TIFERETH ISRAEL Synagogue - Fourth Street Shul

Information about and pictures of Tifereth Israel Synagogue were obtained from a variety of sources, some indicated below.

Tifereth Israel Synagogue on Fourth Street - - better image

Source: Jewish Fellowship News - A Collection of Memories Celebrating Jewish Life in the Northland - Jubilee Edition - 1996 - click here

Tifereth Israel location on Fourth Street in 2012 - Source: GoogleMaps
Tifereth Israel used to be locate a block up the hill from Adas Israel.
Tifereth Israel is gone, but Adas Israel is still there and a portion of it can be seen down one block across the next street toward the lake.

Much of the information on this page was captured from the following sources:

A Collection of Memories Celebrating Jewish Live in the Northland - 1996 - - click here   (pdf)
Jewish Fellowship News - Jubilee Edition - - Welcome to the story of your community! by Phil Myzel and Harry Bergal
Stories and photos from the pages of the Jewish Fellowshp News, 1936-1995

Tifereth Israel (1922) - Zenith City Online - History - - click here   (website)
Celebrating Historic Duluth, Wester Lake Superior and Minnesota's Arrowhead

News articles from the Newspaper Articles Index that mention Superior Hebrew Synagogue are listed below with images of the article below this box.

1899-12-19 Tifereth - - Jewish Synagogue Dedicated. Tifereth Israel cong., Levine, Caplow, Orecovsky, Goldstein, Lieberman.

1922-11-26 Tifereth 29 years, new synagogue

1933-6-19 Rabbi Judah Kopstein - -
1933-6-19 Rabbi Judah Kopstein JTA, The Global Jewish News Source. Brothers, Rabbi Kopstein, to Meet in Palestine, After 27-year Separation. Tifereth Israel Orthodox synagogue in Duluth. Brother Rabbi Mordecai Kopstein.

Tifereth Israel beginnings, Sons of Tifereth
Sons of Tifereth Israel program "The Mirror of Life" Sunday March 8, 1939

Tifereth Israel 1922 - Zenith City Online
Russian Jewish immigrants organized the Orthodox Kofereth Israel Congregation in1893, changing the name to Tifereth Israel (“Splendor of Israel”) in 1922.

published on December 19, 1899

published on November 26, 1922

published on June 19, 1933

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