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A large collection of newspaper articles from about 1860 thru 1940 related to our ancestors and their communities
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This page lists those Old Newspaper Articles that mention or are related to Adas Israel Synagogue.

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Chronological List of Links to News Articles regarding Adas Israel Synagogue

1900-11-4 Adas Israel congregation - -
1900 Adas Israel, ball

1901-9-8 Adas Israel , Chevera Kadisha new home

1901-11-21 Adas Israel, corner stone, Anna Cook

1901-11-24 Adas Israel, Cook, Abrahamson, 4 generations

1901-11-26 Max Zalk, president Adas Israel - - Max Zalk, president of Adas Israel, Duluth Iron and Metal Co.

1901-11-29 Adas Israel cornerstone

1901-12-1 Max Zalk - - Max Zalk, pioneer 1883, Adas Israel president, Duluth Lodge

1902-3-30 Adas Israel, Rocklin. Kassmir - - 1902 Adas Israel, dance, Miss Bessie Rocklin, Miss Eva Kassmir

1902-11-2 Eva Casmir and Bessie Rocklin, Adas Israel Ball - - Brillant Ball Given By Church, Adas Israel, Miss Eva Casmir and Miss Bessie Rocklin

1902-11-7 1st wedding Adas Israel Sarah Shapiro, Albert Polinsky

1902-11-7 Eveleth, Albert H. Polinsky and Sarah Shapiro wed - - 1902 Eveleth, Albert H. Polinsky and Sarah Shapiro wed. Pretty Wedding In Synagogue, first event of kind in New Adas Israel Congregation edifice. Alpert H. Polinsky marries Eveleth girl. Ceremony one of most largely ever attended in Duluth. Banquet follows, with I.Tenonsky Master of Ceremonies and Julius Abrahamson Toastmaster. Sadie and Eva Polinsky, Samuel Weinberger, Mildred Mendal, Florence Shapiro, Rabbi Epstein, I. Zenansky, Julius Abrahamson, Judge W. L. Windom, Zenansky, Governor Van Sant, Congressman Goldfogel, gues: Mr. and Mrs. J. Greenburg, Mendal, Shiram, Ruboff, J. P. McCann, Sherbocov, Mental, L. Polinsky, M. Sabel, Lena Marshoek, Lena Romain.
Pretty Wedding In Synagaogue, First Even of Kind in Adas Israel Congregation Edifice. Albert H. Polinsky Marries Eveleth Girl. Ceremony One of Most Largely Ever Attended In Duluth. Banquet Follows, With DI. Tenonsky Master of Ceremonies and Julius Abrahamson Toastmaster. Sadie and Eva Polinsky, Samuel Weinberger, Mildred Mendal, Florence Shapiro, Rabbi Eppstein, Julius Abrahamson, Judge W. L. Windom, Zenansky, Governor Van Sant, Congressman Goldfogel, J. Greenburg, Shiram, Ruboff, J. P. McCann, Sherbocov, Mental, L. Polinsky, M. Sabel, Lena Marshoek, Lena Romain.

1902-11-24 Adas Israel, relief fund - - 1902 Plague Victims Secure Relief. Hebrews of Duluth Raise Contribuions for Cholera. Stricken in Holy Land. Sum of $200 subscribed in Less Than an Hour. I. Abrahamson and J. Polinsky are Soliciting Committee. Expect to Forward $500 to Plague Sufferers in Jerusalem Today, Palestine Rabbi's Appeal. Rabbi Epstein.

1902-11-30 Adas Israel relief fund - - 1902 Relief Sent on to Striken Jews. The Sum totals $500 and the Plague Is Now Abating. Adas Israel, I. Abrahamson, Rabbi Samuel Salant.
1902 Many Mines Shipping Late In The Season, Situation Is Without Precedent in the History of Iron Business in Minnesota, Ten Running at the Close of November.

1903-5-23 Adas Israel, funds for Russia - - 1903 Aid Extended by Duluth Hebrews. $300 Raised for Oppressed People in Russia. I. Abrahamson, M. Cook, J. Polinski.

1904-9-22 Adas Israel court - - 1904 Pearson & Fawcett vs. Adas Israel Chevri Kodisha.

1905-10-17 Adas Israel debt paid up - - Church Names Its Leaders. Adas Israel, Cook, Polinsky, Oreckovsky, paid debt

1905-10-17 Louis Polinsky, vice president Adas Israel - -

1907-1-21 Adas Israel, music program,Rev. A. A. Rosenbloom

1910-6-10 Adas Israel, candidate - - 1910 Rabbi M. Lefkovits. Will Elect Delegates To American Congress. Rabbi Maurice Lefkovits and Solomon Bublick Are Candidates in Today's Balloting. Adas Israel, photo.

1912-3-23 Adas Israel ball - - 1912 Adas Israel, Odd Fellows hall, grand ball.

1912-5-14 Adas Israel, Dr. Horace M. Kallen - - 1912 Leaves for Madison, Dr. Horce M. Kallen, instructor of philosophy, Max Weinberg, 720 East Third street, Adas Israel, Temple Emanuel.

1912-7-14 Max Shulman, Adas Israel - - Zion Pioneer To Be Honored, Max Shulman Adas Israel

1912-9-11 Adas Israel, Rosh Hashanah - - 1912 Jew To Observe New Year Today. Begins at Sundown and Continues Until Some Time Tomorrow. Services at Synagogues.Adas Israel synagogue, Temple Emanuel, Rabbi Teplitz and Lefkovitz.

