Lake Superior Fish - Superior
Pomush Fish and Produce Company

Lake Superior Fish Company was located at 411 Baxter Avenue in Superior. Arnold Pomush was its proprietor for 22 years. The business was different from the Lake Superior Fish Company in Duluth which was operated by the Goldish family.

The images below show the obituary for Arnold Pomush who died in 1912.

Transcribed - Duluth News-Tribune - - December 3, 1912

Duluth News-Tribune - - December 3, 1912

Israel L Pomush (1889-1977) was associated with his father Arnold Pomush in the business, which, apparently, at some point, became Pomush Fish and Produce Company. Later, he owned and operated the company until his retirement in 1964. Israel's obituary is shown below.

Duluth News-Tribune - March 6, 1977

Arnold Pomush (1860-1912) was married to Lena Kaner Pomush (1858-1934) who was a daughter of Elsie Chasia Karon (1817-1901) and Israel Shopsie Kaner (1819-?). Family tree data for Lena and Arnold are shown below in their two-generation descendents list.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

Israel L Pomush (1889-1977) was a son of Lena Kaner Pomush (1858-1934) and Arnold Pomush (1860-1912). Israel was married to Bessie Reva Kaenr Pomush (1904-1998) and they had five children; all were born in Superior. A two-generation descendents list for Bessie and Israel is shown below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

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