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from Steve Heifetz

1914-9 25th years Hurley synogogue - -

1945-12 Bennitt, Raymond & Helen Markell wed - - text

2015-5-15 Steve Heifetz speaks on Jewish history - - text

2015-5-18 Steve Heifetz shares Jewish heritage - - text

Goldish and misc

1903-9-21 Rosa Zien divorce Julius Zien - - text

1904-3-24 A M Goldish - - text

1905-12-3 A M Goldish - - text

1906-3-25 A M Goldish - - text

1913-10 A M Goldish bio - History Jews of La Crosse - - text

1924-11-7 Salamowitz-Gallin engagement - - text

1925-7-17 Salamowitz-Gallin wedding - - text

1930-9-7 Benjamin Goldish & Minnie Finesilver wed - - text

1937-2-22 Goldish, Minnie Finesilver obit 1907-1937 - - text

1939-10-15 Arrovola Oxman - - text

1948-2-15 A M Goldish - - text

1948-9-24 A M Goldish - - text

1948-11-18 Goldish, Avraham Manis obit 1872 - - text

1954-1-29 Viva Gallin to Wed Robert Brenner (more) - - text

1954-9-10 Goldish, Sadie D obit - - text

1968-2-3 Romberg, Henry & Ronnie Goldish wed - - text

1986-7-17 Jacob Goldish obit Cleveland - - text

2017-6-16 Bob Dylan Chicago Trib - - text

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1920-7-15 Julius Friedman - - 1920-7-15 Clark Home Sold. Julius Friedman purchases residence of H. M. Clark on Huron Street (Julius/Yehuda Friedman 1877-1967, married Frieda/Fannie/Shula Friedel Gordon Friedman 1881-1948) - - from the Ironwood, Michigan newspaper.

1925-11-30 Julius Friedman - - 1925-11-30 Mrs. Julius Friedman, J. Friedman, and Lebe Friedman of Duluth attend birthday party of Ward Fredrickson. (Lebe Selma Friedman 1907-1974) - - from the Ironwood, Michigan newspaper.

1930-3-28 Thomas Wolfe- Julius Friedman - - 1930-3-28 Thomas Wolfe-Duluth, visits uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Friedman, North Lawrence Street. (Thomas/Tom Wolfe 1909-1992, son of Anna Mary Gordon and Samue Wolfe. Tom marries Goldie Kenner 1912-1972. I am related to the Kenner family) - - from the Ironwood, Michigan newspaper.

1930-7-17 Julius Friedman - - 1930-7-17 Rose Wolfe and Tamara Meyerowitz, of Winnepeg, Canada, visit uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Friedman, North Lawrence Street. - - I think that this should be Rose Wolfe, Tamara Meyerowitz, Winnipeg, Canada Nieces of Freida Gordon Friedman. (Rose Wolfe Kahana 1907-1978 daughter of Anna Mary Gordon Wolfe and Samuel Wolfe, Tamara Meyerowitz Wiseman 1909-2006 daughter of Ida Ella Ellen Meyerowitz and Benjamin Meyerowitz). - - from the Ironwood, Michigan newspaper.

1931-4-22 Mrs. Julius Friedman - - 1931-4-22 Mrs. Julius Friedman and family visit Manitoba, Canada relatives. - - from the Ironwood, Michigan newspaper.

1933-7-27 Julius Friedman - - 1933-7-27 Sam Meyers of Winnipeg, Canada visit uncle and aunt Mr. and Mrs. Julius Friedman, 1217 Lawrence Street. (Samuel Gordon Meyers 1911-1979, son of Ida Ella Ellen Gordon Meyerowitz and Benjamin Meyerowitz) Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Mark of Hurley have guests Mrs. S. Feinberg and Alice Feinberg, NYC and Irving Barnett-Chicago. - - from the Ironwood, Michigan newspaper.

1933-8-4 Julius Friedman - - 1933-8-4 Lebe and Maurice Friedman, 1217 Lawrence street, visited Duluth relatives, Accompanied by mother Mrs. Julius Friedman. (Lebe Selma Lena Friedman 1907-1974 and Maurice Morrie Friedman 1910-1954 brother and sister.) - - from the Ironwood, Michigan newspaper.

1934-12-27 Julius Friedman - - 1934-12-27 Mrs. S. Gordon and Miss Rose Wolfe visited Mr. and Mrs. Julius Friedman, Lawrence Street, returned to Winnipeg, Canada. Mrs. Esther Gertz left Minneapolis to attend sisterís wedding, Miss Ceal Rosen to Jack Brown. Ceal Rosen formerly of Ironwood. - - from the Ironwood, Michigan newspaper.

1935-5-18 Julius Friedman - - 1935-5-18 Theodore Friedman-Duluth, visit parents Mr. and Mrs. Julius Friedman, 1217 North Lawrence Street. - - from the Ironwood, Michigan newspaper.

1935-7-20 Julius Friedman - - 1935-7-20 Theodore Friedman of Duluth visiting parents Mr. and Mrs. Julius Friedman, Lawrence Street. - - from the Ironwood, Michigan newspaper.

1935-9-7 Julius Friedman - - 1935-9-7 Ida Friedman, student nurse, at Mt. Sinai hospital in Chicago. Parents Mrs. Julius Friedman, Lawrence Street. - - from the Ironwood, Michigan newspaper.

1937-1-18 Julius Friedman - - 1937-1-18 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Markell, Tamara Markell, Winnipeg, Canada, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Friedman, 1217 North Lawrence Street. (Sarah Sonya Gordon Markell 1888-1964 and Louis Markell 1877-1942; Sarah is daughter of Shmuyo Leyba Gordon 1848 and Tamara Loeb Winer; Tamara Markell 1933-1951) - - from the Ironwood, Michigan newspaper.

1937-4-19 Julius Friedman - - 1937-4-19 Sam Wolfe ĖWinnipeg, Canada, visits Mr. and Mrs. Julius Friedman, 1217 North Lawrence Street. Sam Wolfe is a brother-in-law of Freida Sarah Gordon Friedman. Samís wife Anna Mary Gordon Wolfe died April 24, 1930. Sarah and Anna Mary were sisters. (Samuel Wolfe 1869-1955; wife Anna Mary Gordon 1875-1930). - - from the Ironwood, Michigan newspaper.

1937-6-3 Julius Friedman - - 1937-6-3 Ida Friedman, graduated Mt. Sinai hospital in Chicago. Visiting parents Mr. and Mrs. Julius Friedman, 1217 Lawrence Street. Miss Lebe, Ted, and Maurice attended commencement exercises and accompanied her home. (Ida Ann Friedman Telpner 1914-2002; Lebe Friedman 1907-1974; Theodore/Ted Friedman 1912-1980; Maurice/Morrie Friedman 1910-1954)Sisters and brothers). - - from the Ironwood, Michigan newspaper.

1937-7-1 Julius Friedman - - 1937-7-1 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Markell, (Sarah Sonya Gordon Markell) and four year old daughter Tamara Markell visit (Sarahís sister Frieda Sarah Gordon Friedman) Mr. and Mrs. Julius Friedman. (Sarah Sonya Gordon Markell 1888-1964 and Louis Markell 1877-1942; Sarah is daughter of Shmuyo Leyba Gordon 1848 and Tamara Loeb Winer; Tamara Markell 1933-1951) - - from the Ironwood, Michigan newspaper.

1938-1-15 Julius Friedman - - 1938-1-15 Tamara Gordon of Winnipeg, Canada is a guest of uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Friedman, 1217 North Lawrence Street. - - from the Ironwood, Michigan newspaper.

