JC Lewis (1992-2008)
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JC was a white standard poodle who lived with our cousins Carol and Sylvan Lewis in Florida. JC and Garrett are "cousins," related by way of the extended family tree of their two-legged companions.

JC, Rexie and Shayna - - - hi res

Carol and Sylvan are standard poodle people.
According to Carol (May 2008): "We have our baby Rexie who is 14 months and a real handful but sweet and our old gal Shayna who is 14. Our 16 year old JC passed away last January and he was the perfect "dog" (they're not dogs, they're poodles!) and father of our two litters of nine with Shayna. We have had our share of poodles and we LOVE them. I want to hear all about Garrett. He is just stunningly beautiful. Our Shayna is black and Rexie is RED. Very red. Like a bright red. He is a show stopper too." (Like Garrett.)
More from Carol (July 2011): "Our beloved, delightful and oh-so-cantankerous Shayna has left us for a better world, tho it is hard to conjure up a better world than the one we gave her!"

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