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A large collection of newspaper articles from about 1860 thru 1940 related to our ancestors and their communities
in Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan is presented on this website. The articles are mostly from the Duluth newspapers. The complete index provides open access to more than 5000 news articles in their original format.

This page provides a list of links to those Old Newspaper Articles that mention or are related to the Jews of Hibbing. These links are also included in the chronologically sorted main list. There may be others of interest in the main list that are not included here.

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Chronological List of Links to News Articles regarding the Jews of Hibbing

1896-10-27 Hibbing, Isaac & Nathan Summerfield - -
1896 Isaac Summerfield Assigns of Hibbing, his business and merchandise to Nathan L. Summerfield. Bond $12,000.

1896-11-24 Zien exploration in Hibbing, iron - - Zienís Iron Undevelopments, Hibbing iron properties

1896-11-24 J. D. Zien, Iron properties, Hibbing - - 1896 J. D. Zien, Iron propertis, Hibbing

1897-8-25 J. D. Zien, Hibbing holdings - - 1897 J. D. Zien business trip to range, extensive holdings.

1898-3-1 Hibbing, Max Greenblatt, Chicago, spring stock - - Hibbing: Max Greenblatt, Chicago, purchase spring stock

1899-5-29 Hibbing, Greenblatt, Kitz & Co. - - Greenblatt, Kitz & Co.

1899-8-5 Max Greenblatt, and wife, bride - - Personals, Hibbing, Max Greenblatt and bride

1900-1-14 Anna Krukinsky and Max Rogalsky wed - - 1900 The marriage of Miss Anna Krukinsky of Duluth and Mr. Max Rogalsky of Hibbing. Mrs. M. S. Cook, 1101 East Third street. Rabbi Jacob Elprin, Mamie Gittelson-Minneapolis, Mr. Isaac Summerfield of Cloquet, Mr. and Mrs. D. N. Summerfield, Mr. and Mrs. I. Abrahamson, Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mark, Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Markowitz, Mr. and Mrs. S. Barnard, Mr. and Mrs. M. Shapiro, Miss Anna Cook, Miss Lillian Abrahamson, Miss Etta Cook, Miss Julia Glasner of Biwabik, Miss Mamie Mark, Etta Shapiro, B. J. Cook, Ben Katz, Moses Cook, Mr. M. J. Cook, Mr. L. Dick, Mr. Julius Cook, Mr. Z. T. Joseph and Mr. I. Isidore of Chicago.

1900-1-14 D. N. Summerfield - - 1900 Miss Anna Krukinsky of Duluth and Max Rogalsky of Hibbing, Mrs. M. S. Cook, No. 1101 East Third Street, D. N. Summerfield.

1902-9-27 Hibbing, disolved drygoods, Kitz & M. S. Greenblatt - - dry goods firm William Kitz & Co., Wm. Kitz and M. S. Greenblatt

1903-12-27 Jeannette Glassner, J. H. Silbar - - 1903 Pretty Wedding At The Spalding. Jeanette Glassner of Biwabik and Julius H. Silber of Hibbing Are Married. Rev. Dr. Rypans of St. Paul, Myer Glassner, Miss Silber-Milwaukee, Edith Karon-Superior, Clara Shapiro-Eveleth, Mandetta Casimer, Lewis Glassner-brother best man. Samuel Sprisberger, Miss Clara Shapiro-Eveleth, Edith and Helen Karon-Superior, Miss Nellie Jacoby-La Crosse, Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Glassner-Ironwood, Mich. Mina Glassner-Cleveland, Samuel Silber-Milwaukee, Sol Simon-Chicago. Lewis M. Glassner-toastmaster, Samuel Siber, John Mullen.

1903-12-31 Jeannette Glassner & J.H. Silber wed Biwabic - - 1903 Pretty Wedding At The Spalding. Jeanette Glassner of Biwabik and J. H. Silber of Hibbing Are Married.

