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1899 entry from the American Jewish Year Books:


 1899 page 166

Superior, Wisconsin

FIRST HEBREW CONGREGATION, east side Catlin Avenue , between

5th and 6th. Organized 1890. Services: Saturday,

9 a. m.; Friday, 6 p. m.



603 Hammond Avenue. Founded April, 1895. Rabbi,

H. Bloom. President, L. Helstein; Secretary, D. J.

Bloom; First Trustee, A. Holzberg. Members, 36. Services:

Week days, 6 to 7 a. m.; Saturdays, S to 11 a. m,

4 to 8 p. m. Annual income, about $300.

*SECOND HEBREW CONGREGATION, 603 Banks Avenue . Services,

Saturdays, 9.30 a. m.

1899 men involved in the religious life of Superior , Wisconsin .

Rabbi H. Bloom

L. Helstein

D. J. Bloom

A. Holzberg









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