Rabbis of Duluth and Superior - Chronology  
  Time line   Temple Emanuel   Adas Israel   Tiffereth Israel   Superior  
  1890   Burton E Levinson     1890s Henry Bloom  
    1900 Saperstein (first rabbi)     (Chaim Yitzchak)  
  1900 1904 Mendel Silber        
    Glueck 1924 Israel Teplitz    
  1910   David Eisenberg   J Kopstein   1920-1945 Moses Hyatt  
    Sigmund Frey 1935-1942 Paul Bender   1945 Alex Hyatt  
  1920   Maurice Lefkovitz   M. Benjamin Silman 1922 Jacob Halperin  
    Alvin Louchs    
  1930   Kuppin   Cantor Joseph Braverman   Temple Beth El  
    Harvey Wessel   Kopstein   1920-1944 Zundel Katz  
  1940   Wolfgang Hamburger   Noah Bernstein   1947-1952 Aaron Gold  
  1948 William B Silverman 1935-1942 Paul Bender 1952-1955 Selig Auerbach  
  1950   B T Rubenstein   1945 Rueben Segal 19555-1970 Mayer Relles  
    Burton E Levinson (7 years) 1948-1950 M Benjamin Silman   Benson Skoff[1] 1970-73 Barry Woolf  
  1960   Walter H Plaut 1959 Herman Rozler   Dr. Emanuel Bennett (2 years)[2] 1973-76 Ernie Nadler  
    1964 Jacob Traub 1959 Louis Israel Schechter[3] 1976-85+ Joe Brizer (lay leader)  
  1970   1969 Noach Bernstein 1963-1969 Sylvan Kamens  
    1975-1976 Maurice Schwartz    
  1980   1978 Ely Braun   Richard Rocklin    
      Herman Rozler      
      Reb Appleman      
      I. Caplitz      
  Note: dates indicated are approximate and may not be inclusive.  
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  Rabbi Kopstein 1926 fits somewhere.  
  Rabbi Bernard Gelbart was first rabbi of the newly merged Temple Isreal in 1970  
  Rabbi Anthony Holz - Temple Israel - 1985  
  Rabbi for Hibbing - Rabbi Joseph W Wiesberg (he led USY for the Midwest for a number of years too)  
  Temple Israel - Rabbi Amy Bernstein - 13 years  
  Temple Israel - Rabbi David Steinberg 2010  
  Mandel Cohen (1875-1949) Eveleth, MN Synagogue -   Rabbi  in the 1910-20 timeframe  
  David Turchick (1908-1981) Eveleth, MN Synagogue - Rabbi  until the Synagogue closed.  
  Rabbi Caplin in Eveleth in about 1957  
  Rabby A B Sokolow, congregation Moses Mantifiore 1917-1920  
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Rabbi Benson Skoff was the rabbi before Bennett.
Schechter replaced Dr. Emanuel Bennett who was rabbi for 2 years.
Rabbi Louis I Schechter took over as rabbi at Tiffereth Israel in 1959