Markell Furniture Company - Hibbing

Markell Furniture Company was located in Hibbing at 203 Center Street. An ad published in 1921 for the company is shown below.


There is not enough information to determine which Markell family owned the store, but it is likely that it was owned by Herman Markell or his son Morton Israel Markell.

Herman Markell (1868-1920) was married to Toby L Karon (1873-1943). Herman died in St Louis County and Toby in Hibbing. Three of their five children were born in Minnesota or Hibbing.

Morton Israel Markell (1896-1960), son of Herman Markell. Morton was married to Ruth Raihill (1896-1961). The both died in St Louis County and their three kids were born in St Louis County or Hibbing.

Two-generation descendents lists for Herman Markell and for Morton Markell are shown below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

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