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Minnesota Journal


Switzerland, Zionism


The Zionist Movement


The Jewish World, commenting upon the current movement of the orthodox Jews looking to the retur of Israel to Palestine to occupy it as a nation, says the Zionist exodus movement ?, vexing several of the European powers. That problem is the possession of offers a solution of a very serious prob?-Palestne. If the powers agree upon the proposed Jewish colonization, the Turk would have to consent. Germany wants all Syria, with Palestine, and she would doubtless, be ready to guaranty protection to the Zionist in their ancient land.


For twenty years past there have been movements to establish Jewish colonies in Palestine. Baron Edmund d Rothschild has spent about $5,000,000 in the work of colonizing Palestine. There are several colonies and successful ones, where orange orchards and vineyards abound near Jaffa. Dairy farming has been successful, and experiments in the culture are successful. Some colonies are located near Tiberius and about the sources of the Jordan. The colonists are good workers and capable of defending themselves agains the Arabs. Wherever the Jews have gone to work in earnest in Palestine, the land shows its ancient productiveness.


At the Zionist congress at Basle this month, Jews of all schools were assembled from Europe, America and Asia, and Jews who have been cruelly persecuted in Russia and Roumania, France and Germany, and Jews from England and America, where they enjoy freedom from Jew baiting. Zionism as organized under Dr Hertzl and encouraged by Baron Ruthschild, proposes to give the Jews of the world a legally recognized home in Palestine. It proposed to awaken the Jewish national spirit throughout the world and re-establish the Jewish nationality. Hertzl proposes to obtain a ? from Sudan Abdul Hamid, guaranteeing to the Jews the possession of a legally recognized home in Palestine. His own enthusiasm is contagious and with the backing of Rothschild and other wealthy Hebrews, it is possible that an exodus of Jews to Palestine will be witnessed when the twentieth century dawns. If so the abundant forecasts of the old Hebrew prophets will have been verified.






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