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1981-1 Rabbi Ely Braun leaves Duluth JFN - -

1981-3 Ruth Abramson JFN profile - - ­1981-3 Ruth Abramson at a favorite pastime. Photo. Nearly everone’s kin and devoted volunteer. Volunteer, Purim Ball, past president of the Ida Cook Hebrew School, president of the local Mirachi, member of Adas Israel, father Samuel “Jack” Jacob Sher, board member. “From Here and There” column, correspondent, bookkeeper, reunions, Shers, Karon, Kaner, Kenner, Milavetz, cousins. Reared in Duluth, attended local schools and university, worked for P. Sher & Co., family business. Albert Abramson, husband, Coolerator plant, shipyards, Al’s Dairy Delight, West End, Air Base. Orthodox tradition, kept kosher home, Jewish traditions and values. Son Jack, daughter Ghitiann Worcester. Three brothers: Abott Sher of Swanee Mission, Kansas, Peyton and Sylvester Sher of Overland Kansas, Ralph, attorney.

1981-7 Ben and Jeanne Overman JFN - - 1981-7 Overmans establish new awards program for club. Jewish Fellowship Club established by Ben and Jeanne Overman. Camp ships, youth awards. Promote ideals of Judaism and good citizenship.

1981-7 Janet Davis JFN profile - - 1981-7 Woman of accomplishments. Janet (Y.B.) Davis in her office at West End Iron and Metal. Photo. - - Husband Yale B. Davis. Miller Dwan Hospital. Heads the board major hospital and medical center. Volunteered, helped run the switchboard. Radiation Therapy Center. Closer teamwork among medical facilities, Patient Emergency Fund. Vice President and secretary of West End Iron and Metal Corp. Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce. Woodland Hills home for troubled youths. Duluth Day luncheons, Jall of Fame banquets. Named Duluth’s Woman of the Year for 1972. Duluth Parks Board, Model City program. Community Schools Advisory Board, PTA president, Volunteer in Probation. Secretary of the Jewish Federation. Brother George Berman. Jewish Center. Tifereth Israel Synagogue. Temple Israel. Joe Davis, father-in-law, started business in 1907. Yale B. Buddy Davis now runs the business. Met husband in high school. Robert Davis is their son, an architect in Houston, daughter Jody Davis (Richard) Huber. Sister Ruth Horwitz and Harriet Bober.

1981-9 Jack Garber JFN profile - - text

1981-12 Albert Baddin JFN profile - - text

1982-1 Newton Friedman JFN profile - - text

1982-2 Harry Val Cohen JFN profile - - text

1982-3 Gladys Kenner JFN profile - - text

1982-6 Connie Grossman JFN profile - - text

1982-6 Sidney Kaner JFN profile - - text

1982-9 Carl Kozlow JFN profile - - text

1982-10 Shirley Berdie recipe JFN - - text

1982-11 Louis Kall JFN recipe - - text

1983-2 Helen Widdes JFN recipe - - text

1983-3 Frances Friedman JFN recipe - - text

1983-3 Julius Horwitz JFN profile - - text

1983-4 Helen Goldsmith JFN recipe - - text

1985-2 Roberta Sigel JFN recipe - - text

from Steve Heifetz

1914-9 25th years Hurley synogogue - - text

1945-12 Bennitt, Raymond & Helen Markell wed - - text

2015-5-15 Steve Heifetz speaks on Jewish history - - text

2015-5-18 Steve Heifetz shares Jewish heritage - - text

Goldish and misc

1903-9-21 Rosa Zien divorce Julius Zien - - text

1904-3-24 A M Goldish - - text

1905-12-3 A M Goldish - - text

1906-3-25 A M Goldish - - text

1913-10 A M Goldish bio - History Jews of La Crosse - - text

1924-11-7 Salamowitz-Gallin engagement - - text

1925-7-17 Salamowitz-Gallin wedding - - text

1930-9-7 Benjamin Goldish & Minnie Finesilver wed - - text

1937-2-22 Goldish, Minnie Finesilver obit 1907-1937 - - text

1939-10-15 Arrovola Oxman - - text

1948-2-15 A M Goldish - - text

1948-9-24 A M Goldish - - text

1948-11-18 Goldish, Avraham Manis obit 1872 - - text

1954-1-29 Viva Gallin to Wed Robert Brenner (more) - - text

1954-9-10 Goldish, Sadie D obit - - text

1968-2-3 Romberg, Henry & Ronnie Goldish wed - - text

1986-7-17 Jacob Goldish obit Cleveland - - text

2017-6-16 Bob Dylan Chicago Trib - - text

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1881-12-05 B Heller and Company - - 1881-12-5 The City. Tis not wealth of power or state, But “get up and git” that makes men great. We “git up and git” in the clothing line, And have plenty of goods, both gay and fine, We “git up” and make competition git, We warrant our clothes to wear and fit. Outfitters to all of the male mankind, Cheapest and best you ever will find. We would not say this if it was not so, And we remain, yours truly, B. Heller & Co.