1938-12-27 Julius Friedman - - 1938-12-27 Mrs. Rose Wolfe-Winnipeg, visiting aunt and uncle Mr. and Mrs. Julius Friedman, 1217 North Lawrence Street. (Rose Wolfe Kahana) - - from the Ironwood, Michigan newspaper.

1955-8-31 Abe Ladin obituary - - 1955-8-31 Abe Ladin obituary. Pallbearers Julius and Louis Friedman - - from the Ironwood, Michigan newspaper.

1963-4 Julius Friedman 86th birthday - - 1963-4 Julius Friedman 86th birthday. (15 Apr 1877 - 25 Oct 1967) - - from the Ironwood, Michigan newspaper.

1967-10-26 Julius Friedman obit - - 1967-10-26 Julius Friedman obit (15 Apr 1877 - 25 Oct 1967) - - from the Ironwood, Michigan newspaper.

1974-2-14 Lebe Friedman (Miss) obit 1974 - - 1974-2-14 Miss Lebe Friedman , formerly of Ironwood, died unexpectedly in Chicago. Daughter of Mr and Mrs Julius Friedman. - - from the Ironwood, Michigan newspaper.

1904-04-20 Sam Helstein, death of infant son - - 1904-4-20 Helstein, death of infant son of Sam Helstein 427 North First avenue west.

1905-12-02 Edward Helstein obit - - 1905-12-2 Edward Helstein Is Dead In Colorado. former resident of Superior, furniture business at Hibbing, Minn. unmarried. parents residence of Hibbing.

1906-06-30 Helstein water tank accident - - 1906-6-30 Tank Crashes Through Roof. Wholesale Men's Furnishing House Flooded by Water From Wrecked REservoir. H. Helstein & Co. 5th Avenue West

1913-07-12 Hyman Cedar Ceilia Roof - - 1913-7-12 Marriage Licenses Hyman Cedar and Celia Roof M. Levin and Ida Batonick

1917-08-17 H. Cedar - - 1917-8-17 Zionists Of Twin Ports To Hold Outing Sunday. H. Cedar.

1920-03-21 Hyman Cedar - - 1920-3-21 Superior Jews To Start Drive, Campaign to Raise Funds for Work in Palestine to Be Started. Hyman Cedar.

1938-12-3 Maurice Friedman Cozy Little Bungalow photo - - 1938-12-3 Cozy Little Bungalow photo, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Friedman, 117 East Coolidge avenue. -- Maurice Friedman aka: Morrie, b: 02 Mar 1910 in Hurley, Wisconsin, d: 19 Jul 1954 in Hurley, Wisconsin

1938-12-3 Maurice Friedman Cozy Little Bungalow - - 1938-12-3 Planned Their Own Bungalow. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Friedman.

1941-6-14 Ronald Joel Friedman - - 1941-6-14 Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Friedman, birth of son June 9, 1941.

1954-7-20 Maurice Friedman obit. 2 - - 1954-7-20 M. Friedman, Businessman, Dies Monday. Obit. Born March 3, 1910, grade schools, Luther L. Wright High School, class of 1927, bookkeeper for A. Durha Candy Co., Friedman News Agency with brother Ted. Gogebic Flying Club, Lions Club, Elks Lodge. Married Sorel Strimling of Chicago March 12, 1938 at Chicago. Children Ronald, Stuart, and Maureen. Father Julius Friedman, brother Ted, sister Lebe, Mrs. David Telpner, Skokie, Ill. Burial Sharek Zedek Cemetery, Hurley, WI.

1955-8-4 1930 class reunion Gladys Birdie Hoffman Alpert - - 1955-8-4 1930 class reunion, Luther L. Wright High School. 25th anniversary. Photo Gladys Birdie Hoffman Alpert, Ted Friedman, Gertrude Friedman (Ted was a brother to Maurice. Gertrude was a daughter of Louis Friedman, brothers, Julius and Louis.)

1951-1-21 Mrs. Stanley Zack, Mrs. Samuel Singer, Mrs. L Garon - - 1951-1-21 Mrs. Stanley Zack, St. Paul, Mrs. Samuel Singer, DuluthMrs. Lawrence Garon, Duluth chairman

1896-03-27 L Helstein in Virginia looking after interests - - 1896-3-27 Virginia: L. Helstein, of West Superior looked after Virginia interests on Wednesday.

1897-02-05 Henry Helstein visiting from W Superior - - 1897-2-5 Virginia: Henry Helstein, of West Superior, was in the city over Sunday.

1902-12-05 Isaac Helstein, ad business for sale - - 1902-12-5 Ad For Sale-Miscellaneous. A Good Paying Business-Furniture, Carpets, Stoves and Hardware. Centrally located. Price Reasonable. Isaac Helstein. 520 Tower Avenue, West Superior.

1903-03-23 Helstein clothiers, fire damage c - - 1903-3-23 Duluth Block On Fire. Loss is $50,000 or More-Iron Wall Saved Part of Building. H. Helstein, clothiers, lost $10,000, with $8,000 insurance.

1905-04-28 North Star Liquor Lewis Helstein & John Helstein - - 1905-4-28 New Incorporations. North Star Liquor company; capital stock, $25,000; incorporators. M. Rachlin, Lewis Helstein, and John Helstein.

1906-03-06 Hibbing-Louis Helstein new Jewish synagogue - - 1906-3-6 Louis Hestein returned to Hibbing yesterday morning after attending the dedication of the new Jewish synagogue.

1906-03-06 Hibbing Mrs. E. S. Nides and Nathan Nides - - 1906-3-6 Mrs. E. S. Nides and Nathan Nides have returned to Hibbing after spending a few days in the city.

1907-09-06 Sarah Litman Robert Oshinsky married - - 1907-9-6 Virginia: Litman-Oshinsky Nuptials. Virginians attend marriage of Sarah Litman and Robert Oshinsky of Hancock, Mich.. Married Sunday at Odd Fellows' hall on Lake avenue. Both are well known in Dluth. Bride is sister of Mrs. Henry Helstein of Virginia. 200 guests. Miss Rose Litman, Miss Alice Holzberg of Virginia. Harry Lawrence of Calumet best man, Ben Gordon groomsman.

1910-07-29 David A. Miller, Isaac Henry Helstein - - 1910-7-29 Bemidji newspaper. Secures $15,000 Damages. Duluth Man Charged Alienation of Wife's Affections. David A. Miller. Isaac Helstein, Henry Helstein, Morris Harley, robert Asbinsky, Joseph Fox. (Note that Isaac and Henry Helstein are Mrs. David A. Miller's brothers).