1913-2-17 Adas Israel, Hebrew Institute

1913-3-9 Adas Israel mass meeting - - 1913 Plan Mass meeting. Zion Gate, Adas Israel, Rabbi Silver-Chicago, Palestine, the Land for the Jews.

1913-3-17 Adas Israel, Ohve Zion Gate - - 1913 Services Today In Honor of Dr. Theodor Herzl. Ada Israel synagogue, Dr. Benjamin Horwitz, A. M. Shulman-Chicago, Ohave Zion gate.

1913-4-14 Lillian Sara Fostof and Samuel J. Bennett - - 1913 Miss Lillian Fostof Is Bride of J. Bennett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fostof, grandparents Mr. and Mrs. B. Caplow, 281 East Fifth street, Rabbi I. S. Teplitz, Adas Israel synagogue.

1913-7-12 Adas Israel, Herzl memorial

1913-7-27 Adas Israel,services for Herzl - - 1913 Pay Tribute to Zion's Founder. Duluth Hebrews Attend Memorial in Honor of Dr. Theodor Herzl. His work outlined by able speakers. Orator Appeals to Countrymen to continue Leaders's great work.

1913-7-28 Adas Israel, memorial Dr. Theodor Herzl - - 1913 Pay Tribute to Zion's Founder. Duluth Hebrews attend memorial in honor of Dr. Theodor Herzl. His work outlined by able speakers. Orator appeals to countrymen to continue leader's great work. Adas Israel synagogue, Ohave Zion Gate. Harry E. Weinberg, Dr. Benjamin Horwitz, Cantor H.Zion, Rabbi I. S. Teplitz.

1913-10-12 Adas Israel, Yom Kippur - - 1913 Atonement Week Services Concluded. Duluth Jews conclude obervation of Yom Kippur in Synagogue and Temple. Temple Emanuel-Rbbi Maurice Lefkovits, Adas Israel synagogue, Sin and Punishment.

1914-3-9 Samuel Banks and Esther Sosnovsky wed. - - 1914 Samuel Banks and Miss Esther M. Sosnovsky Wed. M. A. Banks-Minneapolis, Adas Israel synagogue, Dr. Klasen-St. Paul, Miss Esther Zurosky, Dr. S. Gross, Esther Gross, Mary Banks, Freda Silber, Francis Gordon, Dora Arenson, Aidia Arenson, M. Sade, L. Strimling, S. Olelsky, H. Rosenbloom, D. Garber, B. Labovitz, Charles London, M. A. Banks-Minneapolis, Della Fink, S. Fink-St. Paul.

1914-4-20 Adas Israel, Confirmation of George Casmir - - 1914 Confirmation Dinner Given, George Casmir, Mr. and Mrs. H. Casmir, 20 Third avenue East, Adas Israel, Rabbi W. Kissen.

1914-6-21 Adas Israel, Zionist lecture - - 1914 Zion Lecture Today. The Significance of Zionism, Judge Philip P. Bregstone, Adas Israel synagogue, Dr. Maurice Lefkovits, Temple Emanuel, Max Oreckowsky.

1914-6-22 Zionism, Palestine, Max Oreckovsky - - 1914 Reclamation Of Palestine By Jews Reality, Declares Judge Bregstone; Lauds Dr. Theo. Herzl, Zionist Lead. Adas Israel synagogue, Dr. Maurice Lefkovits, Max Oreckovsky, Sol Goldberg.

1914-9-20 Adas Israel, New Year - - 1914 Jewish New Year Starts Today; "Shofar" One Feature. Day of Remembrance and Day of Judgement, Adas Israel synagogue, Temple Emanuel, Rabbi I Teplitz, Rabbi Lefkovits.

1914-9-23 Adas Israel, New Year cablegram

1914-10-5 Adas Israel, Succoth - - 1914 Succoth Observance Begin In Duluth. Feast of Tabernacle Will Continue. Eight Days as Thanksgiving Period. Rabbi Maurice Lefkovits-Temple Emanuel, Adas Israel synagogue.

1914-10-6 Adas Israel, War Relief - - 1914 Duluth Jews Will Strt War Relief. Fund Will Be Collected-Colonel Graves' Fund Grows to $651.50, I Report. Adas Israel synagogue, Rabbi I. Teplitz, Max Zalk,W. G. Hegardt, Col. C. H. Graves., George L. Shoup, H. C. Fasbender, Neil McDougall.

1914-10-14 Adas Israel, Jewish Feast of Tabernacle - - 1914 Jewish Feast Of Tabernacle Will End With Services. Succoth, Pesach, Passover, Adas Israel synagogue.

1914-11-11 Eva Oreckovsky and Charles Kinkelstein wed - - 1914 Eva Orekovsky, and Charles Kinkelstein wed. Mr. and Mrs. Oreckovsky, 5 1/2 East Fift street, Rabbi Kissen, Adas Israel synagogue, Esther Zurovsky, Rae Zurovsky, Ida Oreck, Minnie Viener, Bessie Altman, Bessie Silvermn, Dolly Polinsky, Sarah Kassmir, Ralph Oman, Sam Oreckovsky, Abe Oreckvosky, Abe overbrook, Israel Oreckvosky, Harry Altman, M. Packer, James Oreckvosky, James Viener

1914-11-14 Adas Israel, Europe aid - - 1914-11-14 Aid For Suffering Jews In Europe To Be Asked In Duluth. Jacob De Haas-Boston. Adas Israel

1914-11-14 Adas Israel, Europe aid - - 1914 Aid For Suffering Jews In Europe To Be Asked In Duluth. Federation of American Zionists, Jacob De Hass-Boston, editor of the Jewish Advocate, Adas Israel synagogue, The War and the Jews. Dr. Theodore Herzl The Why and Wherefore of Zionism.

