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Information from Syril ( Shirley's) death certicicate.


Full Name:  Shirley  Mark

Address where death occured:  201 E. 2 nd    City: Duluth

Died on June 6th  at 7:30 pm.

Female / White / Married

Husband: Harry Mark

age at death: about 96 ?

Occupation: Retired Housewife

Birthplace: Russia

Length at residence where death occured:  7 years

How long in US....  39 Years

Informant: Bert Karon  601 Banks Ave. Superior Wisc.

Cause of death:  -Old age debility

                        - saw her day before she died

I hereby certify That I attended the deceased from: May  ? 1927 to June 5th

  1927 and I last saw her alive on June 5 1929

Autopsy: No

Physician:  M.S. Hirschfield

Burial:  Jewish Cemetery Superior

Funeral Home: Director:  E. F. Johnson

Date of Burial: June 8, 1927


  Courtesy of JACK SIEGEL




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