Louie Garon
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Louie is a cocker and poodle mix who lives with our siblings Elaine and Lyle Garon in St. Petersburg, Florida. Louie and Garrett are "cousins," related by way of the extended family tree of their two-legged companions. Louie came to live with them on June 2, 2005.


Louie with his brother Max

Louie climbed from the deck up on to the roof on November 11, 2005

Louie as a puppy in September 2005

Louie as a puppy in June 2005

Louie as a puppy in June 2005

Louie with Lyle in August 2008

Louie with Elaine on the North Shore of Lake Superior in August 2008

Louie and Max in Florida in August 2011

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