1914-09-04 Charles Helstein - - 1914-9-4 Charles Helstein of Ashland, Wisconsin visiting Virginia and other range cities. - from the Virginia Enterprise - page 4 - full page

1914-09-04 Cohen - - 1914-9-4 Buy's Partner's Interest. Louis Cohen purchased partner's interest. Morris Mendelsohn. saloon business. - from the Virginia Enterprise - page 4 - full page

1914-09-04 Jacob Wilk - - 1914-9-4 Virginia: Mrs. Jacob Wilk of new York city guest of parents-in-law Mr. and Mrs. M. Wilk-Virginia. Visiting Duluth and Solon Springs, Wis. - from the Virginia Enterprise - page 4 - full page

1914-09-04 Kaner Simon - - 1914-9-4 Virginia: Gust Simon and a party of friends motored to Eveleth last evening. AND 1914-9-4 Virginia: I. Kenner of Duluth, visiting brother A. Kenner of Wyoming avenue. - from the Virginia Enterprise - page 4 - full page

1914-09-04 Kenner - - 1914-9-4 Virginia: I. Kenner of Duluth, visiting brother A. Kenner of Wyoming avenue. - from the Virginia Enterprise - page 4 - full page

1914-09-04 Mesberg - - 1914-9-4 Virginia: J. Mesberg goes to Duluth to see his wife Mrs. Mesberg. She has been ill and home at relative. - from the Virginia Enterprise - page 4 - full page

1914-09-04 Shandeling, Schroeder - - 1914-9-4 Virginia: Miss Harriet Shanedling and Monroe Shanedling visiting Minneapolis. rs. J. Shanedling guest of her sister Mrs. B. Shroeder. - from the Virginia Enterprise - page 4 - full page

1914-09-04 Sher - - 1914-9-4 Virginia: S. J. Sher of Hibbing, St. Louis county fair boosters in Virginia. Distributing literature advertising fair. - from the Virginia Enterprise - page 4 - full page

1914-09-04 Siegel - - 1914-9-4 Virginia: John Siegel, Mrs. H. Siegel and Mrs. I. Finn of Gilbert, motored to Virginia last evening in Mr. Siegel's machine. - from the Virginia Enterprise - page 4 - full page

1914-09-04 Wilk - - 1914-9-4 Virginia: Mrs. M. L. Wilk and Mrs. Jacob Wilk are spending the day with friends at Gilbert. - from the Virginia Enterprise - page 4 - full page

1914-09-04 Lavick, Polinksy, c - - 1914-9-4 Virginia: Mr. and Mrs. James Lavick of Virginia and Mr. and Mrs. Polinsky of Duluth. Polinsky cottage at Lake Vermillion. - from the Virginia Enterprise - page 4 - full page

1915-08-01 Alice & Libbie Holzbeg, Minnie Helstein guest - - 1915-8-1 Miss Alice and Libbie Holzberg, 513 John avenue entertained at a dinner party Friday night in honor of their guest. Miss Minnie Helstein of Minneapolis. Covers were laid for 12. Garden flowers were used for decorations.

1922-10-06 Louis Helstein - - 1922-10-6 Congoleum Week Ends Saturday, ad, furnishing drawing. Businesses selling product. Superior: Lurye Furniture Co.; Buhl: E. J. Levine; Hibbing: Markell Furniture Co., Louis Helstein, Lurye Furniture Co.; Eveleth: Sam Seigel.

1928-09-06 Bonner and Woolfan wed - Detroit Times - - 1828-09-06 Screen Actress Weds. Photo of Priscilla Bonner, screen actress, and her new husband Dr E Bertrand Woolfan, a Hollywood surgeon. Miss Bonner is 24 years old.

1891-11-22 court proceedings - - 1891-11-22 court proceedings - - Max Shapiro vs Thomas Filewood - AND - 1891-11-22 Isaac Gottstein vs Ida Hallock

1892-07-13 birth of Gertrude Witz - - 1892-7-13 Samuel and Sarah Witz gave birth to a girl. Note: It must be.... Gertrude Witz b: Jul 1892 in Duluth, MN d: 19 Apr 1959 in Los Angeles, CA

1899-12-24 Lena Witz Harris Bennet Samuel Witz - - 1899-12-24 col. 2; Invitations for the marriage of Miss Lena Witz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Witz, to Mr. Harris Bennett, have been issued. The wedding will take place at Elks hall this afternoon at 5 o'clock. Note: Lena H Witz aka: Lee b: Apr 1879 in Kaunas, Lithuania d: 26 Jul 1942 in Duluth, MN ...................... +Harris Bennett b: 10 May 1880 in England m: 24 Dec 1899 in Elks Hall - Duluth, MN d: 03 Oct 1923 in Duluth, MN

1905-11-02 Arthur Witz - - 1905-11-2 People You Know. Miss Stella Swedburg, 3612 West Second street, entertained. Stella Olson, Gertrude Witz, Rosa Silk, Minni Light, Trixy Swedberg, Sarah Light, Morris Silk, Arthur Witz, Isadore Mendelsohn, Jack Glazier, and Sam Bennett. NOTE: Gertrude Witz b: Jul 1892 in Duluth, MN d: 19 Apr 1959 in Los Angeles, CA - Note: It looks like she never married.

1905-11-05 Rose Witz - - 1905-11-5 Hallowe'en party, The Jolly Coterie, expresident, Miss Selma Casmir, 119 East Fourth street. Games, Dutch lunch. Sarah Simon, Sadie Berkson, Mathilda Berkson. Presented with a silver pin tray. Miss Aronson-St. Paul, Lizzie Helperin, Eva Casmir, Mary Oreck, Nellie Lavick, Esther Shapiro, Bessie Cowl, Rose Witz, Sadie Rocklin, Rachael Oreck. Mr. Becker of Chicago, Louis Bennett, Alan Rocklin, Harry Levine, Herman Aronson of Superior, George Altman, Charles Oreck and Harry Glasner of Boston. ---- Rose Witz b: 04 Jul 1888 in Tower, MN d: 27 Oct 1957 in Duluth, MN - - +Samuel Altman b: 1886 in New Jersey m: Mar 1909 d: 20 Nov 1953 in St. Louis County, MN

1904-10-30 Rosa Witz guest Sadie Simon - - 1904-10-30 Surprise party for Sadie Simon, Sadie Berkson home, 404 East Fifth street. Mrs. I. Karon-Chisohm, Tillie Berkson, Sadie Rocklin, Selma Kassmir, May Mark, Nellie Lavick, Rosa Karon, Eva Polinsky, Anna Shapiro, Esther Shapiro, Delia Siegel, May Seigel, Nellie Cowrels, Rosa Witz. Mr. Harry Fine, Sam Eppstein, Albert Rocklin, Joe Schwartz, George Altman, S. G. Cohn-Boson, M. Rosenberger.

1905-01-08 Hibbing-Harry Witz, Eagles - - 1905-1-8 Hibbing Lodges Name Officers. Fraternal Order of Range Town Hold Annual Election. Hibbing: The Royal Neighbors and Modern Woodmen of America. Harry Witz, secretary.

1908-09-10 Harry Witz - - 1908-9-10 Soldier Boys Tell Stories Of The War. Hector Swift camp No. 26 of the Spanish-American war veterans met at Maryland hall. Wisconsin and Minnesota boys. Attendance was low because several veterans were fighting fires in the region. A. T. Ladin, Harry Witz. Note: Harry Witz was a veteran of the Spanish-American war.

1908-09-12 Harry Witz closing cigar store - - 1908-9-12 Cigar Store Closed. Constable Woods takes inventory of stock owned by Harry Witz, 1110 Tower avenue. Tom Reed Cigar company of Duluth claims money owed him.

1909-03-04 Charles Hallock & D Silk Iron & Metal Co - - 1909-3-4 Harry Kenner and Christ Nielsin. bankrupt.

1909-03-04 Silk and Hallock, D. silk Iron & Metal Co - - 1909-3-4 Dissolution Of Partnership. D. Silk and Charles Hallock. D. Silk Iron & Metal Co.. November 20, 1908. Charles Hallock

1909-03-18 Rose Witz Altman wed - - 1909-3-18 Witz-Altman. Rose Witz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Witz, 421 First street, and Samuel Altman of Chisholm. home of bride's uncle. Rabbi Kissam, Dora Witz, sister of the bride. Harry Lipman groomsman. Will live in Chisholm.