1881-12-23 B Heller and Company - - 1881-12-23 Mothers, daughters and sweethearts, if you are not aware of it we would like to inform you that we have a large and select line of gent’s furnishing goods, and select embroidered slippers on hand which would be very appropriate for Christmas gifts. If you ? giving anything of this description please call on us and examine our stock. B. Heller & Co.

1890-06-16 Heller & Loeb - - 1890-6-16 Wet Goods Dealers. Seventy-two of Them Make Applications for Licenses to Continue Business. A Number of Old Dispensers and Several Strangers Are Looking for Locations. A Few of the Changes That Will Be Made-Some Firms Will Retire. Heller & Loeb applied for license.

1890-6-18 Aaron Heller Stella Hoffhelmer - - 1890-6-18 Mr. Aaron Heller, one of the leading merchants of Chippewa Falls, Wis., and Miss Stella Hoffheimer of Duluth will be married next Wednesday evening in this city. Rabbi Hess of St. Paul will perform the ceremony. Prominent Hebrews of Chippewa Falls, Eau Claire and other cities will witness the ceremony. NOTES regarding these people: Benjamin's older brother Aaron Heller marries Stella Hoffheimer from Norfolk, Virginia in 1890. At some point Stella moves to Duluth, MN and stays with her sister Ida Hoffheimer Heller. Probably an arranged meeting for the marriage. An example of two sisters marrying two brothers. Aaron and Benjamin Heller's parents D. H. and Bertha Heller were living 1880 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Parents along with children Bernard, Dov, Simon, Julia, and Phillip Heller moved there between 1870 and 1880. D. H. Heller was born in Bavaria in the year 1825. Father to Aaron and Benjamin Heller.This family is one of the earliest settlers that I know of in Wisconsin AND Duluth, Minnesota.

1890-9-21 Heller eng - - 1890-9-21 Mrs. Benjamin Heller entertained friends Tuesday night at her home on West Second street in honor of her sister Miss Hofheimer of Norfolk, VA. Mrs. Aaron Heller of Chippewa, Falls, Wis.

1891-09-02 Henry Abraham & Carrie Hofheimer wed - - 1891-9-2 Hofheimer Abraham. Henry Abraham and Miss Carrie Hofheimer marry. Mr. and Mrs. R. Heller, 121 West Second street. Dr. Marks, of Minneapolis performed the ceremony. Will reside at West Superior. Mr. Abraham proprietor of Oak Hall clothing house at West Superior.

1892-02-28 Max Bloom and Jennie Shapira wed - - 1892-2-28 Max Bloom and Jennie Shapira procured a license to wed yesterday and then called upon Judge Morris to tie the nuptial knot. This was the last but one of Judge Morris' official acts.

1892-03-16 Heller & Loeb - - 1892-3-16 Duluth Daily News: The Duluth K Of G. the first Annual Banquet of the Traveling Salesmen of the Duluth Wholesale Houses. A Very Enjoyable Affair. Eloquent Addresses Delivered by Judge Isaac E. West, Mayor d’Autremont, P. S. Anneke and Others. Event held at the Spaulding hotel. Knights of the Grip. Representative wholesale houses of Duluth. Heller & Loeb.

1893-04-19 Max Bloom Moses Shapira disolve Partnership - - 1893-4-19 Max Bloom and Moses Shapira dissolution of Partnership. Dealers in new and second hand furniture, 108 West First street and 17 First avenue west.

1893-07-26 Max Bloom - - 1893-7-26 Ordinane Is Valid. Max Bloom, second hand store, guild.

1893-08-11 Max Bloom - - 1893-8-11 Max Will Appeal. Max Bloom.

1897-03-13 Isaac Abrahamson - - 1897-3-13 Mr. Baldwin Reappointed to assist prosection of charges against Isaac Abrahamson, William Abrahamson, Moses Cook, Hyman Cohen, and Louis Pavlon for conspiring to defraud.

1898-12-14 B R Edelman - - 1898-12-14 R Edelman - The Standad Jewelry and Loan Office 324 West Superior

1899-01-25 Woofen, Sam Bloom, Max Osherman - - 1899-1-25 Woofen Assault Case. Court Room rowded With Spectators Interested in the Trial. Sam Bloom, Max Osherman.

1899-03-20 Harris Edelman & Meyer Edelman bankrupt - - 1899-03-20 Harris Edelman & Meyer Edelman bankrupt

1899-05-12 B Heller Liquor Company - - 1899-5-12 Allege Fraudulent. Hennessy & Co. Charge a Wholesale Liquor Dealer With It. Heller Liquor company and B. Heller Liquor Company. Selling or disposing of liquor fraudulently as “Hennessy brandy.”

1899-06-27 Ben Heller and Sam Loeb - - 1899-6-27 Assessors. Ben Heller and Sam Loeb. Discrepancy between the values of liquor stock between the two businesses.

