Kim Garon (1967-1976)

Kim Garon (Kimm von Alnaron) was a pure bred German shepherd who was whelped on February 3, 1967. She came to live with us on March 15, shortly after we bought our first house in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Kim lived with us in Minnesota and in Pennsylvania until she died in November 1976. She had two litters of puppies with her mate Rusty. Her first litter was in Minnesota in 1969 and her second in Pennsylvania in 1970.

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The first four pictures below were taken in the back yard of our house in Bloomington, Minnesota. The first two are from March and May of 1968 when Kim was 14 and 16 months old, respectively.

The first picture below shows Kim resting with one of the neighborhood dogs in August 1968. Kim is pregnant in the second picture taken on September 13, 1969. It was the day before she had her first litter.

We brought our second German shepherd Rusty home in June 1969 to be Kim's companion and mate. Although they were friends, Kim had no desire to participate in sexual relations with Rusty. We finally had her artificially inseminated. This caused us to be concerned about whether she would be a good mother.

This picture shows Kim in her whelping box with her litter of eight puppies. She went outside to play after delivering the first seven, and much later had her eighth.

When the puppies began to be born, Kim's motherhood instincts took hold and she did an excellent job of delivering them, feeding them and cleaning up after them. She also protected them from people she did not know well.

When it was time to wean the puppies, Kim was too much of a softy to keep away from them. When we decided to breed her the second time, she was a willing participant in the mating process. Kim and Rusty had two litters of puppies, with eight puppies in each litter. Both litters were AKC registered.

The pictures of Kim below were taken at various times between 1967 and 1971.

Kim was a pure bred German shepherd (AKC number WA-902723). Her ancestors included Roy Rodger's Bullet (Bullet von Gewasser, his son Roy Rogers Bullet III, and his son Roy Rodgers Bullet IV) and Rin-Tin-Tin IV. Her AKC certificate is shown below.

The eight pictures below show Kim when she was a puppy. The first picture was taken on Kim's first day at our home. She was 40 days old. The second was taken four days later. Her ears are not up yet.

The two pictures below were taken on March 24 and March 26. The ears are up by then.

The two pictures below were taken on April 3. Kim was then two months old.

Kim was three months old and five months old in the two pictures below. Kim grew very rapidly. At two months old, she weighed 16 pounds. At three months, she was 30 pounds. At four, five, six and eight months, she weighed 42, 48, 57 and 63 pounds, respectively. Her adult weight was about 70 pounds.

Kim is shown below with her family in 1972. From left to right are Jeff, Allan, Kim, Nanci and Tammi.

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Kim passed away in November of 1976. She was almost ten years old.

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