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Zalk-Josephs Fabricators, LLC

Duluth Iron & Metal Company was located in Duluth. It was founded by Max Zalk in 1887. According to the 1918 letter head shown below, the company was managed at that time by Max Zalk (1857-1920), Hyman Y. Josephs (1869-1948) and Max's son Louis Zalk (1883-1964). A brief early history of the company is provided in the image below the letterhead. The company later became Zalk-Josephs Fabricators, LLC, and is still in operation according to their website. It is headquartered in Stoughton, Wisconsin.

1918 Company Letterhead - hi res

company hisory from unknow source

Max Zalk was a son of Hanna Shifre and Samuel Zalk. Max was married to Gitl Lass Zalk and they had three children. Their son Louis Zalk was a partner in the business. A two-generation descendents list for Gitl and Max is shown below.

Hyman Josephs and Max Zalk were first cousins both grandchildren of Freyda and Zalkind Peysakh Zalk (1805-1875).

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

According to the obituary for Louis Zalk below, the Duluth Iron & Metal Company may have been a predecessor of The Zalk-Joseph Company.


The Internet article below confirms that Duluth Iron and Metal Company later became Zalk-Josephs Fabricators, LLC.

Undated history of Zalk-Josephs Fabricators, LLC from FICEP Corporation website.

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