B'NAI ABRAHAM Synagogue - Virginia, Minnesota

Information about and pictures of the Virginia Synagogue were obtained from a variety of sources, some indicated below.

B'Nai Abraham Synagogue - 1920s - - source: Friends of B'Nai Abraham


Source: Jewish Fellowship News - A Collection of Memories Celebrating Jewish Life in the Northland - Jubilee Edition - 1996 - click here

B'nai Abraham Museum and Cultural Center - October 2012 - zoom - - source: GoogleMaps

B'nai Abraham under construction in 1908

Much of the information on this page was captured from the following sources:

A Collection of Memories Celebrating Jewish Live in the Northland - 1996 - - click here   (pdf)
Jewish Fellowship News - Jubilee Edition - - Welcome to the story of your community! by Phil Myzel and Harry Bergal
Stories and photos from the pages of the Jewish Fellowshp News, 1936-1995

Old Newspaper Articles related to The Jews of Virginia - - click here    (page on this site)
Extracted from a collection newspaper articles from as early as 1860 related to our ancestors and their communities
The articles are mostly from the Duluth newspapers.

Virginia newspaper articles specifically mentioning the synagogue are listed below.

1908-1-7 Virginia, synagogue

1908-10-7 Virginia, synagogue for Hebrews

1909-10-10 Virginia, synagogue, $12,000

1918-1-27 Virginia, Lippman obit., Harry Ellis - -
1918 To Hold Funeral of Sam Lippman At Virginia Today. B'nai Abraham synagogue, Rabbi Pfeiffer, Max Lewis, Julius Shanedling, Sam Milavetz, Adolph Keller, Dr. C. E. Goodman, Maurice Shanedling, A. Sachs, Harry Ellis, Maurice Peck, Irwin Weil, M. B. Booth, Harry Shanedling, Claire and Frances Lippman, Joseph Lippman.

1922-3-10 Rabbis and laymen for smaller communities - -
1922 Rabbi Offers Nearby Towns Religious Aid. Rabbi Alvin S. Luchs, I. Freimuth, Union of American Hebrew Congregations. Help establish synagogues in Chisholm, Eveleth, Hibbing, Hurley, Mankato, Virginia, and Winona.

More information and pictures on B'Nai Abraham can be found online as follows:

Friends of B'Nai Abraham - - click here    (website)
The B'nai Abraham Synagogue in Virginia Minnesota is a story of loss and reuse. Built in 1909-10, it was the last remaining active synagogue on the Iron Range until its congregation dwindled to a handful of members who could no longer maintain the handsome brick structure. It closed its doors in the mid-1990s. It was acquired in 2004 by a not-for-profit organization, The Friends of B'nai Abraham, who raised funds, and continue to do so, for the building's restoration and reuse in order to serve as a cultural center for all the citizens of Virginia, Minnesota and surrounding areas, and to preserve the history of its Jewish community, of which it was so much a part.

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