SHAARA TZEDEK Synagogue - Ninth Street Shul

Information about and pictures of Shaara Tzedek Synagogue (the Ninth Street Shul) were obtained from a variety of sources, some indicated below.

Shaara Tzadek Synagogue , Duluth - undated - - click here - - courtesy of Joanne Sher

Source: Jewish Fellowship News - A Collection of Memories Celebrating Jewish Life in the Northland - Jubilee Edition - 1996 - click here

Much of the information on this page was captured from the following sources:

A Collection of Memories Celebrating Jewish Live in the Northland - 1996 - - click here   (pdf)
Jewish Fellowship News - Jubilee Edition - - Welcome to the story of your community! by Phil Myzel and Harry Bergal
Stories and photos from the pages of the Jewish Fellowshp News, 1936-1995

Old Newspaper Articles - Index - - click here    (page on this site)
A collection of over 6000 newspaper articles from as early as 1860 related to our ancestors and their communities
in Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan
The articles are mostly from the Duluth newspapers.

News articles from the Newspaper Articles Index that mention Shaara Tzedek Synagogue and/or Kofereth Israel Congregation are listed below.

1899-11-12 Kofereth Israel congregation - -
1899 1899-11-12 Kofereth Israel congregation purchased lot for synagogue

1899-11-12 Kofereth Israel , new Hebrew Synagogue - -
1899 New Hebrew Synagogue. Kofereth Congregation Buys Building for Place of Worship. Jacob Levine, Joseph Oreckovsky, Henry Caplov, Joseph Oreckovsky, William Goldstein, Isedra (Isadore?) Liberman, 5th column

1911-12-13 Iankel L. Levine, President of Kofereth Israel, obit. - -
1911 I. L. Levine, An Old Settler, Dies, Was president of Kofereth Israel Synagogue, and Well Known Business Man. Iankel L. Levine obit., one of the first Hebrew settlers of Duluth, livestock business, Florence, Sadie, Viola Levine, Maurice, Loy, Mike, and Pineo Levine.

1920-1-10 Kofereth Israel-Horwitz,Shaarai Tzedek - -
1920 Kofereth Israel Congregation To Build Synagogue. Shaarai Tzedek Also Announces Tentative Plan for Erection of New Building. Fourth street and Third avenue East, present location 323 East Fifth street, 20 years, M. Mattenson, K. Levine, A. Horwitz, Maurice Cohen, Sol Kernes, Sam Stein, J. Averbook, Z. Kiel, Joseph Shelf.

1922-8-31 Shaari Tzedek Synagogue new building - -
1922-8-31 Shaari Tzedek Synagogue new building. New Jewish Synagogoue To Be Dedicated. Fourth Avenue East and Ninth Street.

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