Duluth News-Tribune, August 20, 1920

Goldfine-Ovetsky Nuptials Celebrated


  Amidst a setting of palms and pink azalea flowers Miss Fanny Ovetsky and Abe Goldfine, both for this city were united in marriage by Rabbi tediger?  at 5 o’clock Sunday afterwards at Odd Fellows’ hall.


  Before the services Mrs. B. D. Ben? sang “Oh Promise Me.” accompanied by Miss Idalla Berkson, and “I Love You Truly.”


  The bridal procession entered in the center of the hall marked off by streamers of pink ribbons and palms. The first to enter was Ben Ovetsky, brother of the bride, who was best man. He proceeded to the altar and entered at the left stair. Then came the bridegroom, attended by his father and mother and awaited the bride at the altar.


The maid of honor Miss Anna ? then entered and proceeded ? left stair where she joined Ben Ovetsky. She was daintily dressed in a frock of pink organdy fashioned with rose petals. With that she wore a large picture hat with streamers and carried a massive bouquet of orchid sweet peas and ? roses, touched with tulle streamers.


 Then came the three attendants, ? Binder of Superior, Misses Las? and ?Goldfine of Duluth. They wore frocks of organdy in rose, yellow and tomato shades, their bouquets being showers of sweet peas and roses in self colors, all wearing organdy hats with streamers. Bridesmaids proceeded half way up the aisle accompanied by the ushers Joe Kaner of Eveleth and Tobias Garon and ?Goldfine of the city, and ? streamers making an aisle for the bride, who then entered with her father and mother who gave her in marriage. She was charming in a dress of heavy white canton ? fashioned on youthful lines and wore  a long train tulle veil in crepe with orange blossoms formed the crown. She carried a  bouquet of white sweet peas with orchids,  with tulle streamers caught at intervals with ? Two little girls, twin nieces of the bride dressed in a little white organdy? dresses and carrying miniature bridal showers of pale pink and ? sweet peas carried her veil with their right hand. The little ring bearer, carried the ring in a  white lily and the flower girl little Gertrude Kaner with a petal bouquet of pink roses.


Supper was served for 250 guests, all of which Mr. Miller of Eau Clair, Wis., and Harry Segal of Duluth, played the piano and violin.


  In the evening a reception was held for about 400 guests and dancing was enjoyed from 9 to 12.


The bride’s mother wore a gown with blue canton crepe with heavy ? and wore a corsage of  red roses. The groom’s mother dressed in black chartreuse with ? draping. Her corsage was pink roses and sweet peas.


The young couple has left on an extended motor trip. After Sept. 15 they will be at home at 109 East Third street.


  The out-of town guests for the wedding were:


  Out-of-town guests for the ceremony were Mr. and Mrs. Bright of Gilbert, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Kaner and family of Cloquet, Ben Kaner of Barron, Wis., Mrs. Morris Goldfine of Minneapolis, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Resenbloom and son and Sam Segal of Chicago, Mrs. Chapman and daughters of California. Mrs. Memonorovsky of Des Moines, Iowa, Mr. and Mrs. W. Kaner and family and Morris Kaner of Eveleth, and the following from Virginian: Mr. and Mrs. Hochstein, Mrs. Dorfman and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. I. Milavetz, Mr. and Mrs. Litman and son, Mr. and Mrs. George Flax, Mr. and Mrs. Gust Simon, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Sibel, Mr. and Mrs. Abe Kenner and Mr. Joseph Garon.



Submitted by Karen Alpert Entous

March 4, 2009