Myers Family, Benjamin, Henry and Jacob
Early Jewish Settlers

The Myers brothers, Benjamin, Henry and Jacob, were early Jewish settlers in Duluth. Their company, Myers Brothers Company, was a real estate business in Duluth. The company built the Park Terrace which was a grand example of a Victorian townhouse.

Henry H. Myers was born May 1, 1857 in Mansfield, Ohio and his wife Lucy N. Myers February 23, 1866 in Saratoga Springs, New York. Cecil B. Myers, a son of Henry, was born in Texas. The Myers family members were mentioned in a Duluth directory as early as 1885. Census records for one of the sons Cecil B. indicates that he was an engineer.

Jacob left Duluth for Texas. Benjamin moved to a house on London Road and later moved to St. Paul. Henry stayed in Duluth and worked in Real estate and investments until he died in 1931.

Jacob Myers seems to be the eldest of the brothers, Benjamin and Henry. After leaving Duluth, he eventually settled in Philadelphia. That is where his wife Jenny A. Myers was from. He had one daughter, Blanche M. Myers Sharp (1885-1968). Her husband, Leo N. Sharp, came from a prominent family in Bay City, Michigan. They had four children. Jane D., Nelson, Craig K, Blanche K. (Anna). Leo's father was Judge Nelson Sharp.

It is interesting to note that the Myers business included real estate, elevators, warehouses, halls, buildings, exploration work, oil, silver mining, lumber, and merchandise. Their company in Duluth was Myers Brothers Co.

Their Jewish roots were from Germany and came here fairly early, 1884, but many of their family members later became Christian. The Myers house in Duluth had a Jewish star of David on the weather vane in honor of their ancestry.

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