1904-5-22 Hibbing mine shaft - - 1904 Shaft At Pillsburg Mie Near Hibbing.

1905-1-10 Hibbing, Belle Amie Woolfran and Samuel Siegel

1905-1-10 Sam Siegel & Belle Woolfram wedding - - 1905 Hibbing wedding - Samuel Siegel and Belle Annie Woolfram - guests include: Charles Hallock, M. S. Greenblatt, Harry Witz, Dave Elias, Max Rogalsky, Markel and Lurvitz; Messrs. William Kitz, Peter Karon, Daniel Mark; Mrs. Jacob Kitz.

1905-1-15 S. J. Siegel & Amie Belle Woolfram wed Hibbing

1905-1-15 Siegel Woolfram wedding - - 1905 Hibbing wedding - Samuel Siegel and Belle Annie Woolfram - guests include: Nathanson, Milavetz, Lindeke, Cohen, Gordon

1905-2-26 Hibbing, Robert F. Berdie birthday - - 1905 Hibbing, Robert F. Berdie birthday, Range Bureau of The News Tribune, Hibbing, Feb. 25.

1905-6-2 Eli Woolfan - - Hibbing Briefs - E. S. Wolfan critically ill, recently improving

1905-8-28 Brith Abraham-Chisholm and Buhl - - 1905 Hibbing Brith Abraham, Chisholm and Buhl, meet at the Power theater.

1905-8-28 Hibbing Brith Abraham - - 1905 Brith Abraham met at Power theater in Hibbing.

1906-4-22 Hibbing High School - - School photo from Duluth or other Minnesota towns

1906-8-3 Hibbing, M. Greenblatt, registered - - Hibbing, M. S. Greenblatt, St. Louis Hotel

1906-9-11 Hibbing Lodge, Brith Abraham, Jacob Kitz, M. Greenblatt - - Hibbing Lodge Installs. Rogalsky, Kitz, Greenblatt, Halock

1907-2-1 Agudas Achim - - Hibbing Hebrews Will Build A Synagogue, Hallock, Rogalsky, Greenblatt, Levenshon, Woolfan, Rosenberg, Freedman, Kitz, Miller, etc

1907-2-3 Hibbing M. Greenblatt, Osherman Bldg - - Hibbing, M. S. Greenblatt, purchases Osherman building

1907-6-8 Hibbing, Mrs. M. S. Greenblatt, Sisters of Peace - - Hibbing, Sisters of Peace, Hallock, Greenblatt, Mitchell, Elias, Miller, Nides, Helstein

1907-7-17 Fanny Abrahamson - - 1907 Bride-Elect Honored. Miss Eva Polinsky, married on the 8th of next month, guest of honor. Mr. and Mrs. Leona Solomon, David Frankfort, J. Oreckovsky, L. Shenowsky, I. Moscovich, A. H. Polinsky, I. Lieberman, J. Cohen, J. Helstein, Mame Weinberg, Dora Polinsky, Sadie Fostof, Frances Light, Fanny Abrahamson (Abramson), Sarah Polinsky, Mrs. M. Weinberg, Robert Rosen-Minneapolis, Louise Meyer-Moline, Harry Weinberg, Morris Nides-Hibbing. Notes from Jack: Eva Polinsky I think is who married Morris Nides. All of the names are Jewish and most I have trees for :); Leon Solomon (his sister I think was Mrs I B Aarons, mother of Helen Widdes); David Frankfort married to Sadie Caplow; J Oreckovsky too many to pick from; Louis Shenowsky - married to Sadie Cohen (Steve Heifitz tree); L Moscovich - no match so far; Albert H Polinsky - married to Sarah Shapiro, parents of Lyle Polinsky; I Lieberman - no match; J Cohen - too many; John Helstein - married to Rose Light on my Abramson tree; Mamie Weinberg never married; Dora Polinsky - married to Joseph Wolfe; Sadie Fostoff - married to Jack Lunche; Frances Light - married to Edward Pease, on my Abramson tree; Fanny Abrahamson - married to Benjamin Lieberman on my tree; Sarah Polinsky - too many to pick from ; Mrs. M Weinberg - Mamie's mother; Robert Rosen - no match; Louis Meyer - no match; Harry Weinberg - brother of Mamie; Morris Nides - groom I think.

