Garrett's Friends

Sake is one of Garrett's friends. He is a parti standard poodle and was born in August 2010. He lives with his friend Soba and our friend Sandra here in Tucson. See information about Sake's lineage further down the page.

The first picture below came from Sandra. The others (some with Garrett) were taken at the McDonald dog park on Memorial Day (2011) evening. The pictures are a bit blurry because of the low evening light levels.

Sake runs like the wind and keeps on going.

Additional pictures of Sake from Sandra are shown below.

Sake came from a breeder in Houston. Sake's father and his brother Larry live at Sterling Kennels in Lake Havasu, Arizona. Larry is shown below and their father below that.

Sake's brother Larry

Sake and Larry's sire

Sake had a birthday party in August 2011, but Garrett could not attend:

Boy did you miss a great time , lots of pretty girls , fun games , but the cake was the best my Mom made it with rice and beef ..... THE BEST .. we ate it all. Let 's get together at the park when you get back . Best to your Mom & Dad
Sake :-)

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