1914-11-28 Adas Israel, American Zionist Jacob De Hass-Boston - - 1914-11-28 Aid For Suffering Jews in Europe To Be Asked In Duluth. Federation of American Zionists, Jacob De Haas, Boston editor of the , Adas Israel.

1914-11-28 Adas Israel, American Zionist Jacob De Hass-Boston - - 1914 Aid For Suffering Jews In Europe To Be Asked In Duluth. Federation of American Zionists, Jacob De Hass-Boston.

1914-12-2 Adas Israel, Zionist De Haas (w bio) - - 1914-12-2 Noted Zionist To Urge Relief For War-Stricken, Jacob De Haas.Ohave Zion gate no. 19, Adas israel

1914-12-2 Adas Israel, Zionist De Haas - - 1914 Noted Zionist To Urge Relief For War-Stricken, Jacob De haas, journalist, Adas Israel synagogue, Ohave Zion gate No.19.

1915-4-6 Adas Israel, Pesach - - 1915 Pasover-Pesach Holiday Ends With Tonight. Temple Emanuel, Adas Israel synagogue.

1915-5-28 Adas Israel, concert - - 1915 Concert At Synagogue. Russian grand opera, hymns, Jewish folk songs, Cantor A. Leibovitz, Adas Israel synagogue, David Lebovitz.

1915-6-5 ag Adas Israel, HSIA, Kornblith, Russian Jews

1915-8-11 Adas Israel, Leon Zolotkov, New York Yiddish journalist - - Knights of Zion, Harry Davis, Dr. Samuel Gross, Nathan Kris, Samuel Weinstein, A. Mogelson, Pearl Eievitz, Anna Mark. Adas Israel synagogue.

1915-8-15 Adas Israel, Rabbi Samuel Cohen

1915-8-19 Adas Israel, Leon Zolotkov, warring nations - - Here To Enlist Jews In War For Rights, Leon Zolotkov, Yiddish Editor, Adas Israel synagogue

1915-8-19 Yiddish journalist, Adas Israel - - 1915 Here To Enlist Jews In War For Adas Israel synagogue. Leon Zolotkov, Yiddish novelist and journalist-New York, A. Mogelson.

1915-9-2 Adas Israel, American Relief Committee - - 1915 Seek Funds For War Zone Jews. Local Branch American relief Committee Formed-Campaign Planned. Say Russ Kill People As Means Of Relief. Calls Present Conflict Greatest Calamity to Jew Since the Diaspora. American Jewish relief committee, Rabbi I S. Teplitz, Adas Israel synagogue, Joel Lichten, rabbi Maurice Lefkovits, Temple Emanuel.Mamie Weinberg, A. Y. Litman, A. Mogelson, I. Stein, Louis Dorfman, Ida Sukov, I. Jeffo, Jewish Workingmen's circle, Rabbi Maurice Lefkovits, photo, Temple Emanuel Central Conference of American Rabbis, Adas Israel synagogue.

1915-9-9 Adas Israel, Temple Emanuel, Rabbi Maurice Lefkovits, New Year sermon - - 1915 Jews Hear Peace Sermon As Their New Year Begins. Rabbi Maurice Lefkovits, photo, Temple Emanuel, Adas Israel synagogue.

1915-9-10 Adas Israel, Rosh Hoshanah - - 1915 Jewish celebration Will End Tonight. Orthodox Jews to Hold Final New Year Services at Sunset-Reformed Ritual Concluded. Rosh Hoshanah, Temple Emanuel, Adas Israel synagogue.

1915-9-11 Adas Israel Rosh Hashanah - - 1915 Rosh Hashanah Rites End; Yom Kippur Next. Adas Israel synagogue, Temple Emanuel, Rabbi Maurice Lefkovits.

1915-9-18 Temple Emanuel and Adas Israel Synagogue

1915-9-25 Adas Israel, Tag Day - - 1915 Today Tag Day For Jews In War Zone. Collections for Sufferers to be Solicited Under Auspices of Relief Committee. Temple Emanuel, Dr. Maurice Lefkovits, Rabbi I. Teplitz, Adas Israel synagogue.

1915-11-12 Adas Israel, War Sufferers - - 1915 Duluth Sends $320 For Jewish War Sufferers. American Jewish Relief, Ben Goldish, Adas Israel congregation, Rabbi I. Teplitz.

1915-12-2 Adas Israel, Hanukkah - - 1915 Candles Lighted In Homes Of city Jews. Celebration of Hanukkah, Feast of Dedication, Is Begun-Festival to Last Eight Days. Adas Israel synagogue, Temple Emanuel, Rabbi Lefkovits.

1915-12-4 Adas Israel, Hannukah, children Bennie Garon

1915-12-5 Adas Israel, Hannukah

1915-12-7 Funds for Relief - - 1915 Funds For Relief Of Stricken Jews. Committee Gives Out List of Contributions Toward Worthy Cause, Adas Israel, Chevra Kadisha, Weinberg, A. Averbook.

1915-12-9 Adas Israel, Hanukkah - - 1915 Lighting Of Eight Candle Marks End Of Jewish Holiday. Adas Israel synagogue, Rabbi W. Kissin.

