Markowitz Clothing Store - Cloquet & International Falls

Markowitz Clothing Store was located in Cloquet and a new branch was opened in International Falls according to the 1915 news article below. The stores were managed by Julius Markowitz and Max Markowitz.

September 13, 1915

We believe that Julius and Max mentioned in the article above were brothers Max Robert Markowitz (1885-1960) and Julius Markowitz Markoe (1890-1960). They were sons of Sara Summerfield and Mayer Markowitz (1862-1948). Family tree data from Mayer and his sons are shown in the two-generation descendents list below. Obituaries for Max and Julius are also provided below.

Perhaps the Markowitz stores were started and owned by Mayer, and his sons' involvements were not long term.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

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