Matt Siegel & Bro - Fargo

Matt Siegel & Bro was a money-to-loan company in Fargo according to the 1911 ad shown below. Matt Siegel was a brother to those Siegel brothers who operated Keystone Loan in Duluth.

Fargo Forum and Daily Republican - July 8, 1911

Mathew Siegel (1876-1937) was a son of Esther and Shabtai Sabse Chaim Siegel. Family tree data for this Siegel family is shown in the two-generations descendents lists for Shabtai shown below. Several of Matt's brothers (Jacob Siegel, Aaron Siegel and Elias Siegel) operated Keystone Loan in Duluth. The other brother in the Matt Siegel & Bro company was likely Abraham Siegel (1875-1945).

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

Mathew Siegel (1876-1937) was married to Tillie Matilda Hartsten Siegel (1882-1950), and they had three children as shown in their two-generation descendents list below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

source: Fargo, North Dakota: Its History and Images, NDSU Archives

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