1916-1-9 Anna Gladys Levine and Abe Oreckovsky wed - - 1916 Oreckovsky-Levine Wedding Tuesday. Anna Gladys Levine and Abe Oreckovsky, Adas Israel synagogue, Rev. W. Kissin, Rev. Israel Teplitz, H. Levine, Ida Levine, Sadie Levine, Mamie Levine, Ida Oreck, Etta Levine, Ralph Oxman, Irving Oreckovsky.

1916-1-12 Anna Gladys Levine and Abe Oreckovsky wed - - 1916 Miss Levine Becomes Bride of A. Oreckovsky. Anna Gladys Levine and Abe Oreckovsky, Adas Israel, Rev. Wolf. Kissin, Rev. Israel Teplitz, H. Levine, Mamie Levine, Ida Levine, Ida Oreck, Etta Levine, Ralph Oxman, Irving Levine, Lloyd Levine, Jack Levine, Charles Finkelstein, Mandy Finkelstein, Meyer Packer, William Oxman, Morris Altman, Harry Levine.

1916-1-19 Adas Israel, War Relief - - 1916 Jews Organize For War Relief. To Conduct City-Wide Campaign for Sricken Hebrews in Europe. Will Solicit Funds On Thursday, Jan. 27. May Call Mass Meeting After Campaign and Have New York Speaker. Central Jewish War Sufferers' associaion, Dr. Maurice Lefkovits, Joseph Oreckovsky, Charles D. Oreckovsky, B. Silberstein. J. L. Magnes-New York. -- Organizations Represented. - Independent Order B'nai Brith - Duluth Hebrew lodge O.B.A. - Duluth City lodge O.B.A. . - Temple Emanuel. - Adas Israel congregation. - Kofered Israel congregation. - Shorae Tzdeck congregation. - Talmud Torah. - Jewish Socialist local. - Arbeit ring. - Young Women's Hebrew association. - Dr. Schecter's Zion Tent. - Sisters of Israel. - Kodivirim club. - Branch American Jewish relief committee. - Ladies' Aid of Temple Emanuel. - Young Women's library. - Bichur Choilim society. -(Interesting list to compare to the Jewish Organizations listed from 1880-1976)

1916-2-24 Adas Israel, Jewish War Relief effort

1916-3-19 Adas Israel, Purim

1916-3-19 Adas Israel, Megillah reading - - 1916 Megillah Is Red In All Synagogues. Jews Celebrte Deliverance By Esther From Persian King 5,676 Years Ago. Purim, Adas Israel synagogue.

1916-3-23 Adas Israel, representation at convention - - 1916 Local Hebrews Will Not Be Represented. Instead They Will hold Conference Here and Forward Resolution to Convention. American Jewish congress. Duluth City lodge, O.B.A., Duluth Hebrew lodge, OB.A., Dr. Schecter's Zion camp, Sisters of Israel, Adas Israel congregation, Kisereth Israel congregation.

1916-6-8 Adas Israel, Feast of Pentecost, confirmation - - 1916 Feast Of Pentecost Draws To Conclusion, Adas Isrel synagogue.

1916-7-23 Adas Israel, memorial to Dr. Theodore Herzel - - 916 Memorial Services For Late Theodore Herzel. Adas Israel synagogue. Dr. Herzel's Life, Dr. A. L. Levine, Zion, the only Jewish String, Harry Levine, Rev. M. Broverman.

1916-9-3 Adas Israel, New Year - - 1916 Duluth Jews Will Observe New Year's. Rosh Hashono and Yom Kippur to Be Celebrted Here Soon. Temple Emanuel, Adas Israel synagogue.

1916-9-20 Adas Israel, Joseph Cohen - - 1916 'Infidelity' Of Jews Is Denied. Duluthians Flay Cohn's Statement That Hebrews Worship Christ. "Was Paid To Say It", Rabbi Lefkovits and Commissioner Silberstein Stirred by Bold Assertion. Joseph Cohn, Rabbi Israel Teplitz, Adas Israel congregation, Rabbi Maurice Lefkovits, Temple Emanuel. Public Safety Commissioner Silberstein,, Charle D. Oreckovsky, B'nai B'rith.

1916-9-27 Adas Israel, New Year - - 1916 Duluth Jews Will Observe New Year's. Rosh Hashono and Yom Kippur to Be Celebrted Here Soon. Temple Emanuel, Adas Israel synagogue

1916-9-28 Adas Israel, New Year - - 1916 Jewish New Year Service Are Held. Observance of Rosh Hashana Will Be Continued Until This Evening. Adas Israel synagogue, Temple Emanuel, Miss Faith rogers, rs. Donna Ribletio Flaaten, Miss Glenn Bartholomew, R. Burquist, D. Drummond, Charles Helmer. Dr. Maurice Lefkovits, An Imperative Necessity, J. Braverman, Hebrew year 5677.

1916-10-1 Adas Isreal, Yom Kippur - - 1916 Jews Prepare To Observe Yom Kippur. Day of Atonement,Temple Emanuel, Adas Israel synagogue.

1916-10-6 Adas Israel, Yom Kippur - - 1916 Yom Kippur To Be Observed By Jews. Day of Atonement Begins at Sundown Tonight and Lasts Twelve Hours. Adas Israel synagogue, Temple Emanuel, Rabbi Maurice Lefkovits. The Law of Conscience. Pure Before God. Rabbi I. Braveman.

1916-10-7 Adas Israel, Yom Kippur - - 1916 Duluth Jews Are Observing Sared Fast Yom Kippur. Adas Israel synagogue, Temple Emanuel, I. Braveman-cantor, Temple Emanuel, Dr. Mauice Lefkovits.

