National Liquor Store - Duluth

National Liquor Store was located in Duluth at 303 West Superior Street. It was owned by Lyle Polinsky (1903-1971). The store is shown in the image below of Superior Street in 1963.

National Liquor Store on Superior Street in Duluth - - wider view

Lyle Polinsky (1903-1971) was a son of Sarah Shapiro Polinsky (1882-1943) and Albert Henry Polinsky (1879-1951). A pedigree chart for Lyle is shown below. Lyle was married to Madrem Irene Larson Polinsky (1911-1997); they did not have children.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

In 2019 Leone's Tailor Shop occupied the location where National Liquor used to be. (Second store from the corner on the right.)

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