Louis Karon Fish Company - Superior

Louis Karon Fish Company was located in Superior at 609 John Avenue.

Louis Karon Fish - January 10, 1909

There are four men with the name Louis Karon in Jack's Family Tree Database. It is not clear which Louis Karon ran the fish company.

Louis Esia Labe Karon (1862-1927) and his son Benjamin Sidney Karon (1891-1967) were associated with L. Karon Iron & Metal Company in Duluth.

Louis Louie Karon (1886-1952) and his brother Harry Harold Karon (1885-1956) were assocated with Superior Iron & Metal Company in Superior. That company was founded in 1888 by their father Solem Solomon/Shmoul (1859-1937).

The four men named Louis Karon are listed below. More info on the two Louis Karons mentioned above can be found on their business pages.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

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