Greene Grocery - Duluth

Greene Grocery was located in Duluth at 464 Mesaba Avenue.

The store was owned by Jacob Greene (1882-1962). Jacob and his family lived at the same address. Jacob was the father of Phillip Jay Greene (1918-1997) whose WWII draft registration (below) indicated that his employer was "Greene Grocery - Jacob Greene." One of Philip's sons is Mandy Greene. According to Mandy, "I never saw the store that I can recall. I'm not sure when it closed, and I don't remember any of my grandparents. The only thing I remember is that my dad told me they used to deliver milk on a horse drawn buggy from the store."

WWII Draft Registration - October 1940 - page 1 - - page 2

Family tree data for the Greene family are shown below in the two-generation descendents list for Jacob and his wife Minnie Greenfield Green.

Two Generation Descenents List - - source: Jack's Family Tree Database

The address of 464 Mesaba Avenue is now apparently a parking lot for the Center for American Indian Resources - - source: Googlemaps

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