1900-5-23 Duluth Businesses Loeb, Heller - - 1900-5-23 Advertising handwritten signatures of owners to companies in Duluth. Population in Duluth 65,000

1900-5-23 Duluth Businesses Loeb, Heller, Freimuth DNT - - 1900-5-23 Duluth Businesses Loeb, Heller, Freimuth DNT -- Business signatures from 1900.- with the text. Note in 1880 the population in Duluth was 3,407. In 1900 62,000. Comparisons are made to Chicago.

1900-08-08 Henry Abraham improving - - 1900-8-8 Henry Abraham Improving. Carlsbad, Germany. WMjr. and Mrs. Abraham will sail from Glasgow for home Sept. 27, arriving October 6.

1900-10-21 Henry Abraham, Oak Hill Clothing - - 1900-10-21 Duluth's Opportunity. Mr. Henry Abraham, Oak Hall Clothing Co., West Superior, will retire account of ill health.

1901-22 Heller liquor business - - 1901-2 Heller & Co. Get Quarters. Liquor Concern Commences Business in Minneapolis April 1. B. Heller Liquor comapany from Duluth.

1901-11-26 Isaac and William Abrahamson - - 1901-11-26 Isaac Abrahamson, settlement, clothing furnished by the Hub Clothing company to the health department for patients. William Abrahamson son.

1902-2-3 Minnie Zundlowitz & Harry M Cohen married - - 1902-2-3 Miss Minnie Zundlowitz and Harry M. Cohen married. Morgan Post hall. Rabbi S. N. Delnard. Rabby A. Cohen. Guests: Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Zien, Louis Metzger, Miss Pauline Levy of Duluth, Mark Herschberg of Nashus, Iowa.

1902-06-28 Henry Abraham to Europe - - 1902-6-28 Superior Men Off to Europe. Henry Abraham will leave Superior July 7 for New York. Sail to Europe. Carlsbad, benefit health. Visit Vienna, Buda Pesth, Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden. England for a month. Home Nov. 1. B. B. Jackson, superintendent of city schools traveling with him as far as Berlin.

1902-07-18 Sam Heller missing - - 1902-7-18 Sam Heller Missing. Report That He Is Dead Causes Much Concern Here.

1902-7-20 Sam Heller - - 1902-7-20 Sam Heller May Be Dead. Relatives Now Beginning To Credit Report From Idaho. No News From Missing One. His former Partner Fears the worst. Body of man so decomposed that identification is impossible. Sam Heller may have been murdered on the train between Montana and Thunder Mountain district in Idaho. Ben Heller brother discredited rumors. Merrill, a business partner of Sam Heller communicated family.

1902-8-20 Louis Karon, arrested - - 1902-8-20 Junk Dealer Arrested. Charged With Running His Store Without a License. Louis Karon. Old iron bought from boys. Boys stole three wagonloads of iron from National Iron Works. Six to sixteen years of age disposed of it in small quantities. City ordinance, misdemeanor for a licensed dealer to buy old material from persons under the age of sixteen.

1903-03-16 Sternberg, Herman & Pauline Levy wed - - 1903-3-16 Sternberg, Herman & Pauline Levy wed.

1903-05-17 Miss Henrietta Cook - - 1903-5-17 Miss Henrietta Cook of 314 East Second street, left for a three-weeks visit in Melaca, Princeton, and Brainerd.

1903-05-17 Mrs. Max Bloom - - 1903-5-17 Mrs. Max Bloom has returned from a three weeks' trip to Milwaukee and Chicago.

1904-06-23 Edelman Josephs - - 1904-06-23 Mr and Mrs M I Edelman and children of Mpls are guests of Mr and Mrs H Y Josephs

1904-7-7 Goldish - La Crosse, WS - - 1904-7-7 Mrs Bella Goldish of Winona sues for $10,000 claiming brother-in-law has alienated the affections of her husband

1904-11-12 Goldish - Lost Love - Mpls Journal - - 1904-11-12 Mrs Louis Goldish sues a member of family to $10,000

1904-11-21 Mrs Louis Goldish La Cross - - 1904-11-21 Mrs Louis Goldish has granted a judgement

1905-01-28 Arthur Levinson Pauline Latts ml - - 1905-1-28 Arthur Levinson and Pauline Latts issued marriage licenses.

1905-10-6 C. Oswald obit., Dr. Mendel Silber - - 1905-10-6 Many At Funeral Of Mrs. C. Oswald. Mrs. Aaron Heller, Mrs. Ben Heller Minneapolis.

1906-3-23 Robert F Berdie, Hibbing, candidate - - 1906-3-23 The Virginia Enterprise: Robert F. Berdie of Hibbing, candidate Republican nomination.