1907-9-17 Sadie Fostof - - 1907 Bride-Elect Honored. Miss Ev Polinsky, Mr. and Mrs. Leona Solomon, David Frankfort, J. Oreckovsky, L. Shenowsky, L. Moscovich, A. H. Polinsky, I. Lieberman, J. Cohen, J. Helstein, Mame Weinberg, Dora Polinsky, Sadie Fostof, Frances Light, Fanny Abrahamson, Sarah Polinsky, Mrs. M. Weinberg, Robert Rosen of Minneapolis, Louise Meyer of Moline, Harry Weinberg, Morris Nides of Hibbing.

1907-10-9 Duluth, Eva F.Polinski and Morris D. Nides wed-Hibbing

1908-1-11 Hibbing, undertakers

1908-5-26 Blue Laws, - - Stores At Hibbing Will Close Sundays, Bernard, Freidman, Wolfan, Kitz, Giffin, Rosenberg, Nides, Osherman, Greenblatt, Itasca, Rogalsky

1908-5-26 Hibbing, Blue Laws, M. S. Greenblatt, E. S. Wolfan, Osherman

1908-6-4 Chisohm Samuel Lippman - - 1908 Chisholm: Tender Reception To Married Couple. Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Ritt, Karon's hall, merchant, J. Karto-New York city, Mr. and Mrs. W. Simon, J. Kovel, Samuel Lippman-Virginia, D. Dankman-Mountain Iron, Charles Hallock, D. Elias, Mr. and Mrs. Jospeh Miller-Hibbing.

1908-6-21 Hibbing, graduating class - - 1908 Graduating class Of The Hibbing High School. Catherine Waller. - photo.

1908-10-11 Hibbing, Nathanson Bros., Bloom - - 1908 New Department Store At Hibbing. Superior and Virginia People Will Open Business Beginning of New Year. Nathanson Bros. & Bloom

1909-1-29 Sam Abrahamson hockey - - 1909 Irving Tiger hocky team Will Play Hibbing Hockey team. players include Sam Abrahamson (Abramson)

1909-3-26 Sans Souci Dance - - 1909 Sans Souci Dance. M. Kohn, L. Bondy, A. Rose, B. Craine, Rose, S. Swerdloff, S. S. Miller, B. Stern, C. Fikelstein, M. Paker, M Nusaum, J. Mendelssohn, M. Silk, P. J. Averbook. ------ 1909 Hibbing, Annie Helstein and David Miller wed, Rabbi Kussem, Louis Helstein, Nathan Nides, Benjamin Friedman, Hyman Miller, Sara Slossberg, Annie Kasmir, Clara Shore, Sara Helstein, Sara Azinski, Morris Helstein, M. S. Shore, Clara Shore, A. Fieldman, Miller, Annie Kasmir, Hymen Miller, Azinski, Sara Azinski, Sara Slossberg, Bronstein, Stein, I. W. Mark, Friend. Jewish People Wed At Hibbing, Young Woman of That City Is United in Marriage With New York Jeweler.

1909-3-26 Benjamin Friedman - - 1909 Jewish People Wed At Hibbing. young Woman of Taht City Is United in Marriage With New York Jeweler. Miss Annie Helstein and David Miller, daughter of I. Helstein. Rabbi Kussem, Louis Helstein, Nathan Nides, Benjamin Friedman, Hyman Miller, Sara Slossberg, Annie Kasmir, Clara Shore, Sara Helstein, Sara Azinski, Morris Helstein. Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Shore, Miss Clara Shore, Mr. and Mrs. A. Fieldman, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, Miss Annie Kamir, Hymen Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Azinski, Sara Azinski, Sara Slossberg-Superior, Mr. and Mrs. S. Bronstein, Mr. and Mrs. Stein, I. W. Mark-St. Paul, Mr. Friend-Minneapolis.

