Northwestern Iron & Metal Company - Duluth

Northwestern Iron & Metal Company was located in Duluth at 376 South First Avenue East. The business was started in 1890 by Shapsie Samuel Karon (1865-1965). Several of Shapsie's sons were later involved in the business. Shapsie also started Northwestern Wiping Cloth Company in Duluth.

Samuel's daughtrer Edith Karon Karsner (1896-1988) is shown above in the company scrap yard in 1912 - - hi res

The three ads above were all on the same page of a 1918 newspaper.
The first is for Northwestern Iron & Metal Company in Duluth.
The next two are for competitor Jewish businesses, West End Scrap Iron & Metal Company and L Karon Iron & Metal Company.


1920 ....................................... February 16, 1920

Shapsie Samuel Karon (1865-1965) started Northwestern Scrap in 1890. Several of his sons were partners in the business in later years. Shapsie and his wife Shara Shapiro Karon and their children are shown in their two-generation descendents list below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

Shapsie's obituary mentioning the business is shown below. The obituaries for his sons that mention being a part of the business are also shown below.

obituary for Shapsie Samuel Karon

obituary for Abraham Karon

obituary for Harry Karon

obituary for Myer Karon

obituary for Sidney Karon

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