1907-01-25 Arthur Levinson second hand shop - - 1907-1-25 Does Smash-Up Act, Man Jailed. Italian Arrested for Starting a Row in Second-Hand Shop. John Zeman, Arthur Levinson-Hebrew secondhand dealer.

1907-8-15 Louis Shapiro legal - - 1907-8-15 Louis Polinsky, Benjamin Shapiro

1908 Sol Rubloff Hibbing fire - - 1908 Sol Rubloff - Sol was Arthur's father. Sol ended in jail and Arthur left his family. See 1985-11-13 news article about Arthur

1908-5-3 B'nai Israel synagogue Karon - - 1908-5-3 Church Deal Is Badly Tangled. Differences in West End Jewish Congregation Over Details of Purchase of Property. I. Karon, S. Karon, J. Karon, L. Fieldman, M. Cohen, B’nai Israel congregation. Formed a congregation without a charter. Could only purchase a lot except through a private individual. Fifteenth and Sixteenth avenues, west on Superior and Michigan streets. S. Karon gave them a house on the condition that they would repair it to comply with ordinance.

1908-08-26 Max Bloom vs Ocinsky - - 1908-8-26 Suits Are Started. Louis Ocinsky against Max Bloom.

1908-10-10 Jeannie Bloom Max Bloom - - 1908-10-10 Defendant Alleges The Bill Was Paid. Jennie Bloom against the administrator of the estate of Saloma Benson. Bill of furniture. Max Bloom manager of her store 102 West First street.

1909-05-11 Arthur Levinson - - 1909-5-11 Brandt To Have Hearing In Court Next Week. Ray Brandt charged with assault with intent to kill Arthur Levenson. Struck on the head with a club.

1909-05-18 Arthur Levenson - - 1909-5-18 Denies He Went Into Freight Car. William Whittaker Pleads Not Guilty-Milkman Pays for the Horses Injured. Ray Brand charged with attempting to kill Arthur Levenson.

1909-05-28 Arthur Levenson accused boy - - 1909-5-28 Prisoners Place Taken By Brother. Ray Brand Is Freed of Assault Charge and Older Boy Put Under Arrest. Clyde Brand.Arthur suffered mentally since incident.

1909-7-23 Ginsberg children storm photo - - 1909-7-23 Wreck Of Duluth Streets Wrought By Wednesday Night's Cloudburts, photo, Scene at Superior Street and Lake Avenue. The Ginsberg Children Were Drowned East of the Middle House, At the Corner of Ninth Avenue East and Second street.

1909-7-24 Ginsberg - - 1909-7-24 Victims Of Flood Laid In The Grave. Funeral Services of Two Little Ginsberg Children Held at Undertaking Rooms. Sophia and Abraham Ginsberg, age five and three. Rabbi Lefkovitz.

1909-7-27 Ralph Ginsberg - - 1909-7-27 Relief For Woman Who Lost Children. Mrs. Ralph Ginsberg Is Destitute. Two Little Ones Drowned in Cloudburst.

1909-9-21 Benjamin Shapiro birth of son Louis - - 1909-9-21 Births son to Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Shapiro, 1237 East Seventh street, September 4.

1910-02-17 Arthur Levinson boy charged - - 1910-2-17 Boy Will Be Tried On Charge Of Assault. Clyde Brand, Arthur Levinson.Ray Brand.

1910-02-22 Arthur Levinson assault - - 1910-2-22 Given Freedom In Short Order. Jury in Superior Court Finds Brand Not Guilty of Murderous Assault. Arthur Levinson

1910-06-11 Rae Abraham confirmation - - 1910-6-11 Confirmation Services At Temple Emanuel. Rae M. Abraham, Dorothy Loeb, Leonard S. Lugoff, Jesse L. Cohen, Esther L. Gomberg. Participating in service Leonard L. Lugoff, Jesse L. Cohen, Rae M. Abraham, Esther L. Gomberg, Miss Hyland, Mr. Friederici, Rae M. Abraham vocal solo, Mr. Brown, E. A. Silberstein.

1911-01-04 Samuel Heller Aberdeen SD - - 1911-1-4 Aberdeen, South Dakota. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Heller of this city left last night for Minneapolis, the home of Mr. Heller's mother, who is celebrating her 80th birthday. Her children, who are scattered around considerably, are gathering at the home in a family reunion in honor of the event. Mr. and Mrs. Heller expect to be away about two weeks.

1911-9-11 Brainard, Henry I Cohen - - 1911-9-11 Henry I Cohen, real estate and insurance man is proud of a catch of a blck bass

1911-11-06 Brainerd Henry I. Cohen - - 1911-11-6 Brainerd Barrows, The Newest City On Cuyna Range. Henry I. Cohen engaged in mercantile business in 1882. Six years ago he retired and is now engaged in the general insurance, real estate, surety bonding and loan business. He is the owner of a large amount of property in Brainerd and believes thoroughly in the development of the city. He is also a member of the masonic, Elk and Woodmen lodges. He has held many public offices, serving on the Brainerd charter commission, board of alderman and as president of the library board and vice president and treasurer of the Commercial club.