1910-01-04 Harry Witz arrested for gambling, cigar maker union - - 1910-1-4 Gambling House Keeper Is Fined. Raid on Resort of Harry Witz Discloses Six Boys Engaged in Play.Pool room license will be revocked. 1105 1/2 Tower avenue. Sells cigars and confectionery. In rear of the store is another room.

1909-3-26 Annie Helstein & David Miller wed, Rabbi Kussem - - 1909-3-26 Hibbing: Annie Helstein, daughter of I. Helstein of Hibbing marries David Miller, a jeweler of New York. Look at the names of the guests. guests, Nides, Freidman, Slossberg

1910-9-16 Miller Heilstein - - 1910-9-16 David A. Mill is awarded $15,000 for alienation of his wife. A scheme was set up to find David in a precarious position with another woman by Isaac, Henry, and John Heltein, Joseph Littman, Morris Hartley, Robert Ashinsky, and Joseph Fox.

1910-01-04 Harry Witz arrested for gambling, cigar maker union - - 1910-1-4 Gambling House Keeper Is Fined. Raid on Resort of Harry Witz Discloses Six Boys Engaged in Play. Will revoke his pool room license. 1105 1/2 Tower avenue, sells cigars and confectionery.

1910-01-10 Harry Witz insentive to build YMCA - - 1910-1-10 Light Ahead For Y.M.C.A. Plans. Contribution of Half of Cost of $100,000 Building May Be Made. Building in Superior, WI. Money came from wealthy easterners and Superior. Recent arrest of Harry Witz and gambling acted as an incentive to cater to youths.

1910-01-23 Harry Witz pool place gambling - - 1910-1-23 City Hall Edict Will Close Pool Rooms Today. Mayor Takes Action as Result of Alleged Flagrant Violations Ordinance-Proprietors May Invoke Restoration of Old "Blue Law"-Will Meet This Morning. Henry Witz arrested a few weeks ago for gambling. Superior, WI experiences with "blue laws" very restrictive. Description given in article.

1910-03-13 Gilbert-Dora Witz - - 1910-3-13 Gilbert: Big Gathering At Social And Dance. Hebrew Social and Political club, Endihas hall, entire Jewish population of Gilbert present. Fanny and Mennie Ellis-Minneapolis, Ida Lippman-Aurora, Dora Witz, Lillian Shckz-Hibbing, David Newberg-Duluth, Ben Craine, Harry Ellis, Irving Stolberg, Sam Lippman-Virginia. Eveleth orchestra.

1910-11-18 Dora Witz - - 1910-11-18 Hostess At Cards. Dora Witz, 104 West Fifth street, brother H. Witz, Mr. and Mrs. Witz, Sarah Polinsky, Gertrude Witz, Harry Altman, M. Steinberg.

1911-02-12 Tower- Abraham Hallock high school - - 1911-2-12 Tower: High School Pupils Will Give A Dance. Vermillion opera house, Abraham Hallock, Harvey Gordon

1912-05-18 Tower-Rebecca Hallock - - 1912-5-18 Tower Misses Give Playmate Surprise. Rebecca Hallock

1912-05-30 Tower-Ethel Hallock - - 1912-5-30 Tower: School Program At Tower Tonight. Twenty-Two Pupils Will Receive Eighth Grade Diplomas at the Opera house. - Vermillion opera house. Ethel Hallock.

1912-06-02 Jeannie Witz - - 1912-6-2 Mrs. F. Kahan, Mrs. D. Silverman-Pittsburgh guest of honor at card party given by Mrs. M. Finklestein and Mrs. H. Finklestein. Jennie Witz, Mrs. H. Silk, Mrs. H. Bennett, Mrs. J. Bennett, Mrs. S. Altman, Mrs. Rosenberg, Mrs. Rifkin, Mrs. F. Berg, Mrs. J. Berkson, Mrs. J. Fostoff, Mrs. D. Silverman, Mrs. M. Cohen, Mrs. Altman, Mrs. M. Zalk, Mrs. M. Casmir, Mrs. L. Fix, Mrs. S. Casmir, Mrs. Teplitz, Mrs. G. Harris, Mrs. W. Simon, Mrs. M. Caplow, Mrs. F. Kahan, Miss Della Fox, Miss Dora Witz, Miss Fanny Altman, Miss Eva Zalk, Miss Jennie Witz, Miss Sadie Berkson, Miss Ida Berson, Miss Cohen, Miss Sarah Fostoff. Mrs. Kahan and Mrs. Silverman left Thursday for a trip to Europe.

1912-11-17 Tower- Abraham Hallock Spartan - Athenian Literary soc - - 1912-11-17 Tower H. S. Pupils Elect Officers. Spartan and Athenian Literary Societies Also Pick Program Committees. Abraham Hallock-secretary and treasurer. Aaron Hallock-program committee.

1912-1-7 Lena Azine and William Glass wed - - 1912 Lena Azine, William Howard Glass wed., Rabbi Kissen, Edythe Azine, Esther Kremen, David J. Azine, Mandel Glass, Ida Azine, Theresa Glass, guests Morris Glass, J. Berger, Edith and Joe Berger, Esther Kremen, Mandel Glass, Sara Shere, Albert Lieberman, David and john Azine, Polson.

1912-1-7 Sophia Caplov and Nathan Garber wed - - 1912-1-7 Miss Sophia Caplov and Nathan S. Garber, married New Years eve at Synagogue, Third avenue east and Third. 300 guests at Steinway hall. Mr. and Mrs. Aaronson, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin, Miss Benjamin, Dora Aronson, Fanny Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. M. Kronick, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kronick, Ruth Kronick, Mr. and Mrs. Nathanson and Miss F. Kohn-Twin Cities. Mr. and Mrs. H. Caplov, Mrs. I. Lieberman, Jeanette and Arnold Liberman-Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. George Mesberg, Harry Lavant-Eveleth. Nathan Nides, Mrs. J. Cohn and daughter-Hibbing.

1913-09-03 Eveleth-Harry Rabinowitz, Univ of Michigan - - 1913-9-3 Eveleth Students leaving For School. Harry Rabinowitz - university of Michigan.

1914-01-27 Students Prepare To Present Comedy - - 1914-1-27 Students Prepare To Present Comedy. "The Professor's Mummy" Is the Vehicle Selected for Starring High School Youngsters. Aaron Hallock. -- Aaron Hallock aka: Arthur b: Oct 1896 in MN d: Dec 1987 in Rosedale, Pennsylvania

1914-03-27 Karon Hallock real estate - - 1914-3-27 H. M. Karon register title vs. B. L. Karon, Fred G. Bradbury, Edward F. Zimmerman, Hyman L. Hallock, Esther Hallock, Charles Hallock, Etta Hallock, Samuel Shapiro, Rose Shapiro, The Trustees of the First Baptist church of Duluth, The Trustees of the Endion Baptist church, Trustees of the Baptist Church, Lyman L. Hallock. against parties unknown claiming any right, title, estate, lien, or interest in the real estate. Signed by Slonim & Cooley attorneys

1914-05-20 Aaron Hallock Rose Gordon - - 1914-5-20 Tower Seniors To Graduate Friday. Vermillion opera house. Aaron Hallock, Rose Gordon.

1914-11-01 Dora Witz - - 1914-11-1 Miss Stella Oreck, 716 Forty-seventh avenue East, sewing party, Halloween colors, music, games. Dora Witz, Emma Whittlie, Mrs. S. M. Johnson, Julia Anderson. Olga Benson, Louise Johnson, Alma Van Norman, Hulda Peterson, Bernice Wessel, Lillian Golez, Gertrude Johnson.

