way to breakfast: Sierra, Jasper and Garrett in December 2011 - - - hi res images: left - - right

Garrett with Coco (his new young brother) and Trooper at McDonald Park in June 2012

Garrett with five poodle friends: Coco, Samson, Lucas, Maggie and Tyler at McDonald Park in July 2012 - - hi res

Ten Poodles: Moxie, Sammie, Coco, Garrett, Lucas, Maggie, Tyler, Samson and Toby at McDonald Park in August 2012 - - hi res

Nine Poodles at Palo Verde Park in April 2015 - - hi res
front left: Cappy, Garrett and Coco; front right: Benji and Creme; back left to right: Toby, Tyler, Lucas, Maggie

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