1916-10-10 Adas Israel, Succoth - - 1916 Jewish Succoth to Las Eight Days. Holy Season Begins With New Year's and Concludes With Sheimini Atzereth. Dr. Maurice Lefkovits, Temple Emanuel, Adas Israel synagogue.

1916-10-12 Adas Israel, Succoth - - 1916 Feast Of Succoth Begins. Temple Emanuel, Adas Israel synagogue.

1917-1-28 Adas Israel, Jewish problems, S. Frankel - - 1917 Lecture On Jewish Problems. S. Frankel of New York, Adas Israel.

1917-1-29 Adas Israel, Mass Meeting, S. Frankel - - 1917 Zionist Mass Meeting

1917-2-10 Adas Israel, Old Folks Home

1917-2-10 Adas Israel Rev. W. Kissin Jewish Home - - 1917 Would Extend Scope Of Old Folks' Home. Rev. W. Kissin, superintendent of the Jewish Home for the Aged at St. Paul-in existence for10 years. Adas Israel synagogue.

1917-4-3 Adas Israel, messages for peace - - 1917 Few Duluthians Send Messages For Peace. One Telegraph Company Transmits 25 Dispatches Advocating Policy of Tranquillity. Telegrams sent to President Wilson, Congressman Clarence B. Miller and Senator Knute. S. Karon, president of Adas Israel and Chevra Kodish, Bob Goldish.

1917-6-10 Adas Israel, candidate, Rabbi M. Lefkowits - - 1917 Is Candidate. Rabbi M. Lefkovits. photo, Will Elect Delegates To American Congress. Rabbi Maurice Lefkovits and Solomon Bublick Are Candidates in Today's Batloting.

1917-7-14 Adas Israel, memorial Dr. Theodore Herzel - - 1917 Herzel Memorial Meeting. Dr. M. Lefkowits, M. S. Winthrop and Solomon Bublick, Dr. Schecter.

1917-9-24 Adas Israel, clubhouse

1917-11-20 Adas Israel, speaker, Dr. M. Sheinkin - - 1917 Zionist Speaaker Will Address Duluth Jews. Dr. M. Sheinkin, Adas Israel synagogue,

1917-11-25 Adas Israel, Scheinkin - - At Adas Israel, Dr. N. Scheinkin, Re-Settlement Of Holy Land

1917-11-26 Adas Israel, Dr. Cheinkinm aid Jews in Holy Land - - Palestine Plan Aided in Duluth - Jews who hea Dr. scheinkin buy $4000 interest in Holy Land

1917-11-29 Adas Israel, Mamie Weinberg, war relief - - 1917 Duluth Jews Donate Big Sum To War Relief,Mamie Weinberg, Adas Israel synagogue, S. Neveleff, Dr. Maurice Lefkovits.

1918-1-27 Rabbi Baruch Shapiro, Seattle - - 1918 Rabbi To Speak to Local Jews. Will Talk On Aims of "Mizrachi" and Rabbinical College Organization. Rabbi Baruch Shapiro-Seattle, Rabbinical College of New York, Adas Israel, "Zionism of a National Standpoint."

1918-4-4 Adas Israel, A. B. Sokolon - - 1918 A. B. Sokolon, Agudas Hamizrachi, Rabbi M. Teplitz.

1918--4-20 Adas Israel, Dr. Ben Zion Mosinsohn, Jaffa high school - - 1918 Zionist Leader Will Visit Here Sunday Night. Dr. Ben Zion Mossinsohn-Jaffa, Paletine, director of first Hebrew high school. The Present and Future of Palestine. Adas Israel synagogue, Dr. Schecter Zion camp.

1918-4-22 Adas Israel, Dr. Ben Zion Mossinsohn - - 1918 Dr. Mossinsohn Speaks On Prospcts of New Palestine. Present and Future of Palestine, Adas Israel synagogue, Dr. Ben Zion Mossinsohn-directo of Hebrew Gimnazium, high school-Jaffa Palestine, Y. W. C. A.

1918-6-30 Adas Israel, Zionis, Rabbi S. D. Matt, Kantor Braverman - - 1918 Zionists Organiations to hold A Mass meeting Today. Adas Israel, Rabbi S. D Matt, Kantor Braverman.

1918-9-25 Adas Israel Widdis, Salnovitz, Kaner, Karon

1918-9-25 Joe Salnovitz, Jewish Congregation Adas Israel - - Jewish Congregation Chooses Same Officers For New Year, Adas Israel, Samuel Karon, Sam Kaner, Ben Goldish, Morris Widdis, Joe Salnivitz, M. Sosnovsky, Sam Guinn, L. Miller, H. Casmir

1918-12-9 Adas Israel, memorial - - 1918 Jewish Congregation Honors 3 Dead Members. Corp. J. Hurrvitch, Private David Kaplan, Ada Israel Chevra Kadisha, Israel Kenner.

1919-1-19 Harry Shapiro and Gertrude Azine marry - - 1919 Miss Azine Will Marry. Harry Shapiro, Groom; Wedding to Take Pace Today. Gertrude Azine and Harry Arthur Shapiro. Adas Israel synagogue, Rabbi A. B. Sakslow, Rabbi I. S. Teplitz, Minnie Averbook, Ida Azine, Bessie Shapiro, Florence Glass, Harris Shapiro. William Glass, Florence Glass, Alfred Glass, Harry A. Friedman, Samuel Weiss, Max Yettra, David Azine.