1914-11-15 Dora Witz - - 1914-11-15 Miss Dora Witz 928 1/2 East Second street, entertained Tuesday evening. Cards, Mrs. H. A. Nelson and Miss Hedda Anderson.

1914-11-15 Rose Silk - - 1914-11-15 Miss Rose Silk, 627 East Third Street, hiking club.

1917-12-09 Jimmy Azine - - 1917-12-09 Jimmy Azine - boxer - advertized as Duluth's boy

1917-12-17 Jimmy Azine - - 1917-12-17 Jimmy Azine - boxer - picture - More than 200 Duluth fight fans gather to see Azine go thru training stunts.

1915-05-02 Dora Witz c - - 1915-5-2 Stella Oreck, 716 Forty-seventh avenue East, card party, Mrs. R. L. Brainerd, Sarah Clark, Hedda Anderson, Mabel Clark, Dora Witz, Alma Von Norman, Hulda Peterson.

1915-06-06 Hibbing Badonna Hallock - - 1915-6-6 Annual Musical To Be Held At Hibbing. Miss Badonna Hallock, School Girl Artist, Will Be Interestng Performer. Photo Miss Badonna Hallock. Hibbing: Fanny rogalsky, Sarah Rogalsky, Ruth Rogalsky, Esther Cohen, Badonna Hallock, Bessie Osherman.

1916-06-09 Ethel Hallock - - 1916-6-9 Six Puzzle Solutions. Three Of Them Correct. Ethel D. Hallock-Tower correct solution.

1917-04-23 Hibbing-Leah Ruth Hallock - - 1917-4-23 Children Hurt In Hibbing Accidents. Knocked Down by Motorcycle-Little Girl by Koski Automobile. Hibbing: Ruth Hallock, age 5.

1917-12-07 Harry Witz Chanuka greetings sent to soldiers - - 1917-12-7 Hebrews Send Soldiers Boxes. Forty Men of Society Who Have Enlisted Will Receive "Chanuka Greetings." 40 young men. Harry Witz-president, David Weinberg-vice-president, M. J. Segal-secretary, Charles Levant-treasurer. Charles P. Meyers, S. H. Kassmir, I. Garon, M. Kane, Joe Verteleny, M. Rachlin, M. L. Zien, Isador Cohen, Hyman Segal, Harry Segal, Dr. George L. Kassmir, J. H. Viener, Joseph Oreckovsky, M. S. Winthrop, Mrs. Marie Kassmir, Mrs. Nettie Segal, Mrs. Ida Goldfine.

1918-02-03 Mrs. Samuel Witz obit - - 1918-2-3 Funeral Of Mrs. Samuel Witz Will Be Held Today. Mrs. Damuel Witz, age 65, daughter Mrs. Samuel Altman, 120 East Fourth street, Jewish cemetery. Two sons Harry and Arthur Witz, five daughters, Mrs. Harris Bennett, Mrs. Samuel Altman, Mrs. Jennie Cowl, Miss Dora Witz, Miss Gertrude Witz, Samuel Witz, husband of Mrs. Witz, died two months ago.

1918-06-11 Harry Witz auctioneer license - - 1918-6-11 Council Refuses Hotel License. Eight Soft-Drink, Seven Cigarette, Two Auctioneer, Five Other Permits Granted. Harry Witz, 502 South First street, drug license. Commissioner of Public Safety B. Silberstein.

1918-06-12 Charles Hallock, war effort Red Cross - - 1918-6-12 Whole-Hearted Support Given Red Cross Fund. Hibbing: Jewish relief fund. Charles Hallock.

1918-06-30 Harry Witz parade 4th of July - - 1918-6-30 Surprise Event To Follow July Fourth Parade. Patriotic Address and Three Unannounced Features to Be Held at Tabernacle. Joe Vertelney, M. J. Segal-secretary, Harry Wtz-captain.

1918-07-21 Hallock - - 1918-7-21 Planning For Royal Sendoff For Draft Men. Largest Contingent Sent to Camp Since War Began Goes Tomorrow and Tuesday. Superior, Wisconsin. Phillip Hallock.

1919-04-16 Phillip Hallock - - 1919-4-16 Veteran Of The Argonne Forest Battle Is Home. Phillip Hallock, seriously wounded in battle at Argonne forest. Superior, WI 10 day furlough. Fort Sheridan.

1919-10-26 Harry Litman and Dora Witz ml - - 1919-10-26 Marriage license Harry Litman 34 to Dora Witz 29.

1919-10-30 Dora Witz Harry Ltiman wed - - 1919-10-30 Attractive WEdding At Altman Residence. Miss Dora Witz and Harry Litman-Buffalo, Wyo. A. B. Sokolow, Mrs. Sam Altman, London road. Miss Ida Berkson, Arthur Witz, Mr. and Mrs. Litman, make home in Buffalo, Wyo.

1920-01-04 Harry Witz, Louis Azine funeral ad - - 1920-1-4 Attention. Members of Duluth Hebrew Brotherhood. Louis Azine funeral, 420 First Avenue West, Harry Witz, Secretary.

1920-03-02 Harry Witz pawn shop license - - 1920-3-2 Miscellaneous Licenses. Pawn Shop-Harry Witz, 502 West Superior street.

1920-03-11 Tower- Ethel Hallock instructors for emplyoment - - 1920-3-11 Board Members Elect Teachers For 1920-21 Term Tower: Ethel Hallock

1920-05-18 Harry Witz pawnshop remodeling - - 1920-5-18 Improvement Occupy Time Of City Commission. Council Holds Quiet Session Many Applications for Licenses Approved. Henry Witz pawnshop remodeling.

1920-07-13 Harry Witz veterans peddlers - - 1920-7-13 Irate Citizens Rap Police Prder To Bar Peddlers. Acting Chief Fiskett Tells Why Itinerants Should Be Barred by the Police. Harry Witz veterans peddlers.

1920-08-10 Harry Witz, Jeweler ad - - 1920-8-10 Harry Witz, jewelry ad - - cropped Jeweler ad

1920-08-18 Harry Witz jewelry store - - 1920-8-18 West Superior Street Jeweler Slashed by Negro. Fight Over Watch Alleged to Have Been Stolen. Harry Witz owner, 502 West Superior street, Martin Ruth salesman overpowered John Edwards.

1889 Odd Fellows Hall, Duluth - - 1889 Odd Fellows Hall Lake avenue between first and second streets; 20 Lake avenue north; built 1888; French brass band; event; fraternal society; adjacent buildings - - - photo from Minnesota Reflections

1899-4 Superior Street - - 1899-4 Superior street from Lake avenue looking east; Traphagen's Silberstein and Bondy; Fred Scott and Co druggist; Freimuth department store under construction - - - photo from Minnesota Reflections

1899-6-10 Spanish American War Duluth - - 1899-6-10 Event General Alger Reception; Secretary of War during Spanish American War; view from second floor of Palladio building at fourth avenue west and Superior street; parade was reviewed from the second floor balcony of the St. Louis hotel; signs; veterans - - - photo from Minnesota Reflections

