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Zenith Interstate News was a magazine and book distributing enterprise located in Duluth. The business was created by Joseph Jackson Wolfe (1897-1933). Joseph was the eldest son of Anna Mary Gordon and Samuel Wolfe. Joseph invited his youngest brother, Thomas Wolfe (1909-1992) to help with the business. Tom ended up running the business after Joseph died in 1933.

More information about Tom and the business is explained by his son Bob Wolfe as follows:
"Dad, the youngest of six children, grew up on the family farm in La Broquerie Canada, 70 kilometers Southeast of Winnipeg. After finishing the 8th grade he had to leave school and work with his father full time on the farm. His brother Joe came to the farm to ask Grandpa if Dad could come down to Duluth to help him in his new business. At the age of 17, with $200 knotted in a handkerchief and safety-pinned to his underwear, he came to the United States to help his older brother with his new business in Duluth. At the young age of 23, he took over the reins of the business after the sudden and tragic death of his brother, killed by a run-away truck. Through years of hard work, along with many trials and tribulations, he developed that business. He purchased the business from his sister-in-law Edith [Edith Kremen Wolfe Cahn (1900-1987)] who remarried and moved to California. He was not only respected in the community as a businessman but also for his participation, dedication, and years of volunteer work in many community and philanthropic organizations. All of these fine, honorable and impressive accomplishments were achieved with merely an eighth grade education. I hold my Dad in the highest respect and admiration, a hard working, loving and caring gentleman. His mantra was: Work Hard, Be Honest, Be Kind."

Thomas "Tom" Wolfe (1909-1992) was "in promotion for" the business from 1933 to 1953, according to his obituary shown below. He was president and owner from 1953 to 1969. Tom was married in 1937 to Goldie Kenner Wolfe (1912-1972), and she was secretary-treasurer of the firm and worked with her husband in the operation. Goldie's obituary is also provided below.

advertisement published in the Jewish Fellowship News - September 1960

Thomas "Tom" Wolfe (1909-1992) - obituary - Duluth News Tribune - March 13, 1992

Goldie Kenner Wolfe (1912-1972) - obit in part - - full obituary

More info about Goldie Kenner Wolfe (1912-1972) and Thomas "Tom" Wolfe (1909-1992) is provided on their webpage.

Tom was a son of Anna Mary Gordon and Samuel Wolfe. A two-generation descendents list for Anna and Samuel is shown below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

Goldie was a daughter of Ida Chia Karon and Benjamin S. Kenner. A two-generation descendents list for Ida and Benjamin is shown below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

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