1912-04-21 Sam Levinson - - 1912-4-21 Washington school: Performance, Sam Levinson, Abbie Stein, Joseph Fox, Sara Rivkin, Lillian Weiner, Mildred Fox, Minnie Zimmerman.

1912-07-28 Dorothy Gershgol - - 1912-7-28 Duluth A Health City As Proven By East End Babies. photo Judith Marshall, Dorothy Gershgol

1912-08-31 Max Bloom - - 1912-8-31 Amusements. At The Lyceum. "The Sunny Side of Broadway." - Max Bloom-entertainer.

1912-09-04 Max Bloom - - 1912-9-4 Max Bloom Still Here. - Three more performances in Duluth. (Note: There is more than one Max Bloom.)

1912-11-28 Heller eng - - 1912-11-28 Engagement Announced. Miss Ruth Heller of Minneapolis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Heller to Leon J. Selig of Duluth. Miss Heller was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Loeb here hast summer. Mr. Selig is a well known business man of Duluth.

1913-02-09 Max Bloom - - 1913-2-9 Put His Father Out Of House. Max Bloom, Furniture Dealer, Claims Aged Parent Came Unbidden to Duluth. Friends Take Case To Humane Society. Son Is Willing to Pay Life Expenses if He wWill Go Back to London. 102 West First street.

1913-03-30 Henry I. Cohen - - 1913-3-30 Push Work On Cuyuna Range. Many Promising Properties Are Being Opened Up Through New District. Drilling Crews Are Heavily Increased. Numbers of Fresh Mining Leases and Sales Reported During Past Week. Brainerd, Minn. Henry I. Cohen.

1913-04-09 Max Bloom - - 1913-4-9 Max Bloom in "The Sunny Side Of Broadway", At The Broadway starting Thursday. photo.

1913-04-14 Max Bloom & Alice Sher - - 1913-4-14 The Empress. Max Bloom. Entertainment.

1913-04-15 Max Bloom - - 1913-4-15 At The Theaters. The Empress. Max Bloom, photo.

1913-04-17 Max Bloom - - 1913-4-17 The Glass Block Store. 500 Beautiful Trimmed Hats. ad

1913-04-17 Glass Block hats - - 1913-4-17 The Glass Block Store. 500 Beautiful Trimmed Hats. ad

1913-05-26 Roy Levinson - - 1913-05-26 Dyers Team Wins Decisive Victory. Roy Levinson

1913-09-07 Mrs. Henry I. Cohen - - 1913-9-7 Brainerd Women Name Members of Entertainment Committees. Mrs. Henry I. Cohen, photo. Mrs. Henry I. Cohen, president of the Brainerd Musical club heads the federation committee State Federated Women's clubs.

1913-11-2 Badonna Hallock - - 1913-11-2 Mrs. Charles Hallock entertained 14 children. 12th anniversary of her daughter Badonna Hallock.

1913-12-05 Roy Levinson - - 1913-12-5 Y. M. H. A. Basket Ball Team Seeking Games. The Yiddish bunch, Philip Holzberg, Henry Kaner, Roy Levinson, Joe Weiner, I. Titch, Nathan and Barnett Schneider.

1914-4-17 Special Passover Service - - 1914-4-17 Special Passover Service. Temple Emanuel, Rabbi Maurice Lefkovits.

1914-4-17 Samuel Widdes - - 1914-4-17 Dealer Cruelty to Cow. Samuel Widdes.

1914-10-05 Arthur Levinson hold up - - 1914-10-5 Tried To Collect Wheat Bill; Held On Holdup Charge. Joe Gdowski, Arthur Levinson.

1914-10-9 Samuel Widdes - - 1914-10-9 Flour and "Spuds" In Loot. Samuel Widdes, 801 Fourth avenue East. burglars.

1914-12-17 Rae Abraham suicide - - 1914-12-17 Rae Abraham Succumbs After Four Day Illness. Miss Rae Madge Abraham, 18 year old, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Abraham, 2422 East Third street, suicide. junior student of Central high school, give up school last spring because of ill health. Younger sister Miss Virginia Abraham.

1914-12-18 Rae Abraham death 18 years old - - 1914-12-18 Miss Rae Abraham. funeral. Rabbi Maurice Lefkovits of Temple Emanuel.

1915-05-12 Mr&Mr Henry Abraham and Virginia - - 1915-5-12 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Abarham and Miss Virginia Abraham, 2422 East Third street, Minneapolis, returned.

1915-05-12 Mrs. L. S. Loeb - - 1915-5-12 Mrs. L. S. Loeb, 1123 East Superior street. visit Minneapolis. Miss Dorothy Loeb, Mrs. Leon J. Selig, 1810 Jefferson street, Seattle, Wash.