1944 Harbor, Duluth, Minnesota - - 1944 A view to the canal with the Duluth business district in the foreground. The 1896 Sacred Heart Cathedral steeple is in the right corner in front of the building that is now the Damiano Center (clothes distribution and soup kitchen). The cathedral, now a music center, and the Damiano are at 211 and 206 West Fourth Street. At the left is the smokestack of the Duluth Steam Plant built in 1932 that continues to provide heat to downtown businesses. To the left of the smokestack is the five-story Freimuth's Department store which opened in 1900 on the corner of Lake Avenue and Superior Street. It was Duluth's oldest family owned firm when it closed in 1961 with 60 employees. The Freimuth'sbuilding was razed in May 1968. On the far right on Superior Street are the tall, slim Alworth building (16 stories) dating from 1909, and the light colored Medical Arts building on the site of the St. Louis Hotel. The hotel was razed beginning May 19, 1932. September 1, 1932 contractors broke ground for the Medical Arts building. Signs in Canal Park include Marshall-Wells Hardware Company and Griggs, Cooper and Company. Griggs Cooper was a wholesale grocer and liquor business at 217-219 Lake Avenue South featuring Home brand food. - - - photo from Minnesota Reflections

1963 Superior Street in Duluth - - 1963 Addresses 10 South Lake Avenue and 2 West on the lower side of Superior Street.- corner of Lake Ave and Superior St. - Freimuth Department Store shown - - - photo from Minnesota Reflections

1900-12-23 closed for Christmas debate - - 1900-12-23 No Rest For The Weary. One Department Store Denies Holiday to Clerks. Action Is Condemned. Special Meeting Of Trades Assembly Is Called. Competitors to Keep Open in Defense of Their Own Interest Although They Object Vigorously. The New Store, Freimuth and Silberstein and Bodny Co. Express Their Sentiments. J. M. Giddings said the store would not be kept open under any consideration. Mr. Freimuth from The New Store said that he would close his store Christmas day if his competitor, who is advertising to keep open that day would do so. Under no circumstances would his clerks be compelled to work on that day. If they did not show up for work it would not be to their discredit. Mr. Freimuth did not expect to have a very large force on hand and would be glad to close his store.

1902-02-13 Freimuth 5ick benefits - - 1902-2-13 Have A Balance. Report of the I. Freimuth Benefit Association Is Submitted. F. P. Robinson, J. K. Steele, H. Carroll, Miss M. Parsons, E. Sattler, J. W. Cousins, Karl Stern, F. E. Fleischman, H. Haney, Charles Johnson, Miss O. Stahlbush, B. Cook, Peter Evanson, Miss Jane Everington.

1903-02-01 Freimuth Sick benefits solid - - 1903-2-1 Society Is Flourishing. Freimuth Benefit Association Is Financially Solid. Sick benefits. F. P. Robinson-President. Frank Fleischman-vice president. Miss M. Paison-secretary. H. S. Carroll-collector. E. Sattler, Board of trustees: H. Haney, J. White, Joe Medley, J. Johnson, J. Rockwell and D. Loewus.

1916-08-27 sick benefit Hugo Freimuth Esther Gomberg orchestra - - 1916-8-27 Freimuth employes excursion benefit Parsons and H. Freimuth in charge of party. Ester Gomberg orchestra will play.

1920-08-28 Harry Witz Odd Fellows - - 1920-8-28 I.O.O.F. Lodges Recall Birthday. Duluth Odd Fellows Celebrate Fiftieth Anniversary of Order in This City. Lodge No. 28 organized Aug. 25, 1870. 500 members, Ax Hall. In 1870, 15 to 20 lodges in Minnesota. Now over 250, 30,000 membership. Harry Witz.

1920-11-09 Harry Witz, Odd Fellows - - 1920-11-9 Odd Fellows Confer Degrees At Two Harbors. Harry Witz-noble grand.

1920-11-24 Harry Witz - - 1920-11-24 Odd Fellows Have Bazaar To Boost Building Fund Duluth lodge No. 28. I. O.O.F. 20-22 West Superior street. Harry Witz-noble grand.

1920-12-07 Harry Witz - - 1920-12-7 Duluth I.O.O.F. Lodges Elect New Officials. Harry Witz-chief patriot.

1921-01-13 Harry Witz Spainish War commander - - 1921-1-13 Spanish War Veterans Install New Officers. Harry Witz-commander of Camp No. 6 of the United Spanish War Veterans. Memorial hall in courthoust.

1921-01-13 Harry Witz - - 1921-1-13 Odd Fellows To Install. I.O.O.F. No. 36 install officers for 1921 at Axa Hall. Two Harbors, West Duluth and steel plant delegates. Harry Witz-chief patriarch.

1921-01-14 Harry Witz - - 1921-1-14 Odd Fellows' Lodge Installs New Officers. Harry Witz-chief patriarch.

1921-02-03 Harry Witz war veterans bonus - - 1921-2-3 Spanish War Veterans Favor Bonus From State. $15/month given to 1898, bill introduced by Commander Harry Witz. Duluth companies in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Minnesota regiments, served for five to six months at Chickamauga and Knoxville, Tenn. Affects 150 to 200 Duluthians. Privates received $15 a month for their services 22 years ago. In favor of extending the World war veterans bonus to include Spanish War veterans.

1921-02-22 Harry Witz meeting war veterans - - 1921-2-22 Spanish War Veterans Meet Wednesday Night. Harry Witz.

1921-07-16 Harry Witz Spainish American war veteran - - 1921-7-16 Spanish War Veterans Seek 1921 Encampment. Winona, Harry Witz.

1921-09-23 Harry Witz, aid widows of war veterans - - 1921-9-23 Armory to Be Duluth Fun Spot At Spanish War Vets' Mardi Gras. Four-Day Frolic to Aid Widows and Orphans of Fighters. Harry Witz camp commander.

1921-11-10 Henry Witz, do not want bonus war veterans - - 1921-11-10 Spanish Veterans Oppose War Bonus.

1921-12-27 Hebrew Brotherhood will install officers - - 1921-12-27 Hebrew Brotherhood Will Install Officers. Joe Verteleny-president, H. A. Shark, Harry Witz, Charles Green, Benjamin Goldish, Meyer Kane, Jacob Weiner. 250 members, organized five years ago. Charles P. Meyers retiring president.

1922-03-30 Harry Witz, Jewelry auction going out of business - - 1922-3-30 Ad, Harry Witz, Jewelry auction, going out of business.

1922-03-30 Freimuths Full Page ad - - 1922-3-30 Freimuth Dept Store - Dollar Day Specials Extraordinary

1922-04-04 Badonna Hallock photo piano - - 1922-4-4 Duluth Hears Peer of Badger Orators. Ralph Levine. Photo. Miss Badonna Hallock. Photo. Ralph Levine, champion orator of the Wisconsin normal schools. "Modern Nationalism." Young Folks' league, Hebrew institute. Badonna Hallock, 3 year music course in Philadelphia, piano selections.

1922-06-28 Harry Witz robbery - - 1922-6-28 Robbery Victim Hopes for Arrest to Clear Up Case. Harry Witz, 502 West Superior street-jewelry store. Home at 1825 Greysolon road.

1922-11-17 Harry Rabinowitz - - 1922-11-17 News of the Ranges. Older Boys' Conference Arranged for Dec. 8-10. Harry Rabinowitz. Member of executive committee.

1922-12-22 Phillip Hallock - - 1922-12-22 Superior Legion To Send Gifts, Visit Disabled Vets. Phillip Hallock, National Soldiers' home, Milwaukee. Ex service man.

1922-12-24 Hibbing Mrs. Charles Hallock - - 1922-12-24 Hibbing Women Hold Celebration of 16th Anniversary of Club. Jewish Ladies' Aid society. 75 guests present. Miss Mildred Gram, Elanor Ashinsky, Ruth Hallock, Alice Sachs, Charlotte Gusse, Ardoth Sachs, Mrs. Charles Hallock. Organized 16 years ago to perform charitable deeds, provide for the sick and poor and administer help to the needy. Rabbinacal college, Hebrew Immigrant association, Cleveland orphanage, Denver Consumptives society, Ex-patients Tubercular association, local families in need, war stricken Europe. Future help with the new Schule.

