Lunch or Dinner with the Dogs at Zinburger

Zinburger on Grant is a gormet hamburger place (a wine and bergur bar). It has a great outdoor patio that is enclosed and warm in the winter, heated by a fireplace, overhead heaters and portable heaters. It is a great for lunch or dinner with the dogs. The restaurant is located at 6390 E Grant Road, near Grant and Wilmot. The atmosphere is casual and the staff are friendly. Cappy goes there with us on occasion. We go there sometimes for breakfast when the open at 11 am when it is too cold to be elsewhere outside.

Lunch at 11 am at Zinburger on Memorial Day 2019 - hi res
Left to right:
Samson, Mac, Sue, Lucy, Vickie, Marge, Tommyee, Ori (hidden at the far end of the table), Dave. Eldonna, Joe, Michelle, Lana (hidden), Robin, Nanci and Cappy


Zinberger on Grant Road

Zinberger patio - zoom

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