1909-4-12 Farewell party - - Give Farewell Party, Hibbing, Helstein, Miller, Greenblatt, Hallock, Kitz, Woolfan, Lippman, Sachks, Sher, Lindeske, Altman, Nides

1909-4-29 Milwaukee, M. S. Greenblatt merchant, retired, drygoods - - Hibbing Merchant To Retire, M. S. Greenblatt, drygoods store.

1909-6-18 Hibbing, John Mesberg, suit

1909-6-18 Hibbing, M. S. Greenblatt, closing dry goods - - M. S. Greenblatt, closing dry goods business, Hibbing, Milwaukee

1910-1-5 Mae Siegel and Cassel Marcus wed, Jennie Aronsohn - - 1910 Siegel-Marcus. Miss Mae Siegel and Cassel Marcus-Farog, N. . wed. Rabbi Kissam, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Siegel, 609 East First street, Miss Rose Cohen-Superior, Miss Sara Hurvick, Julius Siegel, Julius Cohen-Superior, Pearl Siege, Leslie Hurvick, Mr. and Mrs. I. Cohen and daughters-Hibbing, Mrs. Marie Kosing, Miss Natalle Kosing, Miss Etta Kosing=Minneapols, Mrs. Franklin-New York, Miss Jennie Aronsohn-St. Paul, Miss Celia Sloane-Hurley, Wis., Miss Rora Levitz, Jake Levitz, Alexander Rosenbloom-Fargo, N. D.

1910-9-26 Hibbing, Mary Karon, blue ribbons

1910-10-2 Postmaster Hibbing - - New Postmaster Assumes Duties, Hibbing: Barney Karon-messenger

1911-9-15 Samuel Bloom obit. - - 1911 Member Of Pioneer Family Brought Home For Burial, obituary, Superior. Rabbi Bloom of Hibbing, father.

1911-11-15 Hibbing, Benjamin D. Stone, Florence Edelstein wed.

1911-11-15 Hibbing, Benjamin D. Stone, Florence Edelstein wed.

1911-11-15 Hibbing - - 1911 Hibbing: Florence Edelstein and Benjamin Stone marriage ---- 1911 Florence Edelstein and Benjamin D. Stone wed, Rabbi Glissnen, Hibbing: Jewish Wedding At Hibbing. Goldie Edelstein, Marcus Rulstein.

1912-1-16 Hibbing, Samuel Sapero - - 1912 Hibbing People Drive 70 Miles To Wedding. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Sapero. Stevenson to Virginia, 70 miles.

1912-2-4 Hibbing history page 2 - - 1912 Hibbing == Heart of the Iron Country - Slanding on the rim of the world's greatest open-pit mine, Hibbing is the chief gateway of nature's most wonderful and stupendous storehouse of iron. A village where opportunity is made and where big thinkgs are achieved. Immense army of industrial workers soon to be fed thru porlific yield of surrounding farms. A few acres near hibbing spell independence.

1912-2-4 Max Rogalsky, Hibbing merchant - - Max Rogalsky was an early pioneer in Hibbing and a merchant. His interesting perspective: Would not do it again.

1912-4-27 Hibbing, Latz Bros. cleaning

1912-12-4 Hibbing, Virginia, hides, Ben Karon - - Junk Dealer Fined For Buying Deer Hides, Hibbing, Ben Karen, may be Garon, or Karon from Virginia (?)

1912-12-7 Hibbing High School - - 1912 New Hibbing High School Building Offers Example In The Utilization Of Space; Open To Visitors Friday.

1912-12-31 Miller-Jaffe wedding - - Hibbing Girl To Marry Virginia Man, Ida Miller, Sam Jaffe, Virginia, Heyman Miller, Goldie Edelstein, H. Laurie, Rosa Markel.