1922-12-29 Harry Cohen, grocer shot - - 1922-12-29 Net Tightened In Police Sift Of Cohen Death. Coroner's Jury Empaneled to Hold Hearing on Case Today; Witnesses Called. Henry S. Cohen, 25 years old, grocer, shot in store. 219 East Superior street. Jury Empaneled. W. M. Abrahamson, G. A. Klein, Harry Witz.

1903-06-21 Progress Club Jewish prominent young men - - 1903-6-21 Progress Club Enjoys A Most Successful Season. Progress Club Of Duluth. Photo. L. Levy, M. Freimuth, S. M. Levy, D. G. Loewns, N. Ducas, S. Y. Josephs, S. Bernhard, L. Freimuth, H. Levy, Dr. A. E. Levinson, M. Rosenburg, J. Cook. The Progress club is made up of twelve Jewish young men prominent in their local social element. It was formed in 1902. N. Gidding and I. Goldberg are newly admitted members and not in the photo. Charitable enterprises, raising funds for erection of buildings for religious worship. Events have taken place at the Spalding, The Armory hall, and Oatka beach pavillion.

1906-01-19 Freimuth party for Russian immigrants - - 1906-1-19 Mrs I Freimuth gave a dancing benefit party for the Russian immigrants at Temple hall. Most of the attendees were Jewish. Both Frank Fleishmann and Otto Fleishman attended.

1903-06-20_5 Dr. A. E. Levinson obit - - 1903-6-20 Dr A E Levinson dies at St Mary's Hospital after an operation for appendicitis. He was one of Duluth's promising young physicians.

1904-08-07 S. Bernhard - - 1904-8-7 S. Bernard. photo. Cloak and Suit store. From Colorado. Moved to Duluth. In 1902. Note: he became the president of Brith Abraham, Zenith City Lodge 353

1912-03-11 Few Of Duluth's Working Girls - - 1912-3-11 A Few of Duluth's Fair Working Girls. A better image of the photo. Miss Alice Pierson Toy Deparment, Freimuth.

1914-05-13 Duluth Working Girls I Freimuth - - 1914-5-13 Inefficiency Is Great Problem. Employes On Duluth Advisory Board See Difficulty in Maintaining Minimum Wage. Many Girls Will Lose Jobs, Says Merchant. Six Dollars a Week Necessary for Employes' Susistence, Says Miss Culkin. Problem Is Acute. Inefficiency Is Problem. Forty Cents a Day for Meals. E. A. Silberstein, Silberstein & Bondy company. I. Freimuth.

1920-11-20 Duluth Working Girls - I Freimuth Silberstein - - 1920-11-20 Silk Stockings Appeal to Girls, Wage Board Told. Minimum wage $11 per week.I. Freimuth. B. Silverstein

1912-07-20 Witz robery - - 1912-7-20 Union Man's Wife Held Up On Street. Two Women Are Victims of Bold Robbery-Thieves Attempt to Get Diamonds. Mrs. Witz, wife of Harry Witz, cigar makers' union. Sister-in-law-Gertrude Witz, 319 East Fifth street. - from Labor World

1918-04-06 Harry Witz, in charge of Sarah Witz estate - - 1918-4-6 Harry Witz in charge of Sarah Witz estate. - from Labor World

1908-04-03 Little Falls- Isaac Gottstein son born - - 1908-4-3 Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Gottstein son born. - from Little Falls Herald

1910-09-02 Little Falls- Gertrude Gottstein - - 1910-9-2 col. 2 Gertrude Gottstein returned from a visit to Superior. - from Little Falls Herald

1912-09-06 Little Falls- Gertrude Gottstein - business college - - 1912-9-6 College Is Opened. Enrollment For First Day Double That of First Week Last Year-Those Enrolled. The Little Falls business college. Gertrude Gottstein. - from Little Falls Herald

1903-05-07 Hibbing-Harry Witz cigar factory Mpls Journal - - 1903-5-7 Hibbing: Harry Witz and J. Gramm opened a cigar factory yesterday. This makes the third cigar factory in Hibbing.

1914-06-12 Little Falls, I. Gottstein daughter dies - - 1914-6-12 The little daughter of I. Gottstein passed away Friday in Minneapolis, after a brief illness from drinking medicine, which she had found in the home. Mr. Gottstein was called home by her illness.

1919-05-02 Isaac Gottstein moves back to Little Falls - - 1919-5-2 Isaac Gottstein, a former resident of Little Falls, is in the city and expects to again locate here. He has been i the state of Washington the past five years.

1922-01-27 Isaac Gottstein - Little Falls herald - - 1922-1-27 Isaac Gottstein was called to Minneapolis Wednesday by the death of his wife at the family home there.

1914-08-14 Virginia Enterprise - - 1914-8-14 K. Sanders of Duluth came up last night to join his wife who is the guest of her sister, Mrs. J. Mesberg for a week-end visit.

1914-08-14 Virginia Enterprise - - 1914-8-14 George B. Metzger of Rainier, who has been in Virginia several days on a pleasure trip, left for home last night.

1914-08-14 Virginia Enterprise - - 1914-8-14 Sermon By Rabbi Silver. Rabbi Silver of Temple Bnai Abraham last night delivered an interesting address on "The Golden Age of Religion." The general public was invited and Rabbi Silver had an interested audience.

1914-08-14 Virginia Enterprise - - 1914-8-14 Ben Lippman of Hibbing was the guest yesterday of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lippman.

1914-08-14 Virginia Enterprise - - 1914-8-14 Mr. and Mrs. Ben Milavetz have returned from Winnipeg, Minn., where they have been visiting.

1914-08-14 Virginia Enterprise - - 1914-8-14 Ben Wilk was a Duluth visitor for the week end and attended the college day celebration at the Boat club.

1914-08-14 Virginia Enterprise - - 1914-8-14 M. L. Wilk and son Harry of Minneapolis, who is here on a visit, last evening returned from a business trip to Fargo and Moorhead.

1914-08-14 Virginia Enterprise - - 1914-8-14 Mr. and Mrs. Sol Abrahamson who have been the guests for a week of Mr. and Mrs. Max Lewis, 612 Central avenue have returned to their home in Milwaukee.

1914-08-14 Virginia Enterprise - - 1914-8-14 Harry Witz, formerly of Hibbing, but recently of Los Angeles, Cal., with his wife and family are in Virginia for a visit with Mr, and Mrs. J. Bennett. Mr. Witz may decide to remain in Virginia and engaged in business He is much impressed with Virginia.

1914-08-14 Virginia Enterprise - - 1914-8-14 J. Mesberg returned today from Duluth, where he has been visiting Mrs. Mesberg and Mrs. James Lavick.

1914-08-14 Virginia Enterprise - - 1914-8-14 Miss Ethel Wilk leaves today for a visit of several weeks with friends and relatives at Fargo an Moorhead.

1914-08-14 Virginia Enterprise - - 1914-8-14 James Lavick goes to Duluth on a business trip tomorrow. James Lavick is a Duluth visitor today.

