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Duluth News-Tribune




Miss Nellie La Vant and David Casmir Married Yesterday Afternoon.


  On of the prettiest weddings that has taken place in Duluth for some time occurred last evening when Miss Nellie La Vant and David Casmir both of this city, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony. The ceremony took place at 5:30 o’clock and was performed by Rabbi Abrams, assisted by Rabbi Newfield. Both of the contracting parties are well known and popular young people and the ceremony was witnessed by a large number of the Jewish population of Duluth and West Superior. The hall was tastily decorated with cut flowers and palms and presented a very pretty appearance. The bride looked very sweet in her magnificent gown of white silk. She was attended by her maid of honor, Miss Henrietta Cook, and the groom by his best man, B. J. Cook. The flower girls were Miss Annie La Vant, a sister of the bride, and Miss Selma Casmir. After the ceremony an elaborate wedding feast was served during which over 100 congratulatory telegrams were read. Toasts were responded to by Mayor Truelsen, Dr. R. Graham and others. The bride was the recipient of many pretty and useful gifts. Mr. and Mrs. Casmir will reside in the Buffalo flats on East First street. Among those that attended the ceremony from out of town were Mr. and Mrs. Lavick, Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell, Cleveland; Mr. and Mrs. Albert, New York; I. Isadore, Chicago; Mr. I. Rubenstein, New York, and Mr. and Mrs. Julius Cohen, West Superior. Among the Duluth people were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sattler, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Sattler, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Levin, Mr. and Mrs. P. Levy, Mr. and Mrs. I. Abrahamson, Mr. and Mrs. Krojanker, Mr. and Mrs. William Abrahamson, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. L. Oreck, Mrs. Monschind, B. J. Cook, H. Hirshberg, H. Y. Josephs, S. E. Gittelson, J. Rothschild, Meyar (Meyer?)Cook, J. Abrahamson, Julious (Julius?) Cook, Ben Katz, Miss Mark, Miss Henrietta Cook, Miss Hanna Cook, Miss Lillian Abrahamson, Pauline Levy, Sadie Mondschind, Mary Mark and Fanny Hass.






the names in the article as following:


Nellie La Vant, David Casmir, Rabbi Abrams, Rabbi Newfield, Henrietta Cook, B. J. Cook, Annie L Vant, Selma Casmir, Mayor Truelsen, Dr. R. Graham, Lavick, Mitchell, Albert, I. Isadore, I. Rubenstein, Julius Cohen, Joe Sattler, Kacob SattlerGus Levin, Levy, I. Abrahamson, Krojanker, William Abrahamson, Dave Cohen, L. Oreck, Monschind, H. Hirshberg, H. Y. Josephs, S. E. Gittelson, J. Rothschild, Meyar Cook, J. Abrahamson, Julius Cook, Ben Katz, Mark, Hanna Cook, Lillian Abramson, Pauline Levy, Sadie Mondschind, Mary Mark, and Fanny Hass











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