1913-1-5 Jaffe, Miller wedding, Hibbing - - Hibbing Girl Weds Virginian, Ida Miller, Sam Jaffe, Mrs. L. Wolfe

1913-1-16 Hibbing, Rabbi Klitzner leaving, Agudas Achrim

1913-1-28 Woolfan, Eli news - - Hibbing Business Man Strong For His Town, E. S. Woolfan

1913-2-24 Superior-co-op farm - - 1913 Hebrews Will Have Big Farm. Cooperative Association Formed to Cut Down High Cost of Living. Propose to Purchase Tract of 1,000 Acres. Merchants of Duluth, Hibbing and St. Paul Subscribe Stock for Venture. Hebrew colony, Duluth Hebrew Cooperative Farmers association. M. Viener, A. Y. Litman, M. B. Abrahamson, H. Stein, H. Lippman, M. Sosnovsky, R. Cohen, Sam Stein, S. Shusterman, Rivkin.

1913-7-23 Hibbing, Latz Brothers, Bubley, Edelstein

1913-12-7 Hibbing high school - - School photo from Duluth or other Minnesota towns

1913-12-25 Joseph Shapiro obit. - - 1913 Dies After Living 25 Years In Duluth, age 55, 119 Mesaba avenue. widow, one son, Abe Shapiro, and three daughters, Mrs. Anna Steinberg of St. Paul, Mrs. Sadie Gram of Hibbing and Esther Shapiro of Duluth. obit.

1914-1-7 Sadie Fostoff - - 1914 Miss Florence I. Levine, daughter of Mrs. I. Levine, 821 Fourth avenue East, Joseph Edward Davis. Masonic temple. Rev. I. Teplitz, Adas Israel synagogue, Ida Levine, Loy Levine, Anna Levine, Sadie Fostoff, Jack Levine, Michael Levine. Out of town guests: Mr. and Mrs. S. Bernstein-St. Paul, Fanny Scheinbaum-Sioux City, Iowa, Adele Zalk and Mrs. Zalk-St. Paul, Sarah Polin-Minneapolis, Miss Meyers-St. Paul, Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Rubeloff-Chisholm, Mr. and Mrs. D. Nides-Hibbing.

1914-3-20 Hibbing Philip Siegel obit. - - 1914 Hibbing: Hibbing Butcher Dies From Heart Trouble. Philip Siegel obituary

1914-3-20 Philip Siegel obit. Hibbing - - 1914 Hibbing Butcher Dies From Heart Trouble. Philip Siegel, brother owned butcher shop on Pine street. widow, family in New York. Buried in Superior. obit.

1914-4-21 Hibbing, B. M. Lippman, bookkeeping

1915-1-1 Ben Seaman and Dorothy E. Cohen ml. - - 1915 Ben Seaman, Iron Mountain, Mich. and Dorothy E. Cohen, Hibbing, marriage license.

1915-1-7 Steam Heat petition - Hibbing - - 1915 petition signed by Lippman, Sachs, Cohen, Lindeke

1915-5-5 Hibbing, Dorothy Cohen, Jacob Cohen - - 1915 Hibbing Girl Takes Part In Oberlin Organ Recital. Hibbing, Miss Dorothy Cohen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Cohen, studying music at Oberlin Conservatory of Music.

1915-6-27 Superior-Rabbi Silver, Russian music - - 1915 Russian Quartet To Sing At Hibbing.Three Concerts to Be Given by Celebrated Hebrew Musical Organization. Rabbi Silver of Temple Bnai Abraham, H. Leibovitz, David Lenavitz, I. Urofsky

1915-7-7 Kremen - - 1915 Hibbing: Make Awards For Big Parage, Nides, Kremen

1916-2-16 Fannie Jaffee - - Hibbing: Woman In Roll Of Fagin Is Arrested, Fannie Jaffe,

1916-7-19 Mrs J W Lindeke visiting Siegel - - 1916 Mrs J W Lindeke and children of hibbing visiting mother Mrs A Siegel in Duluth

1916-10-25 Myron E. Lippman obit. - - 1916 Myron E. Lippman Dies At Virginia. son Sam Lippman-South Central avenue, widow, Mrs. S. Dangiger-Carpentia, Russia, Sam Lippman-Virginia, Ben and Henry Lippman-Hibbing. European war, unable to return.