1917-01-05 Edith Azine to wed Harry A Friedamn photo - - 1917-1-5 Her Marriage To Iowa Man Jan. 14, Miss Edith Azine photo. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Azine, 420 First avenue West to harry A. Friedman of Dows, Iowa, formerly of Duluth. Mrs. William H. Glass-South Range, Mich., Miss Gertrude Azine, sister of the bride, Ida Azine, younger sister of the bride, Charlotte Azine, cousin of the bride, Miss Minnie Averbrook, Harry Shapiro, William H. Glass, Arthur Anchel. Gowan-Lenning-Brown company. Out of town guests: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Azine of Denver, Colo. uncle and aunt Mr. and Mrs. John Azine, David Azine of Minneapolis.

1917-12-09 Jimmy Azine - - 1917-12-9 Roy Moore, photo. Bouth With Ertle Bait For 'Pugs'. Jimmy Azine and Roy Moore Will Battle for That Honor At Superior, Dec. 18. Azine is a Duluth boy, made his first start in this city and first saw daylight in a residence on Third avenue East. Made his first money in Duluth selling newspapers, spent his first penny on candy. Left Duluth two years ago. "Jimmy was advertised as Duluth's boy and in every city he fought the posters advertised him as the coming king of the bantamweights and after each fight he reserved a warm spot in the hearts of the lovers of clean and fast fighting."

1917-12-17 Jimmy Azine - - 1917-12-17 Dow To Weight. Jimmy Azine, photo. Battlings Slovan Looks Good For Manserth Scrap. Works Out With Jimmy Azine. Latter Is Down to Weight for Moore Tonight.

1919-04-07 Mrs Jacob Gershgall obit Weinberg Azine - - 1919-4-7 Funeral Of Mrs. Gershgall Held; Leaves Large Family. Mrs. Jacob Gershgall, son's home, I. Gershgall, 218 East Second street. 88 years old. died Saturday night. Sons I. Gerhgall and M. Gershgall, daughters Mrs. M. Weinberg, Mrs. I. Azine, 28 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. NOTE: Jacob Gershgol b: 1832 in Russia ... + Jennie Cohen aka: Tama Conoval, b: 05 Jan 1833 in Russia, d: 05 Apr 1919 in Duluth, Minnesota

1920-01-11 Louis Azine obit - - 1920-1-11 To Hold Funeral Monday. Louis Azine, age 53, 420 First avenue West, pioneer furniture dealer and resident of Duluth for 33 years. Surived by wife and six children. Mrs. William H. Glass of South Range, Mich., Mrs. H. A. Friedman of Des Moines, Mrs. H. A. Shapiro, Ben Nathan and Ida Azine of Duluth.

1920-11-13 Mr & Mrs Morton Meyer (Ida) Azine birth of a girl - - 1920-11-13 Births: Mr. and Mrs. Morton M. Azine, 316 South Sixteenth avenue East, No. 9

1902-03-29 Lazarus Sax - - 1902-3-29 Lazarus Sax of Eveleth transacted business here Tuesday evening. - - NOTE: Lazarus Sax mentioned in this article. He lived in many places. Chicago, Eveleth, Bessemer. I have a Chicago, IL marriage licenses for him married to Annie Rubin. I also have a document that a saloon was sold to him. The Solomon Sax family was in the liquor business.

1892-09-30 Lazarus Sax & Annie Rubin marriage license - - 1892-09-30 Lazarus Sax & Annie Rubin were issued a marriage license. Note: Lazarus Sax b: 1864 in Kovno, Russia, d: 24 Nov 1919 in Chicago, Illinois Ö + Annie Rubin aka: Hannah, b: 1865 in Lithuania, m: 09 Oct 1892 in Cook County, Illinois, d: 1911 in Chicago, Illinois

1903-12-12 Ste. St Marie, Bessemer, Lazarus Sax stroke - - 1903-12-12 The Evening News -- Lazarus Sax of Bessemer, while out hunting with Gust Ziebar, had a stroke of paralysis, and his companion had to leave him in the woods while he walked seen miles to town for help. Sax was brought home about midnight and is in a precarious condition.

1909-03-05 Nathaniel Gidding buyer for J M Gidding & Co - - 1909-3-5 Mr. Nate Gidding. Returns From A Buyig Trip to the Eastern Markets. Note: Nathaniel Gidding is a member of the Progress Club.

1912-03-25 M Gidding & Co, Duluth, Mother Store of Gidding Org - - 1912-3-25 J. M. Gidding & Co., An Anniversary Sale, photo of store in Duluth.

1916-03-19 Nathaniel Gidding to be wed - - 1916-3-19 New York Girl Whose Engagement To Nathaniel Gidding Is Announced. Photo. Miss Meryl Fank-Steinhardt and Her Mother, Mrs. Joseph B. Steinhardt. 18 years old. Met in France when the war began and he helped them return to America.

1916-06-11 Nathaniel Gidding marries in New York - - 1916-6-11 Are Guests At Eastern Wedding. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gidding Attend Marriage of Mr. Gidding's Brother in New York. Miss Merly Frank-Steinhardt bride. Miss Leonore Gidding, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Gidding, and granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Silberstein, attended the bride. 125 guests, Out of town guests: Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Gidding and their daughter iss Pauline Gidding of Cincinnai, Ohio, and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gidding of Duluth.

1912-03-18 Isidor Usan - - 1912-3-18 "Artaxerxes", Moses Montefiore Hebrew shchool musical drama. Isidor Usan, Jacob Usan.

1916-01-14 M Usan upholsterer fire - - 1916-1-14 Fire Guts Shop In Michigan St. Devaney & Jordan Establishment and Upholster Usan Suffer Losses. M. Usan, an upholsterer, in the second floor of the building, on the east side, where the blaze is believed to have originated, also are a total loss.

1916-06-07 Isadore Usan - - 1916-6-7 The Duluth Hebrew school, Adas Israel Synagogue, Third avenue East and Third street. A. L. Levin-principal, Herman Garon, Isadore Usan, Benjamin Slonim, Harry Levin.

1906-8-1 Zien Family Reunion - - 1906-8-1 A reunion was held last evening at which Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Zien of this city were hosts for the members of a family who had not been together in forty-five years - Mr. and Mrs. Zienís guests were: Messrs. And Madames Sig Levy, Herman Sternberg of St. Paul, Miss Rose Metzger of Ludvingshoffen, Germany; Messrs. Louis L. Metzger and Rudolph Sternberg of St. Paul; Philip Berdie of Milwaukee, Max Metzger, Karlsruhe, Germany; Julius Metzger, Ludvigshoffen, Germany; Otto Metzger, Berlin; Robert Metzger, Karlsruhe, Germany; W.P. Berdie, Milwaukee; R.F. Berdie of Hibbing; and Harry M. Levy, Samuel Levy, Adolphg Levy, and Mandel Levy, all of Duluth. The youngest member of the family: Master Prince Lester Sternberg of St. Paul was also a guest.

1917-1-7 Azine-Friedman wedding - - 1917-1-7 Wedding - Edith Azine and Harry A Friedman of Dows, Iowa

2016-1-24 Garon Knitting Mills Apartments - - 2016-1-24 Garon Knitting Mills Apartments - Eleven units. Sold for $450,000.

2017-4-8 Ann Kaner-Roth brain tumor - - 2017-4-8 Ann Kaner-Roth diagnosed with a brain tumor

2017-11-16 Hostel du Nord in Garon Jewelry bldg - - 2017-11-16 Hostel du Nord will be a new business in Duluth. They will be located in the Garon Jewelry bldg

2018-10-3 Hostel du Nord in Garon Jewelry bldg - - 2018-10-3 Hostel du Nord will be located in the old Garon Jewelry bldg - It will open Oct 25, 2018. - - more in pdf

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