1915-06-01 Hymie Schraber - - 1915-6-1 Lad Is Hero In Near Drowning. Hymie Schraber, Age 16 Rescues 15 Year Old "Abi" Fagel From Lake. Boy Falls Ten Feet And 'Pal' Plunges After Him. First avenue East. 220 1/2 East Second street, Hymie Schraber age 16 lives at 208 1/2 East Second street.

1915-09-01 Harry Gram - - 1915-9-1 Hibbing Men Save Baby From Flames. Richard Cossi and Henry Gram Find Infant on the Floor of Burning Building. Gelser Cigar factory, 205 Center street. Mrs. Anton Epereneta mother of the baby. Children playing with matches. Building owned by Mrs. Stephen Gelser. William Wilson, court officer in village hall saw smoke and turned in the alarm. Building is occupied by Italian family.

1915-10-08 Dorothy Loeb & Ernest T Hertz wed - - 1915-10-8 Wedding of Miss Loeb Is Marked In Simplicity. Virginia Abraham, small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Abraham-flower girl.

1915-11-02 Arthur Levenson arrested - - 1915-11-2 First Arrest Is Made Under New Federal Law. Superior, Arthur Levenson, 323 Cumming avenue.

1915-11-18 Henry Abramson, Oak Clothing Co - - 1915-11-18 Pink Overalls For 1916? Horrors No, Says Dealer. Lack of German Dyes Causes Trouble-"Pink? Piff! Why Not White or Yellow, Asks Merchant. "For the life of me I can't see why they would want to shade them pink!" Who'd go around in Pink Overalls?" Henry Abraham Oak Hall company.

1915-11-21 Rose Levinson - - 1915-11-21 Four Literary Societies Will Give Programs for Entertainmenbt of School Wednesday Afternoon. Vacation Will Start Thanksgiving Day. President’s Proclamation to Be Read and History of Day Reviewed-Musical Numbers. Virginia: Clare Lippman, Rose Levinson, Francis Lippman.

1915-12-03 Henry Abraham dies - - 1915-12-3 Henry Abraham Dies This Morning. Vice president and treasurer of Oak Hall Clothing company, 2422 East Third street. Widow, 10 year old daughter, six brothers.

1915-12-6 Henry Abraham obit - - 1915-12-6 Hi Tribute To Henry Abraham. Rev. Maurice Lefkovits Dwells on His Qualities as a Man. Throng At Residence Of Late Merchant. "Death Came to Him as the Light of the Morning," Declares Rabbi. 2422 East Third street. Rev. Maurice Lefkovits, Temple Emanuel, Oak Hall clothing company. Great Loss Through His Death. A Life Nobly Lived. Many Floral Tributes. Bernard Silberstein, Thomas B. Mills, L. S. Loeb, I. Freimuth, G. A. Klein, J. B. Sattler-honorary pall bearers. Duluth Elks' lodge. Mr. and Mrs. A. Heller, Mr. and Mrs. B. Heller, A. H. Heller jr., widow, daughter living in Virginia, sister Mrs. H. Stadeker of Chicago, six brothers, Albert, Isadore Abraham of Duluth, Max of Minneapolis, D. C. Abraham of Atlantic City, N. J. Lee Abraham of Superior, and Seymour Abraham of St. Louis.

1916-01-09 Mrs Henry Abraham & Virginia Abraham - - 1916-1-9 Mrs. Henry Abraham and daughter Virginia, 2422 East Third street, traveling to Minneapolis, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Heller to go to Southern California for winter. Dr. F. A. Amundson and his mother Mrs. C. Amundson of St. Peter, Minn. will occupy Mrs. Abraham's home during her absence.

1916-04-09 Mrs Henry Abramsom - house sale ad - - 1916-4-9 Ad. Giving Up My House. Necessities Quick Selling of All Household Furniture-Consisting of Bedroom, Dining Room and Living Room Furniture, Draperies, Etc. Mahogany Library Table, Oriental Rugs, Davenport, Odd Chairs, Curtains and Draperies. Ice Box and many other household necessities. Every article of furniture is in perfect condition and wbe sold cheap. Sale Will Start Monday, April 10, 2pm at 2422 East Third Street. Mrs. Henry Abraham.

1917-01-07 Harry Gram - - 1917-1-7 Discarded Cigar Stubs Caused Hibbing Fire. Harry Gram, cigar maker on Garfield street. Prevented fire from reaching upper story. Stubs of cigars thrown on the floor caused fire Cigar factory is in upper story.

1917-07-03 Henry I. Cohen - - 1917-7-3 Who's Who At Brainerd. Harry Patek of Milwaukee, Wis. is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Patek. Also in the same article: Emil Schoenman of Chicago is a guest of his brother-in-law and sister. Mr. and Mrs. Henry I Cohen. A sister of Mrs. C. M. Patek.

