Heidi Smith (1995-2007)

Heidi and her friend Max were German shepherds who lived with Lynne and Ken Smith here in Tucson in 2005 and 2006. They came to McDonald Park almost every day and were friends with Amos, Zoe, Pokie, Bijou and many others. They moved from Tucson to San Antonio in 2007. Heidi died in 2007, and Max lived until May 2011. Both Shepherds were rescues, so Ken doesn't know their exact ages, but he guesses that Heidi lived to be about 12 and Max was 14.

The photo below was taken in 2006 on a beach in Baja, Mexico. They had all driven from Tucson to La Paz for the winter. On the way back, the two dogs had to ride in the back of a small SUV for 12+ hours/day. They (and their people) were obviously enjoying the end of the long day with a leisurely walk on a beautiful beach. The markings on their faces and their color were very similar. Heidi is on the right.

full photo at hi res

Heidi is shown below sleeping on the bed with Lynne. Lynne found her in a kill shelter. She knew she had won the dog lottery and was extremely loyal to Lynne. She was extremely intelligent and could communicate very well with her people.

Heidi is shown above

More pictures of Heidi and Max together are shown below.

Heidi was in the foreground of the snow scene above (Utah).

Heidi is in the front in the photo above showing the two dogs and the ball in the ocean

Heidi is in the foreground at the table above (where their people were having margaritas)

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