1919-4-21 Fega Solomon, obit. - - 1918 Funeral of mrs. Fega Solomon Is Held; Came from Rumania. Mrs. Aaron, Rbbi Teplitz, Adas Israel synagogue, Galatz, Rumania, Mrs. I. B. Aarons, Mrs. F. Labovitz, Mrs. M. Littener-Llava, Bessarabia, Mrs. E. R. Rose-Saskatoon, Sask. Canada, Leon Solomon-St. Paul, Baruch Solomon-Jaffa, Palestine.

1919-7-14 Adas Israel, Serbia

1919-7-14 Adas Israel - - 1919 Jews Shut Out of Peace Room, Serbia Admitted. Dr. A. Grossman. Policy of Coferene Is cored by Speaker at Mass Meeting in Duluth. Adas Israel synagogue, Dr. Crossman, Solomon Bublick.

1920-4-16 Adas Israel, Talmud Torah Rabbi Burstin, Chicago

1920-9-14 Adas Israel, Le Shono Tovo, Gam Atem - - 1920 Jews Of Duluth Exchange Happy New-YearGreetings. Le Shono Tovo. Gam Atem. Talmud Torah, Cantor Braverman, Dr. Maurice Lefkovits, Temple Emanuel.

1920-11-5 Joseph Braverman, cantor Adas Israel - - headline

1920-11-29 Adas Israel, Chanukah - - 1920 Feast Of Lights To Be Observed By Duluth Jews. Speial Services to Be Held in Synagogues Begining De. 12. Chanukah, Feast of Lights, Adas Israel synagogue, Temple Emanuel, Rededication, Judas Maccabeas.

1920-12-5 Adas Israel, Chanukah - - 1920 Duluh Jews To Observe Feast Of Rededication, Adas Israel synagogue,Talmud Torah institute, Temple Emanuel.

1920-12-25 Adas Israel, Rabbi Israel Lebendiger

1921-1-7 Adas Israel, Rabbi Isrel Lebendiger, social justice - - 1921 Jews Would Aid Upbuilding Of Civilization, Says Speaker. Palestine, Rabbi Israel Lebendiger, Adas Israel synagogue.

1921-5-21 Adas Israel Congregation S. M. Kaner, hospital - - headline

1921-6-7 Adas Israel Jewish Thanksgiving

1921-6-21 Adas Israel, Thanksgiving - - 1921 Jewish Thanksgiving To Be Observed Sunday, Monday. Shabuoth, feast of the weeks. Adas Israel institute, pilgrim feasts.

1921-8-5 Adas Israel, Memorial Service - - 1921 Memorial Services for Prof. Israel Friedlander and Theodore Herel, Adas Isrel synagogue nd Rbbi Matt-Minneapolis, Rabbi Lebendiger-Duluth.

1921-10-3 Adas Israel, New Year - - 1921 Jewish New Year Observance. Adas Israel synagoge, Duluth Hebrew institute. Rabbi Lebendiger, Significance of the New Year. Life Tragedies.

1921-10-11 Adas Israel, Yom Kippur - - 1921 Duluth Hebrews to Observe Yom Kippur With Fasting. Day of Atonement, Adas Israel synagogue, Rabbi Israel Lebendidger, Rabbi lvin S. Luchs-First Unitarian church.

1921-10-17 Adas Israel, Succoth - - 1921 Succoth Is Observed. Feast of Tapernacles, Adas Israel , The Immortality of the Soul.

1921-10-21 Adas Israel, sermon - - 1921 Rabbi to Give Sermon - Rabbi ledendinger will talk on the Optimism of Judaism.

1921-11-29 Adas Israel, Channukah, children

1921-11-29 Adas Israel, Channukah - - 1921 City's Jewish Kiddies Happy-Chanukah. Urn of oil lighting temple of Jerusam, miracle, Adas Isrel ynagogue, Hebrew institute, Rabbi Alvin S. Luch, Temple Emanuel congregation.

1921-12-2 Adas Israel, sermon - - 1921 Rabbi Will Speak Twice. Rabbi Israel Lebendiger, Selling the Birthright, Hebrew Institute, Adas Israel synagogue.

1921-12-16 Adas Israel, Chanukah - - 1921 Chanukah Is Next on Jewish Calendar. Adas Israel synagogue, Rabbi Alvin S. Luchs, Temple Emanuel, Judah the Maccabee legend.

1922-6-14 Adas Israel, dance - - 1922 Coming Events, ladies of Adas Israel congregation, annual dance, Odd Fellows' hall.

1922-7-20 Memorial for Founder of Political Zionism - - 1922 Memorial Service for Theo. Herzl,Founder of Political Zionism, Max Oreckovsky, Abraham Horwitz, Ph.D., Rabbi I. S. Teplitz, Harry E. Weinberg. Adas Israel Synagogue

1922-9-19 Adas Israel, Jewish New year 5683 - - 1922 Jewish New Year to Be Observed in Synagogues. stores operated by Duluth Jews will close in observance. Rabbi Alvin S. Luchs, Temple Emanuel, 5683, beginning of the world, Old Testament, Rosh Hashonah, Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement, holiest of Jewish holiday, Rabi Israel Lebendiger, Hebrew institute, Rabbi I. Teplitz, Adas Israel, First Unitarian church, Rabbi Luchs, Reformed Jews observe for one day.