1916-12-16 Hibbing, Adolph Kellar, horse racing at fair

1917-1-13 Sachs - - Hibbing: Clerks May Quit If They Wish But Sachs Wonít, Thomas Sachs,

1917-4-23 Mesaba Range I. Sher - - 1917 Mesaba's Loyalty Is Shown By Thousands. Entire Range Sends Delegations to Hibbing to Take Part in Big Demonstration. 1,000 Austrians In Line. As One Result of Celebration Eleven New Men Enlist With Militia Company. Hibbing: I. Sher.

1917-5-5 Hibbing Orchestra - - 1917 Hibbing Orchestra will play - names mentioned include James Lindeke, N Nides, H Bloom, Ben Karon

1917-6-26 Buhl contribution - - 1917 Red Cross Gets Big Aid On Mesaba Range. Village of Buhl With 2,000 Population Gives More Than $3,000 to Cause. Hibbing Raises $15,0000. Chishom, Coleraine, Bovey, Eveleth, Virginia, and Keewatin Oversubscribed.

1917-7-8 Hibbing, B'nai Brith, baseball

1917-9-18 Hibbing Lippman Jewish New Year

1917-11-12 photo, Samuel Nides-Hibbing

1918-4-2 Hibbing, Morris Rosenberg - - 1918 Hibbing: Twenty Have Answered. Morris Rosenberg.

1918-7-7 Hibbing, B'nai Brith B. J. Medalie-Buhl

1918-7-7 Chisohlm - - 1918 Jews Of Chisholm, Hibbing Elect Heads, Talk Of Plans. Hibbing: B'nai Brith. Simon Sapero-Chisholm, Samuel Goldenberg-Hibbing, Charles Hallock-Hibbing, Simon Sapero, Isaac Lewis-Chisholm, Lewis Niles-Hibbing.

1918-7-12 Hibbing, Harry Margulis, photo, soldierl

1918-7-12 Harry Margulis - - 1918 Hibbing, Harry Margulis, photo, soldierl

1918-8-16 Hibbing Julius Marcus - - 1918 Marcus Is Guest. Julius Marcus moves to Chicago. Young Men's Association.

1918-9-25 Hibbing, Young Hebrew, William Medalie, UM

1918-10-3 Sher, Aronovsky Hibbing - - Hibbing: Called Into School, Abraham Sher, Samuel Aronovsky

1918-11-1 Percy Oreck, wins case - - 1918 Duluth Merchant Wins Case From The Village Of Hibbing. Percy Oreck, wins case

1918-12-20 Isaac Cohen, obit., Mrs. Ben Seaman-Iron Mt, Mich. - - 1918 Hibbing: Merchant Dies. Isaac Cohen, pioneer merchant. Daughter Mrs. Ben Seaman of Iron Mountain, Michigan.

1919-2-27 Roy Edelstein, Hibbing - - headline

1919-5-20 May Cohen and Samuel Golden wed - - 1919 May Wedding At Synagogue Attractive. Miss Cohen Became the Bride of S. Golden; To Live Here. Adas Israel synagogue, May Cohen, Samuel Golden, Rabbi I. Teplitz, Mrs. S. Cohen, Fern Nathanson-Virginia, Leona Cohen, Edith Karon, Bessie Golden, A. B. Wolvin-Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Nathanson-Virginia, Mr. and Mrs. H. Bloom, Bessie and Tobie Osherman-Hibbing, Rabbi and Mrs. Sugarman-Virginia, Max Yager, M. Levy-Minneapolis.