1917-7-14 Benjamin Shapiro - - 1917-7-14 More Than Two Hundred Have Joined the Colors in Duluth Since Monday. Married Men Eligible. Will Be Taken in Forestry Engineering Regiment of the Regular Army. Benjamin Shapiro

1917-10-04 Henry I. Cohen - - 1917-10-4 Officers Of Highway Association. Henry I. Cohen, photo. Boosters Of Duluth-Fargo Road Name Cohen As Leader. Brainerd.

1918-03-01 Henry I. Cohen Samuel Rosenzweig - - 1918-3-1 Success Crowns Brainerd Supper Of Conservation. Men Prepare Meal at Meeting of Chamber of Commerce. New Members Accepted. Twelve Made Members. Henry I. Cohen. Samuel Rosenzweig.

1918-5-22 Frances Alta Hallock - - 1918-5-12 Gives Recital Frances Alta Hallock, photo. Singer. (Note: Corrected date of newspaper article, not 1918-5-22.)

1918-12-09 Mrs. Harry Gram - - 1918-12-3 Duluth Relatives Seek Information About Abe Shapiro, Duluth soldier, age 21. Mrs. Harry Gram of Hibbing, sister to Abe Shapiro. Camp Grant, Another person jumped into the Chicago river. Confusion of identity.

1919-01-31 Louis Lass and Rose Silk ml - - 1919-1-31 Louis Lass and Rose Silk marriage license.

1919-04-14 Alex Levenson - - 1919-4-14 Levenson Funeral Held. Alex Levenson. 818 East Eighth Street. Rabbi S. Peltiz. Jewish cemetery.

1919-5-15 Bernice Shapiro Washington school - - 1919-5-15 Washington Junior roll Of Honor Has 57 Names. Bernice Shapiro.

1919-6-8 Lyceum Theater ad - - 1919-6-8 Lyceum Theater - ad "Odds and Ends" Ma Bloom - Also shown is a 1893 Photo of Lyceum Theater in Duluth Source of photo: Minnesota Reflections.

1919-08-09 Dave Schraber - - 1919-8-9 Births. Schraber daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Schraber. 512 1/2 East Fourth street, Aug. 5.

1919-8-28 Isadore Shapiro - - 1919-8-28 Jewish Social Service at Camel hall. Phillip Altman and Isadore Shapiro.

1919-09-22 Israel Levenson - - 1919-9-22 Superior Boy Is Hit By Engine In Mother’s Sight. Israel Levenson, 15, Dies in Hospital; Was Herding Cattle, Police Report. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Levenson. 709 Weeks avenue, Superior.

1919-10-10 Rabbi Heller - - 1919-10-10 Dr. A. M. Heller of New York Speaks At Succoth Service.

1920-03-16 Anna Levenson - - 1920-3-16 Man Finds Watch Stolen; Police Seek Gipsy Palmist. A. Levenson 315 Cumming avenue. Anna Levenson daughter.

1920-05-09 Sam Levenson - - 1920-5-9 Is An Automobile A Luxury? Sam Levenson, barber: “How should I know when I never had enough money to own one.”

1920-05-12 Sam Levinson - - 1920-5-12 Do Women Like “Cavemen?” Sam Levinson, barber “Give ‘em caveman stuff all the time. They fall for it.”

1920-5-13 Bernice Shapiro Washington school - - 1920-5-13 49 Students At Washington Junior High On Honor Roll. Bernice Shapiro.

1920-07-25 Anna Levenson - - 1920-7-25 Mrs. C. Gorovich Born 1896 Died July 22, 1920, photo. Mrs. Charles Gorovich of Ashland, age 24, mother, Mrs. Anna Levenson 817 Fourth avenue East. Apoplexy. Husand, two children and two brothers.

1920-08-16 Hallock Lass - - 1920 Mrs. Hallock Home. Hibbing: Mrs. Charles Halloc and daughter. Miss Badonna, who have been visiting Mrs. Hallock's sister, Mrs. Louis Lass, Duluth, have returned. Mrs. Lass and her sister-in-law, Miss Esther Lass of New York, now are house guests at the Hallock home. In the fall, Mrs. Hallock plans to go east to arrange for continuing her daughter's musical education either at Philadelphia or New York.

1920-08-25 Anna & Esther Lass, Edna Rabinoff, Mrs D Silk - - 1920-8-25 About People. - - - MRS. LOUIS LASS, East Sixth street, had as dinner guests yesterday, Miss Jeanette and Miss Edna Rabinoff and Miss Anna Lass all of New York city, who arrived here in the morning, leaving last night on the Tionesta for Mackinac island where they will pass six days. Miss Esther Lass is the house guest of Mr. and Mrs. Lass. - - - On hundred members of the Sisters of Israel gave a surprise party last night in honor of Mrs. D. Silk at her home 2016 East Sixth street. Mrs. Silk is the newly re-elected president of the organization., having served as its head continuously for 20 years. In consideration of her service the members presented an electric percolator to Mrs. Silk.