1932-12-2 31st anniversary of Adas Israel, Duluth - - The thirty-first anniversary of the founding of Adas Israel synagogue of Duluth was celebrated. Those honored were: S. Karon, president of the synagogue; Sam Kaner, former president; and J. Salnowitz, vice-president.


2019-9-9 9am Adas Israel fire - - 2019-9-9 Emergency crews are responding to a fire at a synagogue in downtown Duluth.- - Firefighter rescued from synagogue balcony after hit by falling debris

2019-9-9 9am JTA - -
2019-9-9 - Fire destroys Minnesota synagogue - An early Monday morning fire destroyed a synagogue in northern Minnesota. - Jewish Telegraphic Agency

2019-9-9 10am Adas Israel fire - -
2019-9-9 Fire destroys synagogue in downtown Duluth - A fire official said the building is "pretty much a total loss." Fate of the Torah scrolls are unknown. - Star Tribune

2019-9-9 11am Adas Israel fire JCRC statement - -
2019-9-9 Minneapolis - Steve Huneg, executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas (JCRC), issued a statement regarding the fire at Duluth's historic Adas Israel Congregation:

2019-9-9 1pm Adas Israel fire - -
2019-9-9 Duluth synagogue fire under investigation - Duluth News Tribune

2019-9-9 4pm Adas Israel fire - Rob Shamblott - KBJR - -
2019-9-9 4pm - Fire Destroys 120-Year-Old Synagogue, Torah Scrolls Saved - A synagogue in northern Minnesota went up in flames on Monday. - comments by Rob Shamblott - KBJR

2019-9-9 7pm Adas Israel fire - -
2019-9-9 Update - Fire destroys synagogue in downtown Duluth - A fire official said the building is "pretty much a total loss." - Attention focused on saving Torah scrolls. - Star Tribune

2019-9-9 9pm Adas Israel fire - -
2019-9-9 Congregation grieves after fire destroys synagogue in downtown Duluth - - Members grieve loss of 117-year-old structure as cause investigated - comments from Chuck Cohen, Nina Cohen, David Sher, Jack Haskovitz . - Star Tribune

2019-9-9 Adas Israel fire - No Accelerant - NYTimes - -
2019-9-9 No Accelerant Signs at the Synagogue Fire in Minnesota City - The New York Times


2019-9-10 2am- Adas Israel fire - Congregants mourn - MPR - -
2019-9-10 2am - Congrants mourn loss of synagogue and so much history in fire. Comments from Mike Baddin and Jack Seiler. 'It's just heartbreaking to see so much history go away," Seiler said. - MPR News

2019-9-10 Adas Israel fire - 8 scrolls recovered - WDIO - -
2019-9-10 Eight Torah Scorlls Recovered from Burned Synagogue - Mike Baddin quotes - WDIO

2019-9-10 12pm Adas Israel fire - -
2019-9-10 Burning synagogue 'a most terrifying image' - featuring Sarah Rose, Author with roots in Duluth - Duluth News Tribune

2019-9-10 7pm Adas Israel fire - -
2019-9-10 7pm - ATF Leading Investigation of Adas Israel Synagogue Fire in Duluth - WCCO

2019-9-10 8pm Adas Israel fire - -
2019-9-10 8pm - New Evidence Collected, Still No Cause in Duluth Synagogue Fire - WDIO

2019-9-10 8pm Adas Israel fire - community uniting - WDIO - -
2019-9-10 8pm Jewish Community Uniting in Wake of Duluth Synagogue Fire - WDIO

2019-9-10 Adas Israel fire - New Evidence - NYTimes - -
2019-9-10 Police: 'New Evidence' Recovered in Minnesota Synagogue Fire - The New York Times


2019-9-11 Adas Israel fire JNNC - -
2019-9-11 OPINION > FIRST PERSON - My family synagogue burned down in Minnesota this week. We lost much more than a building. BY JTA, Sarah Rose - The Jewish News of Northern California

2019-9-11 4pm Adas Isael Fire - -
2019-9-11 4pm - Anti-hate group keeps eye on investigation in Duluth - David Goldenberg, Midwest regional director for the Anti-Defamation League in Chicago, - Duluth News Tribune

2019-9-11 6pm Adas Israel fire - Bryan Altman - -
2019-9-11 7pm - The day my grandfather's synagogue burned by Brian Altman - My heart goes out to the congregants of Adas Israel. May the memory of 3rd Street Schul” be a blessing. - Star Tribune

2019-9-11 9pm Adas Fire - Update from Phil Sher - -
2019-9-11 9pm Adas Fire - Official update from the Adas Israel Board - written by Phil Sher


2019-9-12 Adas Israel fire - Matt Erickson - Bruzonsky - -
2019-9-12 Building Lost, But Family Memories Remain Amid Adas Israel Fire - by Mat Erickson, Bruzonsky family history - tc Jewfolk


2019-9-13 Adas Israel fire - suspect arrested - NYTimes - -
2019-9-13 Suspect Arrested in Fire at Historic Minnesota Synagogue - The New York Times

2019-9-13 Adas Israel fire - Suspect arrested - StarTrib - -
2019-9-13 Suspect arrested in fire at historic Duluth synagogue - Details will be released Sunday morning. - Star Tribune

2019-9-13 4pm Adas Israel fire - suspected arrested - DNT - -
2019-9-13 4pm Suspect arrested in Duluth synagogue fire - City officials will meet the media Sunday - Duluth News Tribune

2019-9-13 5pm & 6pm Adas Israel fire - Arrest - WDIO - -
2019-9-13 5pm & 6pm Police: Arrest Made in Duluth Synagogue Fire - WDIO