1919-7-10 Hibbing - - 1919 Hibbing Zionists Elect Officers. New York Leader UrgesJews to Work For Restoration of Palestine. Hibbing, Dr. H. Grossman-NY, E. W. Wool fan, Rev. R. Gusse, A. Sachs, E. G. Bloom, Charles Hallock, Mrs. Hallock, Louis Holstein, Maurice Wolft, Aron Ballet.Gathering from Chisholm, Buhl, Kinney, Virginia, Duluth, Eveleth.

1919-8-5 Hibbing, Louis Finn obit. 13 years old

1919-8-17 Hibbing, Ruth Rainhill and Morton Markell

1919-8-20 Bess Ruth Altman Nathaniel Niles wed. - - 1919 Hibbing: Attractive Home Wdding. Miss Altman Became the Bride of Nathaniel Nides. - Bess Ruth Altman and Nathaniel Nides wed, Mr. and Mrs. J. Altman, Dr. M. Lefkovits, Ida Oreck, Evelyn Altman, Monich E. Altman, John Altman, M. G. Altman, H. E. Altman, Nathan Kres, Rae Zurovsky

1919-9-11 Morris Wolfe, Hibbing - - 1919 Former Army Men will strengthen Hibbing Eleven - Morris Wolfe

1919-11-13 Hibbing, Solomon Rubloff, swindle

1919-12-12 Hibbing, Mrs. I. Jaffe, obit., sons Abraham & Edwin - - headline

1919-12-12 I. Jaffe, obit., Hibbing

1919-12-12 Hibbing-Mrs. I. Jaffe obit. - - 1919 Hibbing: Mrs. I. Jaffe obit. Abraham and Edwin sons.

1920-2-24 Hibbing, Charles Margulis, basketball

1920-2-24 Issie Sher, Hibbing, tires

1920-4-9 ag Chisholm, Gordon, Bubley, Siegel,Kaner, - - 1920 Chisholm - Mrs Sam Katz and guests Mr and Mrs Ben Gordon, Mr and Mrs Paul Holstein, Mr and Mrs J Kaner and Mr and Mrs MW Gordon all of Virginia. Also, Mr and Mrs M Garber, Mr and Mrs M Siegel, Mr and Mrs Ed Bubley and J Jaffe of Hibbing

1920-6-27 Hibbing mortercycles - - 1920 Duluth and Range Enthusiasts at St. Louis County Fairgrounds, Hibbing.

1920-8-22 Hibbing moving buildings - - 1920 Section Of Central Addition New Hibbing, Where 1000 Buildings Have Been Moved.

1920-9-29 Edelstein, Hibbing, store - - headline

1920-11-15 Samuel Bloom obit. - - 1920 Member Of Pioneer Family Brought Home For Burial. 48, a member of the Bloom family of Superior. Lived in Chicago for 15 years. relatives in Duluth and Mesaba range towns. Rabbi Bloom of Hibbing was his father.

1921-2-22 Hibbing,Munroe Lippman

1921-3-3 Hibbing, Abe Karlinsky - - 1921 School Speakers Will Contest At Hibbing Tonight. Boys and Girls of 14 Towns To Compete for Trip to Minneapolis. Abe Karlinsky, Isadore Nathaenson, Monroe Lippman

1921-3-22 Hibbing, B'nai Brith, Morton Markell

1921-4-27 Hibbing, Sappan, ohen, Stone - - 1921 Hibbing: Larceny Suspect In Fire Case To Present Alibi. George Sappen, Cohen and Stone clothing store in Stevenson

1921-7-3 Hibbing Lippman business - - 1921 Itasca Company's Building, Owned By Mrs. Power. Lippman's Beautiful Department Store, So. Hibbing.

