Sam's Auto Sales- Duluth

Sam's Auto Sales was located in Duluth at 131 West Second Street. It was operated by Sam Krovitz.

Advertisement from the September 1957 Jewish Fellowship News

Samuel Krovitz (1884-1957) - obituary does not indicate where he worked.

There are two men with the name Samuel Krovitz in our database, father and son. There is not enough information to know which of them, or both, owned Sam's Auto Sales.

Samuel Krovitz (1884-1957), the father, was married to Lena Raca Chesark Krovitz (1998-1973). They had eight children; the youngest six were born in St. Louis County. A webpage for Lena and Sam can be found here. A two-generation descendents list for them is shown below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

Samuel Krovitz, Jr (1918-1989), the son, was married in 1947 to Frances Showfer Krovitz (1923-2000), and they had three children.

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