Rusty Garon (1967-1976)

Rusty Garon (Ringo's Rust of Green Acres) was a pure bred German shepherd who was born on April 23, 1968. He lived with us (Nanci and Allan Garon) from June 1969 through August 1970.

Rusty was a mate for our German shepherd named Kim (Kim von Alnaron) and they had two litters.

Rusty was much larger than Kim. He weighed over a hundred pounds. He was more easy-going than Kim. Kim was the barker but Rusty would have been more protective if necessary.

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Kim and Rusty were great together. They were good friends. Although Kim appeared to be dominent, she was not. Rusty let Kim boss him around until a point. Then, he would curl his lip and Kim would get the message.

Kim and Rusty parented two sets of litters, one in Minnesota in 1969 and one in Pennsylvania in 1970. There were eight puppies in each of the litters. Pictures of the puppies are shown on the puppies page.

In August 1970, Rusty went to live with new companions in a permanent home.

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