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Philip L.  GORDON

Philip L. Gordon died on September 5, 2012, in Scottsdale, Arizona; he

was 95.  He is survived by his daughter Roberta Bastacky and

son-in-law David and son John. 


Phil was born in Hibbing, Minnesota on

September 20, 1916 or September 25th depending on whether you believed

the government or his mother.  His family moved to Minneapolis during

the depression.  He attended the University of Minnesota before World

War II, and served in the Army Air Corps  during the War rising to the

rank of Sgt. from time to time.  After the war he returned to school

to obtain a Master’s Degree in Social Work.  In Minnesota, he worked

for the Veterans Administration and then at the State Hospital. 


In 1948 he married Louise Broude.  They came to Arizona in 1955.  He was

the director of Social Work at the Arizona State Hospital from 1955

until he retired in 1985.  He also taught Sociology at night to

students at Phoenix, Glendale and Mesa Community Colleges. 


After retiring he became an advocate for the mentally ill and an active

member of the Mental Health Association of Arizona, where he served on

its board of directors from 1984 till 2001.  He was also a supporter

and board member of the Mental Health Advocates Coalition for many

years.  Phil was instrumental in removing the  chains, shackles and

oppression that first held patients in the insane asylum in Arizona as

well as others across this country.  Even after

de-institutionionalization in the 50s and 60s, many of these same

barriers prevented many from leading a satisfying life in the

community.  Phil dedicated his life in helping free people from the

 stigma and shame that too often surrounds mental illnesses.



 source: John Gordon - Sept 7, 2012






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