2019-9-13 11pm Adas Israel fire - Suspect arrest- StarTrib - -
2019-9-13 11pm Suspect arrested in Duluth synagogue fire - Duluth man booked on suspicion of felony arson - quotes from Diane Hamou and Fred Davis - Star Tribune

2019-9-13 11pm Adas Isreal fire - man charged - CNN - -
2019-9-13 11pm Minnesota police charge man with arson in connection with fire that destroyed a 119-year-old synagogue - CNN


2019-9-14 10am Adas Israel fire - Views by Sanford S Baddin - DNT - -
2019-9-14 10am - Local View Column: Tragedy of Adas Israel fire hard to even talk about - by Sandford S Baddin - Duluth News Tribune

2019-9-14 Adas Israel fire - Suspect Arrested - Time - -
2019-9-14 - Suspect Arrested After Fire Destroys Historic Minnesota Synagogue - Time

2019-9-14 9pm Adas Israel - Another Update from Phil Sher - -
2019-9-14 9pm - Adas Israel Fire - Second Update from Phil Sher - summary of building contents saved, etc


2019-9-15 11am Adas Israel fire - Suspect named - DNT - -
2019-9-15 11am - Update: Suspect named in Duluth synagogue fire - Matthew James Amiot was arrested in connection with the fire that destroyed Duluth’s Adas Israel synagogue Sept. 9 - quotes from Phil Sher, Sarah Rose and the late Bob Goldish - Duluth News Tribune

2019-9-15 12pm Adas Israel fire - Man Held - ABC News - -
2019-9-15 12pm - Man Held in connection to fire that destroyed 119-year-old Minnesota synagogue - Duluth Police arrested Matthew Amiot. - ABC News

2019-9-15 12pm Adas Isreal fire - Press Comnference - WDIO - -
2019-9-15 12pm - Duluth Police Holding Press Conference on Synagogue Fire - WDIO

2019-9-15 1pm Adas Israel fire -man charged - WashPost - -
2019-9-15 1pm - A 117-year-old synagogue burned to the ground. Police say they’ve charged a man with arson. - comments by Rabbi Phillip Sher - The Washington Post

2019-9-15 1pm Adas Isreal fire - Man Arrested - WDIO - -
2019-9-15 1pm - 36-Year-Old Man Arrested Friday Suspect in Duluth Synagogue Fire - Matthew James Amiot was located, interviewed, and arrested Friday afternoon in downtown Duluth - Police Chief Tusken says police have no reason to believe this was a hate crime. - WDIO

2019-9-15 3pm Adas Israel fire - Not motivated by hate - CNN - -
2019-9-15 3pm - Police don't believe a Minnesota synagogue fire was motivated by hate - Rabbi Phillip Sher praised the efforts of firefighters and police, calling their actions 'heroic.' Firefighters went back into the building, which was still on fire, Sher said, to save religious artifacts important to the congregation. - CNN

2019-9-15 3pm Adas Israel Fire -Man Arrested - NYTimes - -
2019-9-15 3pm The Duluth police said they had found no evidence that hate or bias motivated the fire that destroyed the Adas Israel synagogue last week.- quotes from Phillip Sher, Sarah Rose and Steve Hunegs - The New York Times


2019-9-16 10am Adas Israel Fire - homeliess man - -
2019-9-16 10am - Charges: Homeless man tried to put synagogue fire out after starting it The fire caused more than $350,000-worth of damage.

2019-16 11am Adas Israel fire - Man charged - DNT - -
2019-16 11am - UPDATE: Man charged in Duluth synagogue fire - A criminal complaint says Matthew James Amiot admitted to starting the fire and tried to extinguish it by spitting on it, but "when it would not go out, he walked away." - Duluth News Tribune

2019-9-16 Adas Israel fire - Police charge- JP Morning Read - -
2019-9-16 - Police charge suspect with arson in fire at historic Minnesota synagogue - JP Morning Read

2019-9-16 1pm Adas Israel fire - neglected flames - -KARE11 - -
2019-9-16 1pm *Charges: Neglected flames led to Duluth synagogue fire - The suspect's family says the homeless man was trying to stay warm on a cold night, and the flames accidentally spread. -KARE11

2019-9-16 1pm Matthew Amiot charged - WCCO - -
2019-9-16 1pm - Matthew Amiot Charged In Duluth Synagogue Fire - The man accused of starting a fire in a Duluth synagogue last week was formally charged Monday, according to a criminal complaint. - WCCO

2019-9-16 4pm Adas Israel fire - Bail set -StarTrib - -
2019-9-16 4pm - Bail set at $20,000 forhomeless man charged in Duluth synagogue fire He tried to spit the fire out, complaint says, but when it wouldn't go out he walked away. - Star Tribune

2019-9-16 4pm Adas Israel fire - Suspect CNN - -
2019-9-16 4pm - Suspect in Minnesota synagogue fire tired to put it out, police say. CNN


2019-9-17 Adas Israel fire - Legislative Update - -
2019-9-17 - Jen Schultz, State Representative - community feeling the shock and heartbreak - Legislative Update

2019-9-17 Adas Israel fire - Our View - DNT - -
2019-9-17 - Our View: Synagogue fire remains a major blow - Duluth News Tribune Editorial Board

2019-9-19 Adas Isreael Fire - Joli Shamblott DNT - -
2019-9-19 - Local View Column: How should I feel about synagogue fire? Written By: Joli R. Shamblott Duluth News Tribune

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