S. Kaner and Sons Meat Market - Superior

S. Kaner and Sons Meat Market was owned and operated by Sholom Solomon Kaner (1840-1910) and his sons. It was a thriving meat market in Superior.

The store is pictured below The man on the right is Solomon's son Samuel Kaner. The man is the center may be Sabsie Kaner and the girl may be his daughter Hannah Mary Kaner Garon.

According to Irv Miller: "My grandfather [Samuel H Kaner] was definitely part of the operation, at least for a while. I remember my mother telling me that, when she was a very little girl, her grandfather, Solomon, would come by their house very early in the morning and call for her father, Sam, to get up and get going. Solomon died in 1910 when my mother was 7. They, like most butcher shops in those days, bought live, butchered, and sold the meat. I would think that all of the meat they sold was kosher."

Superior city directories from 1903 and 1908 list the store and Kaner family members as shown below.

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