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Garon - Kaner/Karon/Canner - Horwitz - Lieberman/Kremen - Hertz - Fritchell - Tatkin - Pasternack/Poster
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The 57 recently added markers (September 2018) are shown below.
They have been integrated with the alphabetical Main Index.

Berdie, Sidney and Enid - Temple Emanuel

Berdie, Enid 1892-1979 - Temple Emanuel

Berdie, John P 1920-2009

Berdie, Sidney 1887-1962 - Temple Emanuel

Berdie, Sidney and Enid - Temple Emanuel

Berdie, William P 1872-1965 & Sara S 1882-1969

Dubow, Lee M 1923-1997 & Phyllis G 1928-1987

Dubow, Solomon B 1887-1972 & Florence 1893-1978

Freedman, Abraham 1910-1995 back side

Freedman, Abraham 1910-1995 Columbus

Freedman, Ida 1903-1969 back side

Freedman, Ida 1903-1969 Columbus

Freimuth, Baby (Jos philip) 1919

Freimuth, Rosalie Krojanker 1885-1921

Goldish, Charles Israel 1936-2001

Goldish, Edith 1909-1986 Arlington Heights, IL

Goldish, Milton 1912-1984 Arlington Heights, IL

Goldish, Minnie Finesilver 1907-1937 Lansing, Cleveland

Goldish, Phyllis 1939-1997 Arlington Heights, IL

Goldish, Zlata Elka 1905-1917 Marrietta

Grais, Arnold marker 1910-1984 Adath Yeshurun

Grais, Etheldoris Stein marker 1919-2013 Adath Yeshurun

Grais, Jennie marker 1885-1966 Adath Yeshurun

Grais, Joseph H marker 1873-1935 Adath Yeshurun

Grais, Molly marker 1844-1914 Mpls Jewish

Grais, Mordecai marker 1834-1916 Mpls Jewish

Green, Esther Karon 1906-1971

Guthmann, Richard marker, Margraten, Holland

Helstein, Baby died March 27, 1910 Superior Hebrew

Helstein, Breyna 1913

Helstein, John 1883-1956 & Rose 1886-1954.

Helstein, John Zivell April 5, 1922 Superior Hebrew

Helstein, Ralph 1908-1985 & Rachel Brin 1915-2007

Horwitz, Julius 1913-2001 & Alyce 1916-2013

Horwitz, Nathan L 1915-2004 & Ruth 1918-2014

Kaner, Melvin A 1926-2008 & Harriet J 1926-1996

Kernes, Salomon by Robert Hallock

Kiener, Harold 1921-1982 Ft. Snelling

Kremen, Dorothy M 1917-1990 Oakland, CA

Kremen, Nathan 1902-1986 & Alice Sarah 1908-1990

Krovitz, Esther Goldish 1928-2017

Kuller, Sarah 1899-1981 back side

Kuller, Sarah 1899-1981 Columbus

Kuller, William 1906-1974 back side

Kuller, William 1906-1974 Columbus

Laskin, Esther Kearnes 1889-1930 - Arnold, MN

Lerner, Sharon Goldman 1938-1982

Redman, Joseph 1916-2008 & Dorothy Nathanson 1917-2007

Rochlin, Louis 1912-1992 Adath Yeshurun

Rochlin, Perle 1913-1996 Adath Yeshurun

Seleznick, Dora marker 1923 age 69

Seleznick, Isaac marker 1857-1935

Sher, Abbott 1918-1984

Sher, Samuel Jack 1884-1958

Zeleznick, Louis marker 1877-1931

Zien, Jacob 1858-1909 - Temple Emanuel

Zien, Mathilde M 1857-1922 - Temple Emanuel



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