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Jack Abramson (1958-2015) began working on the Kaner/Karon family tree in about 1980. He published listings of the descendents of Shebsel (Sapsel) Kaner(1784-1844) and his wife Chasa Malka Kaner (1783-1817) in several editions. The latest edition was published on this website after his death and entitled Jack's Book (2016).

Jack developed, maintained and expanded the family tree in a database using Family Tree Maker software. He maintained the tree by adding births and deaths and enlarged it with data shared by other family members. Each edition of the descendents-lists books was generated from Jack's database.

In more recent years, Jack expanded the tree to include as many of the connecting families for which he found data. Eventually, Jack's database would have included all of the Jews of the greater Duluth and Superior area. In May 2013, Jack wrote the following about his goal:

"I have had a blast 'conversing' to find connections. From experience now most of the time there are names in common. The whole tree number right now is at 23,500. I feel closer and closer to my goal of having a 'Duluth Jewish' family tree. I know there is still plenty more work but understand so many more relationships and how 'family' was so important to the early generations that came to this country."
At the time of his untimely death on December 25, 2015, Jack's Database included 43,093 individuals.

Jack's Database cannot be viewed as such on this website. However, several reports generated by the database are presented here to demonstrate the extent of Jack's research and to provide information for others on the names and information that are included.

     1. List of Surnames Report (Feb 2016):  
The Surname Report provides a listing of all the surnames that appear in the database, the number of people with that surname and the time period. The report lists given names where no surname was available. The total number of individuals in the database was 43,124 when the report was generated. The two versions of the report, name-sorted and count-sorted, are presented, each in a 184-page pdf file.

     2. List of Individuals Report (Feb 2016):  
The Individuals Report provides an alphabetical listing of all of the individuals which appear in the database. The dates of the individuals birth, marriage and death and the name of their spouse are also shown. Individuals know with only a given name or just a surname have been excluded from this listing and only birth years are shown for the living. This list includes 38,985 individuals and is presented in a 600 page pdf file.

Since Jack's death, his database has been maintained by Allan Garon. Updates are being included but not with the rigorous research that Jack had performed. Additional updates and corrections can be sent to Allan at: Allan@Garon.us.

Family tree data that are being included in this website subsequent to Jack's death have been sourced directly from Jack's database using the Family Tree Maker software.

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