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Sidney Robert Buchman (March 27, 1902 August 23, 1975) was a film writer and producer who worked on 38 films from the late 1920s to the early 1970s.

Born in Duluth, Minnesota and educated at Columbia University, he served as President of the Writers Guild of America in 19411942. Buchman was one of the most successful Hollywood screenwriters of the 1930s and 1940s. His scripts from this period include She Married Her Boss (1935), Theodora Goes Wild (1936) and Holiday (1938). He would go on to receive Academy Award nominations for his writing on Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939), The Talk of the Town (1942), and Jolson Sings Again (1949), winning an Oscar for Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941). He also did much uncredited work on various films during this period.

Buchman's refusal to provide the names of American Communist Party members to the House Un-American Activities Committee led to a charge of contempt of Congress. Buchman was fined, given a year's suspended sentence, and was then blacklisted by the Hollywood movie studio bosses.

Buchman would return to screenwriting in Hollywood in the 1960s, working on Cleopatra (1963) and The Group (1966].

He is also sometimes credited as Sydney Buchman.

He died in Cannes, France.




Sidney Buchman was one of the casualties of the Black List.   He was the Head of Columbia Pictures, and wrote many award-winning films, among them Mr. Smith goes to Washington.    His credits (and dates) are easily found on Google.    I'm not sure that the first picture you sent labeled Sidney Buchman is correctly identified.   The second one definitely is.  As for the family tree, his grandfather was Max Zalk, whose daughter, Sarah, married Robert Buchman.  He had two brothers and one sister all known and beloved by me.  My mother was his aunt.   Doris Palca





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