1921-8-2 Hibbing, Morton Markell, corner stone

1921-8-12 Hibbing, Marvin, infant Jacob Cohen - - 1921 Hibbing: Range Infant Classed Amoung Healthiest Babies. Marvin Cohen, 15 month old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Cohen.

1921-11-27 Hibbing, Mrs. Benjamin Siegel - - 1921 Hibbing: Forty Guests at Chicken Dinner, Mrs. Benjamin Siegel, E. S. Woolfan, Mrs. N. Sachs Mrs. L. Lewis, Mrs. Samuel Matz-Chisholm.

1921-11-28 Hibbing, Lillian Ellis - - 1921 Hibbing: Seniors Entertain. Lillian Ellis.

1922-2-25 Hibbing, I. Jaffe, Harry Stone, mash - - headline

1922-3-10 Rabbis and laymen for smaller communities - - 1922 Rabbi Offers Nearby Towns Religious Aid. Rabbi Alvin S. Luchs, I. Freimuth, Union of American Hebrew Congregations. Help establish synagogues in Chisholm, Eveleth, Hibbing, Hurley, Mankato, Virginia, and Winona.

1922-3-19 Hibbing, Minn. Alumni Segelbaum, Sher - - headline

1922-3-24 Morris Wolfe Hibbing - - Menorah Orators to give symposium at Duluth Club - Morris Wolfe of Hibbing is coach and business manager of the team. Marvin Oreck of Duluth, Max Shapiro, Gerald Friedman, Harry Cohen, David Goldstein

1922-4-17 Chisholm Louis Press obit. - - 1922 Chisholm Soldier to Be Laid to Rest With Honors. Military funeral for Louis Press, Rabbi Lebendiger, brother of Harry Pres of Hibbing. He met death in action in France, Sept. 15, 1918. One sister, Minnie, brothers Samuel and Elias-Eveleth. Four years later his body is returned for burial.

1922-5-20 Hibbing, B. M. Lippman, convention

1922-7-12 Hibbing, Odd Fellows, Morton Markell

1922-8-25 Hibbing, Monroe Lippman

1922-8-30 Morris Wolfe obit - - 1922 University of Minnesota Degree for drowned student, Hibbing, Morris Wolfe drowned shortly after his return to Hibbing from the University

1922-8-31 Hibbing, Merchants, Sapero, Lippman, Woolfan, Nides - - 1922 Hibbing: Merchants Club Nominates Officers; Election Tuesday. S. Sapero, B. M. Lippman, E. S. Woolfan, I. Feldman, and L. Nides

1922-9-17 Hibbing, Nellie Rutstein and Julius Edelstein, Rabbi Gussie, Hallock - - 1922 Hibbing: Nellie Rutstein and Julius Edelstein wed, Rabbi Gussie, E. H. Edelstein-Brooklyn, Charles Hallock, Badonna Hallock.

1922-9-17Edelstein Rutstein - - 1922 Hibbing: Miss Nellie Rutstein will become the bride of Julius Edelstein

1922-11-20 Eveleth, B'nai Brith - - 1922 B'nai Brith, A. B. Kapplin, Samuel Nides-Hibbing, M. K. Baer-Virginia, Harry L. Levant-Eveleth, Dr. L. M. Harris-Superior, Gustavus Loewinger-St. Paul, Rabbi J. I. Meyerowitz-St. Paul, Rabbi Meyerowitz, Rabbi Alvin S. Luchs, Segal's orchestra.

1922-11-25 Blessing Lippman - - 1922 Hibbing: Girls Outsmart Boys Honor Roll Shows. Blessing Lippman. Raymon Elis

1922-11-28 Bnai Brith Banquet in Virginia - - 1922 B'nai B'rith Banquet in Virginia - Names mentioned include Samuel Nides of Hibbing

1922-12-27 Hibbing, B'nai Brith, Matt Medalie

2009-5-15 Hibbing Dylan Days events - - 2009 50th anniversary of Robert Zimmerman graduation from Hibbing High School - American Jewish World

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