1920-9-12 Plotkin - - 1920-9-12 Holiday Services To Begin At Talmud Torah Synagogue. Dr. Heller of New York

1920-11-30 Virginia-Rose Levenson & David Segal wed - - 1920-11-30 Former Duluth Man Weds Librarian At Virginia. Miss Rose Levenson and David Segal. Graduated high school 1916. Librarian. Groom works for Kratz clothing store. Served in navy.

1921-04-03 Louis Lass - - 1921-4-3 Duluth Jews To Observe Arrival Of Zionist Leader. Prof. Chaim Weitzmann, world Zionist president, Talmud torah hall. movement to restore Palestine as a homeland for Jews. Harry E. Weinberg, Abraham Mogelson, Mrs. Louis Lass will sing, I. B. Aarons, Cantor Joseph Braverman, Frank Kiel, Miss Mamie Weinberg.

1921-8- 1 Mae Hallock and Frank Lessard marriage - - 1921-8-1 Announce Marriage In Denver Yesterday. Miss May Hallock, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Hallock, 2701 St. Louis Avenue, to Frank Lessard in Denver, Colo.

1921-8- 1 Sarah Winer and Sam Kasper marriage - - 1921-8-1 Marriage of Duluth Couple Takes Place. Miss Sarah Winer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Winer. 1 West Fifth street, to Sam Kasper. Guests: Mr. and Mrs. P. Rosenbloom, Miss Eva Rosenbloom, Miss Lillian Rosenbloom, Sam Rosenbloom o Ely, Minn. Morris Kasper and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ostrov of Virginia, Minn.

1922-1-17 Badonna Hallock - - 1922-1-17 Hibbing Girl To Wed. Miss Nellie Rutstein, to Julius Edelstein. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Edelstein, 114 First avenue, Brooklyn. Rabbi Gussie, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hallock, Miss Badonna Hallock.

1922-1-21 Mrs. Hallock feeds soldiers at noon - - 1922-1-21 Duluth ex-service men, free noon-day meal. Provided daily by Mrs. E. Hallock.Need support.

1922-4-4 Miss Badonna Hallock - - 1922-4-4 Ralph Levine, photo. Champion orator of Wisconsin normal schools. “Modern Nationalism. Hebrew institute. Miss Badonna Hallock, photo. Completed 3 year music course in Philadelphia.

1922-6-4 Lebendiger, Palestine fund aid - - 1922-6-4 Hebrew Leader Will Seek Palestine Fund Aid in City. Rabbi A. M. Heller, Minneapolis. Vladimir Jabotinsky, Rabbi Israel Lebendiger.

1922-9-21 Meyer Davidson - - 1922-9-21 Meyer Davidson - driver kicked by a house in Duluth

1922-10-1 Miss Frances Alta Hallock - - 1922-10-1 Few Social Affairs Mark Fall Months. Miss Frances Alta Hallock.

1938 Duluth Directory Widdes family - - 1938 Duluth Directory - Getchell and Helen a. Widdes, M. J. Widdes & Sons. Isadore and Sarah Widdes, grocers. M. J. & Sons (Morris J. Getchell and Theo O. Widdes) feed and live stock, Morris J. and Sarah Widdes, Ossie Widdes, investigator, Samuel and Rose Widdes, feed Theo O. Widdes, Wm. and Ethel Widdes, livestock

1972-8-31 Oreck, Marshall & Sandra Zahn Shagrin wed - - 1972-8-31 Marshall Oreck & Sandra Zahn Shagrin wedding - New York Times

1981-2 Harry W Davis JFN profile - - 1981-2 Faith and charity united early settlers.- from the writings of Harry W Davis - Jewish Fellowship News - transcrpition - Some year’s before his death in 1948, Harry W. Davis wrote about the history of the Jews of Duluth. His son Linel, an organist at Tempe of Aaron in St Paul and also a Jewish history buff, recently came across the original and offered it to the Fellowship News. The author was a prominent Duluth attorney, active in Jewish and civic life. His wife Ida was for many years the director of the Jewish Federation and also a prolific writer.

1985-11-13 Arthur Rubloff photo in the news - - 1985-11-13 Arthur Rubloff - Reminiscing with altruistic Chicago real estate tycooon

1987-4-26 Oreck, Marshal and Julie Wise wed - - 1987-4-26 Marshall Oreck and Julie Wise engagement - The Times-Picayune

2018 spring - Robert and Selma Goldish - - 2018 spring - Robert and Selma Goldish found a way to keep giving even after death through the UoM's Anatomy Bequest Program - Minnesota Alumni

2018-3-5 Massive Family Tree LA Times p1 - - 2018-3-5 What massive family tree can show us. Los Angeles Times. When did people stop marring cousins? How far did they travel to find mates? - page 1

2018-3-5 Massive Family Tree LA Times p2 - - 2018-3-5 What massive family tree can show us. Los Angeles Times. When did people stop marring cousins? How far did they travel to find mates? - page 2

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