Breakfast with the Dogs at the Rincon Mountain Grill
(at the Forty Niners Country Club)

Rincon Mountain Grill at the Forty Niners Country Club. They have a very dog-friendly patio, a nice menu and friendly wait staff. They are located east on Tanque Verde Road at 12000 East. We are currently eating breakfast there regularly every Monday and Wednesday mornings.

Breakfast with the Dogs on July 22, 2014: The dogs included (clockwise around the table from the left, but some hidden)
Jasper, Sheba, Coco, Cappy, Garrett, Daisy (lower right under the chair) and Sophie. Click on the images for hi res.

In the five pictures above: Jasper, Sophie, Daisy, Sheba and Coco, Cappy (shown) and Garrett

August 2014 - Allan, Cappy, Nadia, Garrett, Nanci (and Coco not shown) - click on the image for hi res - picture taken by Aaron

April 2017 - Nanci, Marg, Judy, Cappy, Garrett - click on the image for hi res

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